Willow Tree Figures to Celebrate a New Baby

The arrival of a brand new baby boy or girl can be the most magical of moments. As the new parents settle in for the journey of parenting (and boy, is it a journey!), it can mean the world to send kind wishes along with a precious keepsake.Figure of Mother and Father Embracing a Newborn | CoppinsGifts.com

We love the idea of gifting Willow Tree figures to new families as they enjoy the first smiles, tears, and laughter of parenthood. Sent with a thoughtful note, these collectibles can mean so very much to a growing family.

Here are a few of our favorites:

●     Willow Tree Our Gift: This beautiful set of mother, father, and baby embracing celebrates the whole family.

●     Willow Tree The Quilt: Perfect for displaying in the nursery, this mother rocking a new baby under a colorful quilt promises love, safety, and peace.

●     Willow Tree Two Together: The arrival of twins celebrated beautifully in this set of two babies at play.

●     Willow Tree New Life: The wonder of new life is captured in this set which features a mother lovingly gazing over the shoulder of a father holding a brand new bundle of joy.

Any of these Willow Tree figures make for a wonderful new baby gift for a family celebrating new arrival(s)!


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