Remember Your Vacation with DaVinci Beads

Traveling to a new destination can be very exciting and filled with memories. But once you’re back home and the routine has returned to normal, it can leave you missing the experience. However, having a memento to commemorate your vacation can make it all the easier to take the trip back (in memory at least!).DaVinci Beads Airplane Charm |

DaVinci beads and charms on a bracelet that capture the sights, sounds, and colors of your trip will be a perfect gift for someone who is missing an escape – or even a taste of home. Here’s how to build one of your own:

●     Start with travel-themed charms, like a cruise ship, airplane, or a passport

●     Remember the sights you enjoyed with a themed charm, like the Eiffel Tower

●     Choose symbols of the destination, like a Celtic knot charm for Ireland

●     Capture the colors of a faraway destination when you shop for beads by color

Mix and match all of the charm recommendations above to make a perfectly themed DaVinci bead bracelet that celebrates a recent voyage. Just make sure to leave room on the charm bracelet for future adventures. After all, there’s a whole wide world out there to explore!


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