Summer Time Fun

1191412_fun_in_the_waterpark_iiIt seems like the first snowfall was just here, and now it’s already almost April! Time is flying by and before you know it, it’s going to be summer! So many of our favorite things happen in summer – trips to the pool, picnics, lounging at the beach… the list goes on and on. But what about the rest of the summer? You know that within a week the kids are going to be telling you they’re bored!

Rather than let them lounge around and watch tv or play video games all day, why not put together some constructive activities and toys now so that when the initial joy of summer wears off you have something fun and active to occupy their time?

  • Puzzles and word games – these are great options for keeping their minds sharp when school is out. On those rainy days where they’re stuck inside, break out something like Banagrams or Jishaku and spend some quality time together!
  • Reward them – do you need the lawn mowed, or maybe some help with the garden? Get the kids involved and let the person who does the best job pick dinner that night, or get an extra helping of dessert. As they’re working, teach them about the tools they’re using or the plants in your garden to make the task interesting!
  • Move around – get games and outdoor toys that will have your kids exercising, even if they don’t realize it! We love the Airzooka for this – the big blast of air is harmless and it’s fun to surprise friends and chase them around with this toy!

Do you have any other summertime activities that you love?


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