Ideas for Refreshing Your Home this Spring

Sometimes we wake up in our lovely homes and feel like it needs a refresh. There is no better time to change up your home than the start of spring! All it takes is a night orRefresh your home this Spring with Willow Tree Angels and other figurines weekend of a little hard work to make your home feel brand new for the new season. Check out these ideas for changing up your home:

Change the furniture layout – Feng shui is the art of balancing energies in space to maximize wellbeing. Here are some basic feng shui tips that every homeowner should know before planning their furniture layout:

  • Move the TV out of the bedroom.
  • A mirror facing the bed invites people to your bed.
  • Avoid sleeping under a window and pointing your feet toward the door.

Paint the walls – Repainting can completely transform the look and feel of an entire room. From cool greys to warm browns, make sure you pick a color scheme that works with your room’s overall atmosphere.

Buy new décor – A new centerpiece, rug, or figurine can be a subtle but powerful way to add more charm to your home. If you love flowers but don’t want to worry about the upkeep of them, try decorating with the emotional and sentimental Willow Tree angels figurines. Susan Lordi’s Floral collection is filled with charming figurines that add a vibrant pop of color to your home.

There are plenty of ways to spruce up your home for the springtime. Don’t forget to browse through the many figurines and home accents available at


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