Three Beads to Start Your Da Vinci Bracelet

Da Vinci Bracelet | Have you been eyeing a Da Vinci Bracelet for a while now? Ready to start your collection? It doesn’t take much to start your collection and have a variety of bracelets for every occasion. But where should you start? These are a few beads that we recommend starting off and building your collection with:

Birthstone Bead: Adding your birthstone is a great way to start your Da Vinci Bead collection. You can choose your stone in an orb bead, a dangling charm, or as a glass bead to customize your bracelet.

Crystal Stoppers: These are great to separate beads and to draw attention to your favorite beads. Stoppers can be colorful, like our sparkly crystal stoppers. Or, you can choose a ribbed, plain silver or gold stopper to make sure all of the attention goes to your charms.

Special Interest: Make your bracelet stand out with one of our special interest beads. Choose from flowers, patriotic charms, vehicles, hobbies, and so much more. We especially recommend adding one of these if you plan on gifting a bracelet. Personalizing it with a hobby or an interest charm can show that you went the next step to make the bracelet just for them.

There are plenty of beads to start your collection with on! You can truly make your Da Vinci Bracelet one of a kind and express who you are with the huge selection of beads. Browse today to start building your first bracelet today!


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