Gifts to Mark a Milestone

If you’re popping champagne and gathering with close friends and family, chances are you are celebrating a major milestone. Whether it’s a new addition to the family, a big accomplishment, or even an anniversary, a gift to mark the milestone is a must. But what do you get without breaking the bank, but not look cheesy? These are a couple tips to help you find the perfect gift to mark a major occasion in someone’s life.

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First, make the gift appropriate for the occasion. For instance, if the recipients are celebrating a new baby, a gift that the baby can’t use probably isn’t a great idea. Make sure your gift is appropriate for the occasion by ensuring that the recipients can use it in some form or fashion. A good gift example would be to give a nice watch to a new college graduate. The recipient can use it and the gift is out of the ordinary and special.

Second, don’t just give a gift card. This undermines the accomplishment and just shows you forgot or were too lazy. If you absolutely must give a gift card, give cash or a check instead, and have something nice to accompany it. For instance, if you are giving a gift card for a major birthday, consider giving a bottle of champagne, a piece of jewelry, or a special book along with it.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask close friends and family for suggestions. If you are completely stumped, a close relative could shine some light on what things they like. Getting them a gift that they will actually enjoy, use, and cherish is better than giving them a gift to just give them a gift.

When looking for milestone gifts, be sure to choose Coppin’s Gifts. We have plenty of beautiful things to give for milestone occasions. From Hallmark gifts, figurines, and Davinci Beads, you can find the perfect gift and arrive to occasion ready to celebrate!


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