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Get Well Gifts That Aren’t Flowers

Visiting someone who is sick, either temporarily or for an extended period of time, can be difficult to do. Bringing a gift can lighten the mood and show that they are in your thoughts. Many think flowers are an appropriate get well gift. While they are a good last minute gift if the situation arises, flowers are a little overdone and not very personal. If you’re stumped as to what you should get as a get well gift, here are a few suggestions:Get Well Jim Shore Figurines |

A book is a great gift to give a friend who is recovering. Gift them a collection of novels you think they’d enjoy, an inspirational book to give them something to think about, or a religious book is perfect for them while they recover.

Photographs are another great gift, especially if they’ll be away from home for a while. Choose photos of the both of you, places they enjoy, or photos of their family. They’ll enjoy an album of these to talk about and to dwell on better times.

A soft blanket is another great gift to bring someone. Blankets in care facilities aren’t very comfortable after a while and are rather dull. A soft blanket in their favorite color is a great way to give them some comfort.

Figurines are another great gift to give to lift spirits. For instance, Jim Shore figurines are colorful, cheerful, and highly detailed. These figurines are designed to make anyone happy, so these are a wonderful gift to give to brighten spirits.

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Collections to Start with Your Little Girl

Starting a collection of some kind with your daughter or granddaughter can be a fun bonding experience for the both of you. Collecting can be a great way to teach patience, creativity, and is a great form of self-expression. There are plenty of things to collect, however we have a few starter suggestions that she could start with.


Figurines are a classic item to collect. There are a number of artists and styles to choose from when collecting. She can mark milestones, such as birthdays, graduation, and even a wedding if she continues with the collection. It also provides many gifting opportunities for her later, as she can pass down the collection.

If she’s a music lover, consider vinyl records. Vinyl records are back and there are so many past and present artists to choose from and discover. This is truly a collection that can grow with her tastes as she gets older.

For fashionistas, a charm bracelet is a wonderful way to have her express herself. She can choose charms for every season or just interchange as she feels fit. Charm It! Charms are popular among young girls because of their colorful and playful nature.