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Gifts for Summer Birthdays

Summer birthday celebrations tend to be extra fun don’t they? The feeling of being out of school, warm weather, and all of their friends around really make the day great. If you know a kiddo with a summer birthday, you may not be sure what to get them. These are a few gift ideas we think they’ll love:

-          A Beach Kit – If they enjoy going to the beach, give them the ultimate beach bag. All you need is a durable bag, beach toys, sunscreen, and a cool new towel to get them ready.Charm It Charms for Summer Birthdays |

-          Arts and Craft Time – With summer fun comes summer weather, which sadly means indoor time. Fight the blues from rain with a fun craft kit that has hours of fun.

-          A Cool New Piece of Jewelry – Get them something that will go way past summer fun. Either a bracelet full of colorful Charm It Charms or a sweet watch with their favorite character will keep them looking cool year round.

-          Fun Game Night – Is family game night always a favorite night? Then get them a game they’ll love to play with the family for a birthday gift that everyone can enjoy.

No matter what the occasion is, you’ll be able to get a gift for a special birthday at Coppin’s Gifts. Between gifts for summer fun or collectables they’ll cherish for years to come, you can find it at Coppin’s Gifts. Shop now to get the summer fun started!


Ways to Spice up Your Living Room Decor

After a while the decor in your living room can get a little stale. There are plenty of ways to add something new to your space without having to break the bank. Here are a few ways that you could switch up your living room, or really any room, in your home.

Willow Tree Figures for Living Room Décor |

-          Change the Rug – It’s crazy to think that just a simple thing as switching out a rug can make a big difference. But it really can! Change it out for a newer pattern, complementing color, or both.

-          Add a Plant – Just a little bit of greenery can perk up a dull space. Be sure to choose a plant that you are able to maintain. Also, check to see if the plant you choose is safe for animals, in case your four legged friend decided to take a bite.

-          Change Out a Collection – If you have part of a collection on display in your living room, try changing it out for others or seasonal items. For example, if you have a collection of Willow Tree figures, consider using a nativity scene around the holidays or using a floral figurine for spring. Just be sure to keep items properly stored and clean between displaying them.

Simple changes of your home’s decor can refresh a space and make your home seem brand new. Be sure to visit Coppin’s Gifts for the latest in home décor. Revitalize a space and add a smile to your face with a new Willow Tree figures or something new today!