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Hallmark Collectibles for Marvelous Mothers

This Mother’s Day will be the 101st celebration of the holiday since it was made official in 1914. Hallmark was founded only a few years prior in 1910. With the two events falling so close to each other on the timeline, it’s no surprise that Hallmark has played a large part of many Mother’s Days over the years.  Finding a memorable gift can be a difficult task, but Hallmark Collectibles have stood the test of time and continue to be popular gift ideas to date. features a wide variety of Mother’s Day gifts that reaches across Hallmark Collectibles’ fine selection. Those looking for something a little more sentimental should look at our assortment of figurine selection. Willow Tree figurines really capture a mother’s embrace, featuring various arrangements- a mother with her child, a mother holding flowers, and even some with grandmothers, too! Precious Moments figurines are adorable figurines that showcase a child’s love for his or her mother, with smiling faces and cute signs. Mothers that love to cook will love our kitchenware available in a multitude of fun options. We even have beads and purses for the fashion-forward moms out there! No matter how you choose to say “Thank You” to Mom this Mother’s Day, make sure you show her your love and appreciation!


Fuse Folk Art with Fairy Tale with Jim Shore Figurines

Jim Shore is a household name in the world of figurines. Couple his name with something even more popular- say, Disney, for instance, and you have unlimited potential for a timeless piece of art that tells its own story, rooted in history and fantasy.

Disney’s princesses are perhaps the company’s most familiar faces, next to Mickey Mouse. Their stories are instantly recognizable within mention of their names- Ariel, Belle and Sleeping Beauty being amongst the most well-known.  What may not be common knowledge are the origins of some of these princesses, whose tales’ source material date back centuries and can at times be surprisingly dark, in spite of their contemporary light-hearted reimaginings. Take for instance the Little Mermaid- whose true story is one of a mermaid who seeks love and an eternal soul, but goes through some serious physical and emotional pain in the hopes of attaining her goal and ultimately fails. In altering some of the darker material, Disney was able to find and present the beauty existing in these stories.

Jim Shore Figurines are equally rooted in old tradition and artistry. Drawing from quilt work, folk art and sculpture, Mr. Shore employs fine attention to detail to create figurines that represent fresh, yet classic takes on some of Disney’s most beloved characters. He follows Disney’s lead in maintaining the core of the character, while making his art relevant and appealing to generations new and old.  Pass the tradition along today with one of his figurines!