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How to Make a Cute Easter Basket

basket-16015_1280Easter baskets usher in spring and help us make some of the best childhood memories. Special seasonal candies, brightly colored toys and other fun surprises make these holiday gifts a hit with kids of all ages. So, what makes an Easter basket stand out from the crowd?

A great Easter basket symbolizes all that we love about spring. Like blooming flowers and fresh green grass, a basket brimming with bright colors and pastels reminds us that winter is officially over. It’s time to play! Speaking of playtime, it’s impossible to go wrong when you stuff an Easter basket with your kids’ favorite toys. From stuffed plush toys to coloring books and puzzles, there’s no better way to welcome the season.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Easter gift without candy. Whether you opt for creme-filled bon bons in pretty pastels or their favorite candy bars and other chocolates, Easter sweets are a must. Classic jelly beans are the perfect addition because they taste great and add loads of springtime color.

From bouncy balls to foil-wrapped candies, everyone loves an Easter basket and its sweet, springy contents. Whatever your gift recipient’s favorite candies and toys, they’ll love the idea that you chose and assembled their Easter baskets just for them.


Stuffies Stuffed Animals Make Great Easter Gifts

Stuffed toys can make fine companions through life. Young children love having conversations with them, and kids often use their imaginations to send them on exciting adventures. Then, as we grow older, seeing our favorite stuffed animals from childhood can bring us consolation when we most need it: after a tough day at work, before surgery, and even during romantic breakups. Indeed, few objects are infused with such warmth and nostalgia.

Stuffies stuffed animals from are among the most charming and adorable toys that you’ll come across. They’re especially soft and squeezable. Their colors are bold and bright. They have large, beaming smiles, and their tender eyes will gaze into yours.

What’s more, these items come in a wide range of options. Sure, there are the conventional bears, cats, and bunnies. But among this happy family are eclectic choices such as dragons, iguanas, and bees. They all have creative names too. For example, the pig is Muddzie, and the giraffe is Sky.

Each of the Stuffies stuffed animals has a handy feature ― seven of them, to be precise. That is, every animal comes with seven pockets. Therefore, when you give one of these toys to a child, you can hide a piece of candy or another treat. Additionally, that boy or girl can use the animal to store coins and other trinkets over the years.