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Celebrate Love & Friendship with Precious Moments

Precious Moments Figurines |

Since 1978, Precious Moments figurines have helped you celebrate the special moments of friendship and togetherness in life. Perfect for a romantic partner, a child, or a friend, the Love and Friendship figurines can show the people around you just how much you care about them. The figurines look great alone on a shelf but even better as part of a collection; encouraging a child in your family to start collecting these high-quality ornaments is a great way to give the two of you something fun to do together. The figurines’ heart-warming themes focus on the good all around us, so they’re wonderful gifts for kids and adults alike.

The “My Heart Races Only for You” figurine is a perfect example of how these classic figurines convey the excitement of having a “special someone” in your life, and the “Together is a Nice Place to Be” and “Girls Sharing a Plate of Cookies” pieces are great gift ideas for a friend. You can even commemorate a pet with the tender “Heaven Just Became a Fetchingly Better Place” statuette. Precious Moments Love and Friendship heirloom bisque figurines feature the tear-drop-eyed children familiar worldwide, and whether you’re a long-time collector or considering your first purchase, every Precious Moments figurine will bring a little more warmth into your life.


Give the Gift of Relief with a Handy Personal Massager

You’ve got a big family and many wonderful friends, and it seems as if there is always a birthday, holiday or other celebration that is just begging for you to come up with a great gift idea. You certainly aren’t the type to just grab a tie off the rack or select a random bottle of stinky perfume because you would much rather give a gift that will be useful and appreciated without making a huge dent in your bank account.

One gift that would probably be good for just about everyone is one of our handy personal massagers. These electric massagers are perfect for anyone on your list who suffers from aches and pains, needs some relief from that horrible tension that can turn into a throbbing headache if left untreated, suffers from any soreness from working out, has a difficult job that leads to a lot of stress or anxiety or just needs a great way to achieve better rest and relaxation.

Everyone enjoys a great massage, and our personal massagers are great for both men and women. They are extremely easy to use by applying gentle pressure, fold up small enough for easy storage or to take along with you wherever you go, are available in popular pink or sleek black, run on batteries and are available at the low price of only $14.99.