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Frozen CHARM IT! Charms for Your Little Girls

frozenIf you haven’t heard of the Disney film Frozen yet, then you must be living under a rock, with your eyes closed and fingers in your ears! Frozen has taken the world by storm and every kid who has seen the movie is interested in any great Frozen merchandise they can find. The folks at CHARM IT! heard the call and has released excellent Frozen CHARM IT! charms featuring a variety of characters from the movie. Whether you are searching for an early Christmas gift or are just trying to find a special gift for your little girl, we have great options for you.

All of your little girl’s favorite characters are featured on these cute little heart-shaped charms. We offer options with just Elsa, Anna, or Olaf, as well as a great Frozen locket charm featuring the two sisters together. Your child will jump for joy when she finds out you have gotten her a great new charm from her favorite movie! Furthermore, if your little one hasn’t started her own CHARM IT! bracelet, we have a wide array of selections that they are sure to love! Shop online today at and we know you’ll find great options for your baby girl.


Novelty Aprons and Towels for Thanksgiving

bettyWhen you are cooking up a turkey and all the fixings this Thanksgiving, do it with style with novelty aprons and towels. Coppin’s is proud to provide a wide array of Spoontiques aprons and towels that feature a variety of humorous sayings, as well as exceptional designs that feature classic characters that appeal to baby boomers. Whether you are just a fan of wearing something flashy in the kitchen or are just interested in getting some new dish towels to make your guest smile this fall, we are sure you’ll find something special.

Do you love classic, kitchy styles in your kitchen? We offer a variety of printed aprons for you. You can choose our Elvis silhouette, Wizard of Oz, or Betty Boop apron. Other selections include a leopard print, diner, smiley face, funny quotes, and zebra print apron. When you are more in the market for a new set of dish towels, you can choose cute patterns like our cupcake or zebra print. Other towel selections include “grandma’s my name,” “mom’s diner,” and “bon appetite” options.  Towels and aprons can even be paired together.

Coppin’s is your source for great items for the kitchen. Don’t forget to check out our other kitchen gourmet products.