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Own this Academic Year with Locker Accessories for Girls

The school year is underway, but as you know, boredom settles in pretty quickly. Sure, getting all the fun and funky school supplockerlookzlies was fun, but your daughter wants to show off her sassy style even more. What’s a mom to do?

Locker Lookz carries a wide variety of locker accessories for girls that are sure to bring a smile every time she grabs a book or closes it up for the day. Whether she likes the super-trendy black and white motifs or is all-color, you’ll find something that will brighten her day.

Some items she may like include:

  • The Locker Lookz chandelier, which comes in white and pink
  • Flower magnets for a pop of color and a great way to hold papers
  • Fashion bins in a variety of patterns that are perfect for holding pens, cell phones, and other essential
  • Locker curtains for that oh-so-special girly touch
  • Locker wallpaper and a coordinating white board for jotting notes in style

Now there’s no excuse for not making the grade! Make a deal—if she wants the fashion looks, she’s going to have to get the brainy grades. We all know that creating a personalized work space helps us perform better at our jobs; the same holds true in school.

She can look great and make the grades!


Fall Wedding Season: Willow Tree Cake Topper & Other Autumn Accents

Many brides love an early Fall wedding and September is one of the most popular months for nuptials and there’s good reason! If you’re planning awilllow tree cake topper wedding for this fall, hopefully you have all the big items crossed off—the location booked, vendors secured, and other details settled. Here are just a few ideas to bring that warm, cozy, autumn feel to your wedding in the last minute details:

  • Add some silk leaves in gold and red to your centerpieces or buffet table.
  • Get a Willow Tree cake topper, which features warm neutral colors. Willow Tree figurines are collectibles and this can be the start of your set.
  • Incorporate other elements of nature, such as acorns or pine cones, for seating cards or other last minute details—cheap and easy!
  • Paper bag luminaries can be used on walkways or other areas that need subtle lighting.
  • Make favors that align with the season, such as cellophane caramel apples, homemade preserves, or leaf-shaped soaps, and others.

The Fall is synonymous with bounty and richness of life, perfect themes for weddings. These are just a few details of autumn that you can add, but with some advanced planning, you can create a wonderful Fall wedding from start to finish.