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An Interesting Marshmallow Roaster for a New Take on S’mores

No summer is complete without backyard barbecues, camping trips, and of course, s’mores. Loved by parents and children alike, this yummy DIY dessert is not just a menu course, but a great activity. Over the years, people have developed innovative marshmallow roasters to minimize burn potential and give us a much better alternative to a long stick.

We even have the fire fishing pole right here that adds a whole new dimension of fun to roasting sugary goodness over an open flame! “When you JIG it, it FLIPS it!” Any family that camps often will love how easy these are to use and will find that they are not just perfect for marshmallows, but also for hot dogs, shrimp, and anything you can skewer.

Want something different than the classic graham cracker, chocolate bar, and marshmallow combination? firepole_7_2013Try these ideas:

  • Use a different type of candy, like peanut butter cups, rice crispy bars, or caramel bars
  • Jazz up the basics with sprinkles or nuts
  • Add fruit, particularly strawberries or bananas between the marshmallow and chocolate layers
  • Use a hazelnut spread or peanut butter instead of candy (Note: this is a great addition for indoor s’mores!)

Have fun, be safe, and get creative on your next camping excursion or backyard adventure!


Family Travel Woes Solved: SeatPets

If you’ve ever traveled with a toddler, you know that the miles are seemingly endless, no matter what accommodations you make—such as breaking the trip into two days or traveling overnight. Even an hour or two can transform your car into a torture chamber!

Here are some helpful ideas to pass the time and maybe save a bit of sanity:

  • SeatPets: What child hasn’t complained at some point about being bothered by the seatbelt or discomfort with sitting in an appropriate and safe position? Enter SeatPets, a snuggly friend that attaches to the seatbelt, making it fun and comfortable.seatpet_7_2013
  • Fast Food Toys: Nope, we don’t mean eat it all the way! But, most families do have to use the dreaded drive through window to manage busy schedules. You know all those toys that they give out, the ones that provide 5 minutes of fun only to be discarded? Save them in a container and your youngsters will be surprised and happy when you whip them out during a long stretch of highway.
  • Car Games: Take a little browse online and you’re sure to come up with all kinds of games that you can play in the car. Some are free and others are cheap, such as car bingo, the alphabet game, and many others.

Another tip from family travelers is to set an alarm to go off every hour and hand out a new activity or prize. This can be a great carrot to dangle out there and promote patience and good behavior. But just be sure to get the SeatPets—let’s face it, everybody’s hoping the little ones will just take a nap!