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End of the year teacher gifts: Show your appreciation with something special

When school’s out for the summer, it is always nice to thank your child’s teacher by getting them something nice. has a great selection of small gifts for you to browse that really show your child’s teacher that you appreciate their hard work throughout the year. has picked out our top three end of the year teacher gifts for you to take a peek at:
  • The Willow Tree Angels Embrace: This beautiful wooden figurine is the perfect gift idea for your child’s teacher.heartcharm This small gift shows an adult nurturing a child, as our teachers do so well. Willow Tree Angels’ Embrace is the one of the best choice to give to that special teacher at the end of the year.
  • You are Special Red Plate: This decorative red plate is a great gift for any teacher. Throughout the year, we’re sure teachers do get discouraged, frustrated or mad with themselves, like any other person. By giving them this beautiful plate, you’re reminding them that they are special and make a difference in many children’s lives.
  • Heart Scarf Charm: During the winter months, this little charm can be shown off on your teacher’s scarf. A unique, charming, and sentimental gift would be perfect for any instructor. This perfect little add of charm is a great way for your teacher to remember your child by.
Show your appreciation to your child’s teacher by showing them you value their hard work and patience with your child. Check out the rest of our end of the year teacher gifts at

Avoid the endless summer bummer with some fun, educational games

School’s out for the summer, and your kids are bored on day one of vacation. You don’t want them in front of the television for the next three months, and getting them to read is hard enough. Of course they can go outside, but not when it’s raining. Sound familiar? For those days where you can’t get your kids to do anything, why not give them a fun and educational game to play? has a few games for you to look at that will let your kids be creative and maybe even teach them something, too.

  • Junior Word on the Street Game: Here’s one that will really get their brain going. Each team gets a category (i.e. “Types of fruit”), and has to come up with an answer in thirty seconds so they can steal the letters from the word onto their side of the game board.
  • Bananagrams Game: It’s even fun to say! This fun game is a great way to get the whole family playing together. This amusing twist on a classic crossword puzzle will have your whole family scrambling to win—it’s a great fun and educational game. Your kids are sure to love it.
  • Reverse Charades: It’s the classic game that everyone loves, but backwards. Teams have a minute to act out as many words for one person on the team to try and figure out. This game will be a barrel of laughs for you and the kids to enjoy on a rainy day


So when school’s out and your kids are driving you up a wall, check out’s selection of games to give your kids something to do.