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Warm Your Way into Dad’s Heart with the Hand Warming Cozy Mug

Now that Mother’s Day has passed, Dads get to take a turn as we celebrate Father’s Day! Why not get your Father something affordable that he can use everyday? Coppin’s Gifts has the perfect gift for your old man – the hand warming cozy mug. This crafty mug will keep Dads fingers warm while he enjoys his favorite warm beverage. Not only will this cup warm his fingers, it also comes in four fantastic colors: black, brown, cream, and green!

Still not sure your Dad would appreciate one of these hand warming mugs? Here are three reasons why you should buy Dad one of these warming mugs for Father’s Day:

  1. For the obvious reasons – warm hands! Who really likes cold hands anyway?

  2. Not only can you buy our hand warming mugs in a solid color, but you can customize it with a phrase like, “All things are possible to those who believe”. This will give Dad a small pick-me-up, besides the coffee in his new warming mug.

  3. This versatile mug keeps both of your hands warm. Yes, we said both.

A hand warming mug is the perfect Father’s Day gift to keep your Father’s hands warm during those brisk, summer mornings on the porch. Take a look at our vast collection of mugs and the rest of our fun and useful Father’s Day gifts at


Let the Kids Have a Stomping Good Time in Stompeez Slippers

If you’re stumped about what to get a special little one in your life, look no further than Stompeez Slippers! The cute and interactive slippers will keep children occupied for hours. 


Not only will these interactive slippers excite them, but it will also keep children active as they will be walking and jumping around just to watch the magic of Stompeez.

Stompeez are made of quality materials. The durable stitching and fabric are made to last a long time. Also, these slippers encourage children to leave their sneakers at the door and throw on their Stompeez. Meaning less dirt from their adventures will be tracked throughout your home!

Coppin’s Gifts offers a collection of fun loving Stompeez characters to choose from.


The Stompeez family includes:

  • The Growling Dragon opens a ferocious mouth when it?s stomped on.
  • The colorful One-Eyed Monster winks its one eye at you while your child is walking around.
  • The Perky Pink Puppy is a customer favorite. Watch Perky Pink Puppy get excited to see you as its ears shoot up in the air.
  • The Unusual Unicorn bats its eyelashes at you as your child jumps around.

These little creatures will keep your child’s toes toasty, while entertaining them for hours on end! The whole family will be captivated by these cute and entertaining little slippers. Next time you’re stuck when purchasing a child’s gift, choose Stompeez Slippers!