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DaVinci Beads Spell the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for mom can be difficult. You want to make sure you’re getting something exceptional for the most special woman in your life. DaVinci bead bracelets are an easy, affordable way to give mom a personalized unique gift that she will cherish for years.

The DaVinci bead bracelet can highlight you mother’s favorite hobbies, interests and her great taste in jewelry. The great thing about these bracelets is that no two are alike. She can change the bead order or swap them out for different beads as often as she likes. Also, now you’re set for gifts for the next few holidays, just keep adding beads to mom’s bracelet!

Need some advice? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you decide which charms you should get for her this holiday:

DaVinci bead braceletsM: Mother and Child Charm – Let mom show off her love for her children.

O: Oval CZ Dangle Charm – Classy and elegant, just like mom.

T: Toggle Bracelet by DaVinci Beads – Available in a variety of sizes.

H: Horse Shoe Dangle Charm – Let her know she is your lucky charm.

E: Enamel DaVinci Charms – So many colors and designs to choose from.

R: Red Daisies Enamel Charm – Add a sweet touch with a daisy charm.

Check out these charms and the rest of our great collection of DaVinci Beads at Also, be sure to check out the entire collection of Mother’s Day gifts we have in stock. We hope you and your mom have a wonderful day!



My Little Kitchen Fairies for All Celebrations, Seasons, & Occasions

If you are stumped about what your next gift for a friend or loved one should be, look no further than My Little Kitchen Fairies! These special figurines are great for people of all ages, and don’t let their name fool you, these fairies aren’t just for the kitchen. In fact, they’ll brighten up any room! The fairies have a pose and theme that will bring a smile to anyone’s face for any occasion.

My Little Kitchen Fairies_1.jpg

Some great reasons and holidays when you can give these affordable bundles of joy may be graduations, birthdays, Christmas, the 4th of July, and Mother’s Day.

They are the perfect little trinkets to give as a thank you gift if you’re invited to a cookout, a fancy dinner, or just to show someone that you’re thinking about them. Moms just adore My Little Kitchen Fairies, so just think of what an easy Mother’s Day gift these precious little girls would make.

So, next time you are stumped about what gift you should give to someone special, or if you’re just thinking of something to give as a nice gesture, keep in mind the My Little Kitchen Fairies. You can see our entire collection of fairies and more at!