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All about Webkinz!

So many Webkinz to choose from...

So many Webkinz to choose from...

If you’re looking for a toy that promotes education and provides age-appropriate games for kids, Webkinz are the toys you’ve been searching for! And you’ve certainly come to the right place. At, we have a large assortment of Webkinz that will surely to bring joy to any child.

Children can sign online and play with a virtual version their lovable stuffed Webkinz pet, using a code specially designed for that Webkinz. After they sign online, kids get to adopt and choose a name for their pet, design and customize a room for them, play games and more! While most stores charge outrageous prices for these adorable plush pets, has a vast selection of Webkinz at prices you can afford! Our collection of Webkinz is divided into categories, so you can easily find the pet you’re looking for. These categories include:

  • Lil’Kinz – These Webkinz are adorable miniature versions of the Webkinz plush family.
  • Mazin’ Hamsters – Race through 3D mazes, rooms and tunnels, when you sign online with your Webkinz Mazin’ Hamster!
  • Webkinz Jr. – Geared towards toddlers and small children, pets in our Webkinz Junior collection are a little bit bigger than our normal Webkinz pets.
  • Webkinz Signature – This collection is stocked full of Webkinz pets that are made more plush and high quality that regular Webkinz. Pets from our Signature collection are only available in limited amounts and for a short time.
  • Zumbuddies – These are adorable flying pets that come with attached key chains.

No matter which Webkinz animal you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find the right one at Which Webkinz pet is you or your child’s favorite?


Mother’s Day is Every Day with DaVinci Beads!

Mother's Day is every day!

Mother's Day is every day!

Everyone has some kind of story about their mother. After all, every mom is different! Being a mom is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a woman can have. Through all of that, a mother’s love is unconditional, constant, and never-ending. Does your mom have a special day coming up? Or are you already thinking about holiday shopping? Think about giving your mother something that reflects on her life and your relationship with her. You can put together a beautiful DaVinci Bead charm bracelet to reflect all the stages of her life—especially her role as a mother!

A DaVinci Bead charm bracelet will provide your mother with endless opportunities to show off her life and reflect on her past. It can also remind her of what an excellent mother she’s always been! This is an especially wonderful gift for a mother that’s lived a long and exciting life. There’s a special bond that forms between a mother and her child once that child becomes a parent. The mother’s ever-changing role (from awestruck new mother, patient mother of a toddler, encouraging mother of a grade-schooler, forgiving mother of a teenager, and so on) eventually gets redefined as “Grandmother.” A DaVinci Bead charm bracelet is a great way to show how your mother’s love has gone full circle.

Our wide selection of DaVinci Beads ensures that you’ll find the perfect one for your unique mother.


Autumn Chicken for a Family Meal

Celebrate fall with this heartwarming meal.

Celebrate fall with this heartwarming meal.

Keeping your family close is always important. Now that we’re entering autumn, you’ll be spending time together inside enjoying warm and comforting family meals. It’s the kind of family stuff that dreams are made of, really. Whether you’re creating a special meal to serve on a Red Plate for a well-behaved child, or having guests over to celebrate a special occasion, this autumn chicken recipe will go over well! Set aside the Webkinz, WubbaNub, and Pillow Pets, and gather everyone around the table for a heartwarming family meal. (Don’t worry… the plush toys will be there when you’re finished eating!)

What you’ll need:

14 ounces whole artichoke hearts (1 can, drained)

14 ounces whole mushrooms (1 can, divided)

12 boneless/skinless chicken breasts

6 ½ ounces marinated artichoke hearts, with liquid

½ cup balsamic vinaigrette

¾ cup apple juice

Hot cooked noodles

What you do:

Spread the whole artichoke hearts over the bottom of a slow cooker. Top that with half of the mushrooms. Layer the chicken over the mushrooms and add the marinated artichoke hearts with liquid. Add the remaining mushrooms on top of that. Pour in the apple juice and vinaigrette.

Cook the food on low for 4-5 hours. Serve over hot cooked noodles.

Yum! Happy fall!


Happy Nappers: Naptime isn’t Just for Kids

Stressed? Try a power nap with a Happy Napper!

Stressed? Try a power nap with a Happy Napper!

Isn’t it time we started taking a cue from our kids? They seem to have the right idea when it comes to a lot of things. They think life is simple, they say what they mean, and they enjoy napping. Napping, of course, is better with Happy Nappers—the adorable little stuffed animals that change into comfy, cozy pillows. Kids can just shut it all off in the middle of the day, cozy up with their Happy Nappers Dog or Happy Nappers Penguin, and take a nap. It seems like the older we get, the less seriously we take this whole napping thing.

Have you thought about taking a good 15-45 minute power nap? (Anything longer than that puts you into REM sleep and sort of defeats the purpose.)

Here are some napping benefits:

  • You can sharpen your senses. After a long day full of work, school, kids, and chores, you’re sure to feel drowsy. This can make you prone to car accidents, injuries, and stress. If you feel down during the day, try a 10-20 minute power nap. It could help you feel more alert.
  • Napping is a big stress reducer. Have you ever seen a chronically stressed out kid? Napping is a good way to rest your mind and body from all the different things around you.
  • A nap also adds to your total sleep time, too. It makes it easier to get that 7-8 hours you need per night.
  • Napping can actually help you learn better. (Maybe that’s why kids pick up on things so quickly!) When you can shut your brain off for 10-15 minutes, it can help you feel refreshed and ready to learn. If your mind is constantly going, it will get tired—just like the rest of your body.

Take a cue from the kids. You may not need a Happy Nappers Cow to snuggle up with, but a power nap can really do wonders.