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Take a Fashionable Snooze on Your Tie

pillow tieAre you a man who has experienced one of those moments when you’re just overcome with a sudden urge to fall asleep? We don’t blame you. Sometimes life can become so boring (or stressful)! But, it’s probably not very tempting to close your eyes and take a short snooze without a pillow. Next time don’t be caught drowsy and unprepared! Wear your pillow proudly on your chest in the form of a pillow tie! Below we’ve listed five situations where a pillow tie can come in handy.

  • Get comfortable without paying big bucks for first class seats by inflating your pillow tie, and sleeping through your next plane ride.
  • Taxis can become comfortable when you’re leaning on your tie instead of the taxi’s door.
  • Don’t feel forced to sit and listen to a coworker’s lengthy pitch during a meeting, inflate your pillow tie and take a short snooze. (Don’t do this when the boss is talking, obviously.)
  • Dinner with your girlfriend? Be comfortable and remain classy by wearing your pillow tie to a high class restaurant.
  • After a long, hard work day, attending a birthday party can be tiring. You won’t have to worry about falling asleep in your slice of cake. Inflate your pillow tie, just in case!

These are only a few of the many situations where a pillow tie can come in use. Can you think of a situation where you wish you had a pillow tie?


Great Ideas for Sleepover Birthday Parties

All children enjoy sleepover parties, especially girls, but sometimes planning a sleepover party for a child’s birthday can be difficult. After you buy the cake, decorations, favors and other party necessities, it can cost a pretty penny… not to mention the 20 loud kids running around your house! By the time the party is over, you may have pulled out all of your hair. Hopefully these sleepover birthday party ideas will help your next sleepover birthday party run a little more smoothly.

yhst-60790743034774_2166_50670412.gifWhen throwing a themed sleepover party, the cake, decorations, favors and games should be geared towards the theme. Some themes we discovered include:

  • Hollywood-inspired slumber party – Have the girls dress up in their most glitzy outfits.
  • Spa Slumber Sleepover Party – Facials and manicures anyone?
  • Camp-in Sleepover Party – This is a great idea if you’re looking to bring the outdoors inside during a winter birthday.
  • Carnival Sleepover Party – Play fun carnival games!
  • PJ/Stuffed Animal Sleepover Party – Have guests wear their pajamas to the party, and bring their favorite stuffed animals. You can give the party guest cool favors they can use for sleeping like My Pillow Pets.

There are plenty of games to keep kids busy at a sleepover party without a theme. For example, some of the traditional games you can play are pin the tail on the donkey, freeze dance, limbo, charades and musical chairs.

Don’t rack your brain searching for sleepover birthday party ideas. Talk with other parents about what they would do, or simply ask your child what they want to do at their party. Chances are they’ll have a million ideas. Most importantly, be creative and have fun! Happy birthday from all of us here at!


Fun Locker Decorating Tips

locker lookz

Many schools have begun to implement uniform policies. when you walk down a hallway, you see the same boring thing: polos and khaki pants. Some schools may have a strict uniform policy, prohibiting students from expressing themselves through the clothes they wear, but don’t stress! You can still express yourself by decorating your locker. Here are some fun locker decorating ideas from
  • You could choose a theme to decorate your locker. A few examples of themes are sports, glam/pink (or your favorite color), Summer, etc. 
  • If you’re going with a glam theme, you can light up your locker with a stylish chandelier. has a variety of battery operated, magnet locker lighting options. 
  • Add some color to your locker walls using wallpapers specifically designed for use in lockers. Pick a color or texture that suits your personal style or the theme you chose for your bins
  • You’ll definitely need something to hold all of those school supplies you stocked up on. When you keep your things in a magnetic locker bin you’ll never be caught in class asking someone to borrow a pen. Locker bins are also great for storing hair ties, a brush, cell phones or anything else you might need throughout the school day. 
  • What’s a brush without a mirror? Don’t walk around all day with messy hair. Style and fix it at your locker when you’re stopping by to pick up books for your next class. 
  • Hang up photos and magazine cutouts. Photos of your friends and family will be sure to brighten up boring school days. Just looking at your friends will remind you that lunch is just an hour away! 
  • Display a dry erase board. If your friends have your locker combination they can stop by and leave you notes. You can also use a dry erase board to write down what books you need to take home with you. 
  • Magnets are a great way to add some color to your locker!
  • Really looking to bring class to your locker this year? A colorful rug makes a great addition to a locker! 
At we have a wide selection of Locker Lookz products that will suit all your locker decorating needs. No matter what look you’re going for, or the theme you choose, we hope you have a blast this year decorating your locker!
Don’t worry… there’s still some summer left!

Fun Filled Rainy Summer Days


Whether they’re in school or at home, all winter long children are stuck indoors. During the winter months children long for summer when they’ll be able to play outside, soaking up the hot summer sun, all day long. This is why it’s such a challenge to keep children occupied indoors on rainy summer days. 


You should always have fun games and activities close at hand for these types of days. With kids, the more interesting and unique the activity is the better. Below are some things you may want to try next time it rains this summer.
  • If you have empty boxes lying around, stack them on top of each other then spread a blanket over them, making a fort. Let your child make designs on the boxes using stickers, markers or anything else you can think of. This gives them their own hiding place for the day or week, where they can store some toys or maybe even sleep. You can even buy fort building kits, like Crazy Forts, which allows children to use their imagination in building their own unique structure.
  • Play a board game. has some unique games like The T-shirt Game, where players choose the best slogan for a t-shirt; Blunders game, which teaches children about good manners which they’re having fun; or play Pears in Pears, a fun word game for ages six and up. 
  • Build a puzzle.
  • Play an old fashioned game of hide and seek, or I Spy.
  • Have a picnic. Spread a blanket out on the kitchen or living room floor, and eat lunch. 
These are only some of the activities you can do during a rainy summer day. No matter what you decide to do we here at hope you use your imagination and most of all, have fun!