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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Have a fun Easter egg hunt!

Have a fun Easter egg hunt!

Get your kids ready for Easter with our fun and fuzzy Cream Bunny Pillow Pets, Lamb Webkinz, Mazin Hamsters Carrots, and other great Easter gifts!  Kids also love Easter egg hunts.  Kids look under bushes, behind rocks, in tall blades of grass (if your hunt is outdoors) hoping to find an egg with candy or money tucked inside.  With some creativity, you can make an exciting and interesting Easter egg hunt!

Treasure Hunt

An Easter egg treasure hunt is more than just looking for eggs.  There are clues involved, too!  The final egg will contain a clue that will lead to the treasure:  an Easter basket, or one of the great Easter plush toys from Coppin’s Gifts.  Prepare a set of clues for each child.  Write the clues on small pieces of paper, and slip them into eggs.  Give each child their first clue, and send them searching!

Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a chart for each child that lists the kinds of eggs they should find.  Here are some ideas:

__Find 2 yellow eggs

__Find 2 striped eggs

__Find an egg hidden under a table

__Find an egg that matches the color of your shoes

Secret Location Hunt

Do you have your Easter egg hunt at the same location each year?  Why not pick a secret spot for the hunt?  Move the hunt to a campsite, a beach (if you live near one), or even do it in the house!  Switch it up, and the kids will have a great time.

Get ready for Easter with a fun Easter egg hunt!


All About Butterflies: Butterfly Pillow Pet

Magical butterflies... fun Pillow Pet!

Magical butterflies... fun Pillow Pet!

If any animal was made to be a Pillow Pet, it’s got to be the butterfly!  Butterflies already transform, so it’s only appropriate that the butterfly Pillow Pet can turn into a full-size kid-friendly pillow.  Butterflies represent springtime and new life.  A butterfly Pillow Pet can be a great way to help you teach you kids about these little wonders of nature.

Some facts about butterflies

  • Butterflies in their adult stage can live from a week to nearly a year depending upon the species.
  • Many species of butterfly have a long larval stage.  They’re actually caterpillars longer than they’re butterflies!
  • Butterflies primarily feed on the nectar from flowers.  Other butterflies get nourishment from pollen, tree sap, and fruit.
  • These beautiful creatures are important pollinators.  Without butterflies, we wouldn’t have nearly as many flowers.
  • Some species of butterfly are migratory.  For example, the Monarch butterfly is capable of long distance flights.  They migrate during the day and use the sun to orient themselves.
  • Some people say that when a butterfly lands on you it means good luck!
  • A Japanese superstition says that if a butterfly enters your guestroom and perches behind the bamboo screen, the person that you love the most is coming to see you.

Help your child usher in springtime with the most adorable Pillow Pet of all.  Truly a master of metamorphosis, the butterfly Pillow Pet is sure to please!


Keep Dust Off your Figurines

Brush me! Keep dust out of your house.

Brush me! Keep dust out of your house.

If you’re anything like us, you have figurines and knick knacks all over your home.  With all of the great options to choose from here at Coppin’s Gifts, it’s easy to get carried away!  But don’t worry, you can keep all of your Precious Moments, Willow Tree, and Heartwood Creek figurines looking their best.  If you keep a good dusting regimen, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of your figurines for years to come.

Dusting tips for Figurines

  • The first step in effective dusting is to learn how to prevent dust from building up in the first place.  You can easily prevent a lot of dust by using two entrance mats at each door.  Place one just outside and one just inside the door.  This can reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and debris that ends up in your home and on your figurines.
  • Be sure to check and maintain your air filters.  If they are functioning properly, they can help reduce dust.  Air filters generally last between 1-3 months—but you should check and change them as soon as they become clogged with dirt or debris.
  • If you have pets, make sure you brush them often.  This can reduce shedding—and shedding causes dander and dust to accumulate in your home.
  • By keeping your windows closed, you’ll prevent outside dust from entering your home.
  • When you’re dusting, go from top to bottom. This will prevent you from going over surfaces more than once.

When your figurines look beautiful, you’ll be proud to show off your home!


Happy Nappers and Caring for Stuffed Animals

It’s a cuddly pet!  It’s a house!  It’s a Happy Napper!

A friend and pillow in one!

A friend and pillow in one!

These super cute and cuddly plush toys will be an instant favorite with your kids.  Whether your little one wants to snuggle with a stuffed animal or relax with a big fluffy pillow, they’ll be able to do it with Happy Nappers.  When the Happy Napper is in his house, all you have to do is unzip the back, pull him out of his door, and he’s ready to play.  With a range of options like the Happy Nappers Dog, Happy Nappers Unicorn, and Happy Nappers Penguin, your kids are sure to find the cuddly buddy of their dreams!

We have many different kinds of plush animals here at Coppin’s Gifts.  From the fun and multi-functional Happy Nappers and Pillow Pets, to the cute Perfect Petzzz and Webkinz, to the so-ugly-they’re-adorable Ugly Dolls, we’ve got something for everyone!

Stuffed Animal Care Tips

Keep those plush friends looking and feeling good for years to come.

  • Once or twice a year, let the stuffed animals lay out in the sun for an afternoon.  This will help prevent any musty smells from taking over.  Everyone loves a day in the sunshine!
  • Just like any other good thing, keep the sunshine in moderation.  Too much sun will cause their colors to fade.
  • If a stuffed animal helps to comfort your child during an illness or cold, be sure to wash it afterwards.