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Halloween is on the Way! Party Games

halloween pumpkin coppin's giftsSeptember is coming to a close, and Halloween will be here before we know it.  It’s time to start thinking about things to do at your Halloween party.  Coppin’s Gifts has come up with a few fun Halloween party games that you can play with the kids.  They’re sure to make Halloween just a little spookier!

Eyeball Relay Race
Divide the kids up into teams, and have a ping pong ball for each team.  Beforehand, paint the ping pong balls to look like eyeballs.  Also have a spoon for each team.  Give the first kid on each team a spoon and a ping pong ball.

Set up a relay course where the kids have to carry the eyeball on the spoon to the end of the course and back again.  They they hand off to the next child who will do the same thing.  Continue until all of the kids have played on each team.  First team to finish wins!  If someone drops an eyeball they have to pick it up.

Ghost Balance Relay
Have a balloon for each team of kids.  You’ll also need paper plates.  Each child has to balance the balloon on a paper plate while walking it down the relay course.  It will be difficult to keep the “ghost” on the plate!

Most of all, have fun!  Happy Haunting from Coppin’s Gifts!


Fall is Here! What’s Your Favorite?

We love celebrating all of the seasons, but there’s just something special about autumn. The crisp air, the cool evenings, and the pumpkin pie… We just love it. But everyone loves something different about this wonderful season. The kids might not like going back to school, but they can’t deny all of the good stuff that goes along with fall. We want to know what your favorite things about fall are. Leave us a comment!

Which holiday do you prefer?



What’s your favorite part of fall?

-The beginning

-The middle

-The end

What is the best fall food?

-Hot cider

-Pumpkin pie

-Roasted vegetables

-Candied apples

-Butternut squash soup

What’s the best autumn weather?

-Sunny cool days

-Rainy days

-Breezy days

-Foggy days

When the weather gets cool, we like to stay inside and work on puzzles with the family. We do this, of course, while snacking on some of our favorite fall foods. (As if you couldn’t guess, some of us are sort of partial to pumpkin pie!)

From everyone at Coppin’s Gifts, Happy autumn!


My Pillow Pet Blankets Spread the Love Out!

You know how much your little ones love their original My Pillow Pet plush toys. Well, we’ve just taken it up another notch. Winter is lurking around the corner, and everyone is going to be looking for a cozy way to keep warm. That’s why we’re happy to announce that Coppin’s Gifts now carries the My Pillow Pet Blankets. Cuddly and fun, they’ll be your child’s new best friend!

Like their pillow cousins, the My Pillow Pet Blankets are made from amazingly soft and cuddly chenille fabric. Each blanket is three feet wide and four feet long— just perfect for a kid to snuggle up in! Each one also features a soft plush animal head that can be used as a comfy pillow. Your little one will love being wrapped up in one of these warm and comfortable blankets.

And we know what you’re thinking, Mom. “Is it washable?” Of course it is! My Pillow Pet Blankets are machine washable on the gentle cycle. We don’t recommend that you put them in the dryer, though. But you don’t have to worry if they get a little bit dirty. Just throw them in the washing machine and they’ll be good to go in no time. (The blanket will just have to hang out for a little bit before your little one can use it again!)

Check out all of the adorable My Pillow Pet Blankets at Coppin’s Gifts!


Sweet Dreams? Webkinz Night Mare (and Bat)!

webkinz night mare coppins giftsDon’t let his name fool you.  The Webkinz Night Mare is just as friendly as all of the other Webkinz pets.  He just so happens to be decked out for Halloween!  (We know, Halloween isn’t until next month, but you should start thinking about it now…  You want to order your Night Mare in enough time!)  Complete with a red flame tail, we have a feeling this black Night Mare will be as hot as the sparks in his eyes.  We also bet that he’ll be an excellent trick-or-treating companion.

This adorable little guy will make a frightfully fun Halloween gift for all of your “spook-tacular” little ones.

Another great Halloween addition is the Webkinz Bat.  He’s the perfect combination of cute, cuddly, and a little bit of scary.  This is one bat that you won’t try chasing with a broom!

All of the Webkinz pets come with a Secret Code printed on the tag.  These guys might look spooky, but they still have access to the wholesome Webkinz World.  You and your kids can celebrate Halloween in style with these adorable little buddies.

While you’re at it, check out the other great Webkinz pets at Coppin’s Gifts.  If Halloween’s not your thing, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your fancy!