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August 30th is National Toasted Marshmallow Day!

best in show coppins giftsOkay, we’re all getting back into the swing of things with school. Today is the first day of school for a lot of kids around here. But that doesn’t mean that summer has to end right away. After all, Labor Day isn’t until next Monday! So take a little time to celebrate National Toasted Marshmallow Day today. (Yes, there is such a thing! Check it out!) Keep summer going on just a little bit longer. We know we plan on making some later :-)

What better way to greet your kids from their first day of school than with some yummy, gooey toasted marshmallows? You’ll be able to spend a little time talking about that all-important first day with your kids. You can toast them on the stove, or you can set up a fire in the back yard. Either way, you’ll be making a fun little memory.

And why not make your kids feel extra special with a My Little Kitchen Fairie? The Best in Show Fairie just might be that encouraging thing your child needs to kick off their school year. If they feel like they’re #1 in your book, they can start the year off with confidence.

Have a little bit of fun tonight when your kids get home from school. Show them they’re sweet and special. You supply the marshmallows, and we’ll supply the Best in Show Fairie!


Josef Originals for Birthdays

josef originals coppin's giftsHere at Coppin’s Gifts, we love a good tradition.  That’s why we’re so happy to carry Josef Originals birthday figurines.  Helping little girls celebrate birthdays since 1945, these adorable figurines make just about every occasion memorable.  Going from a little baby up to the wedding day, you’ll start a tradition that could go on for generations to come!

When you start giving these figurines to a little girl, she’ll know just how much you care for her.  And she’ll also appreciate the tradition you’ve started.  In fact, she might even continue the tradition with a special little girl in her own life when that time comes!  Any little girl would be happy to display these beautiful figurines in her bedroom.  Imagine the joy she’ll feel when she looks at them.  She’ll know just how much you love her.  Is there really a better birthday gift than that?

And don’t worry if you didn’t get her started right away… you can always backtrack.  A friend of ours didn’t start until her niece was five.  But she gave her niece the baby, one year doll, etc. for Christmas and other holidays until she was caught up.  So what are you waiting for?


DaVinci Bead Earrings

da vinci bead earrings coppin's giftsWe’re so excited that the DaVinci Bead Earrings are coming to Coppin’s Gifts.  We’re starting to run out of room on our necks and wrists, so this is definitely the next logical step!  What better way to show your flair for fashion?  Mix and match the beads to create your own unique look.  The DaVinci Bead Earrings are the perfect compliment to your bracelet, necklace, and key chain!

Just how much do we want the DaVinci Bead Earrings?  Well, one of the girls here has always been afraid to get her ears pierced.  She said she was scared of needles, and she never really had a reason to get her ears pierced.  But then she

These ears are just waiting for DaVinci Bead Earrings!

These ears are just waiting for DaVinci Bead Earrings!

saw that the DaVinci Bead Earrings were coming.  So she gathered up her courage and took the plunge.  She said it hurt a little bit, but she’s glad she did it.  The fashion payoff far outweighs the pain!  She still has to wear the studs for about three more weeks, but she can’t wait to change into something a little more funky.  We’re all so proud of her!

So what are you most excited about with DaVinci Bead Earrings?  Are you going to coordinate with your outfits?  Are you going to sport some personalized beads?  Let us know!


Questions from A Friend to Get You Thinking!

coppins giftsSometimes it’s hard to figure out what to buy from Coppin’s Gifts.  (We know, we have a hard time ourselves sometimes!)  There’s just too many great things to choose from.  That’s why we always like shopping with friends.  Coppin’s Gifts has a few friends out there in Internet Land, so we like to ask them some shopping questions.  Just imagine you’re out shopping with your best girl friend.  What would she have to say about Coppin’s Gifts?  Well, our friend Aubrey from My Simple Everyday helped us do a little bit of shopping.My Simple Everyday

What are your favorite DaVinci Beads on our site?  Why?
I think all of the beads are super cute and can probably argue that all of them are my favorite.  But if I had to choose, I really love the Glass Heart Dangles combined with the Cat Eye Art Glass beads.  I think it’s great that they come in different colors so you can mix and match the beads according to your outfit of the day!

If you had to pick one of the Webkinz to take home, which one would it be?
Sunshine, of course! Summer is my favorite time of the year because the sun doesn’t set until way past 8 and there’s something about the light that makes me such a happier person.  I like to adhere to the “glass is half full” motto, so Sunshine and I would make a perfect match!

What else do you have to say about our store?
Coppin’s Gifts has something for everyone whether it be your aunt who’s an avid Disney Jim Shore collector, or your son who loves animals and would treasure a Pillow Pet for years.  I firmly endorse businesses who truly care about their customers and Coppin’s Gifts shows this with their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Celebrate American Artist Appreciation Month with Willow Tree

willow tree coppins gifts american artist appreciation monthAugust is American Artist Appreciation Month, and we want to celebrate one of our favorite artists.  Susan Lordi, the creator of the beautiful Willow Tree figurines, does so much more!  Here at Coppin’s Gifts, we love her for the way she reflects the relationships between people with her figurines.

It’s obvious that she draws her inspiration from so many beautiful sources.  We see hints of ballet, modern dance, nature, and some amazing emotion in these pieces.  It still amazes us how Susan Lordi can convey so much with figures that don’t actually have faces.  Their gestures say it all.

But Susan doesn’t stop there!  She’s also a very skilled textile artist.  She earned her Master of Fine Arts in Textile Design.  In fact, her fiber art has been displayed internationally.  Images of her textile art have appeared in The Portfolio Collection by Telos Art Publishing.  And some more of her work is featured in the book Art Textiles of the World: USA.  What a multi-talented American artist!

Susan has a studio in Kansas City, Missouri.  And we can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with next.

Who is your favorite American artist?  Joseph DeCamp?  Norman Rockwell?  Andy Warhol?  Celebrate American Artist Appreciation Month with Willow Tree!