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Got a Grad that’s Tough to Buy For?

We know that sometimes it might feel like a bit of a cop-out to give someone a gift card or money.  After all, there aremoney maze so many great gift ideas at!  But if that person on your list is difficult to buy for, we might have the right solution.

When someone is graduating from high school or college, sometimes it makes more sense to give them money so that they can get themselves started on their post-graduation journey.  However, you still want to make sure they get a little bit of joy out of your monetary gift, right?  Why not put the gift in a Money Maze Gift Holder?  This cute little gift will keep your grad laughing until they finally get their money.

The Money Maze is a transparent cube, so your grad will see exactly what’s waiting for them at the end of the maze.  All you have to do is open the door, put your gift inside, and lock it.  They won’t be able to open it up until they get the little metal ball through the 3-D maze.  They just graduated, after all, they should be up for a little bit of mental exercise!


Who Loves Toys? The Top Toys Blog Does!

If you’ve taken a look at our website, you know that we love fun toys like Webkinz, Ugly Dolls, My Pillow Pets, and more. We’re always on the look-out for only the newest, best toys that are coming out, and the Top Toys Blog provides us with the know-how on the great toys that are currently popular and will be popular a few months from now!

The blog makes it easy to see what toys are appropriate By Age for both boys and girls, making shopping for grandchildren and nieces and nephews a cinch! You can also browse by popular toy categories, such as Action Figures, Games, RC Toys, and more. Their informative reviews are so helpful, and with all of us leading quite busy lives, is a sigh of relief when it comes to toy shopping. We hope you’ll take a look at the Top Toys Blog and get the scoop on all the popular toys out there!


Taking A Look Inside The Robin’s Nest

We’ve been posting about some of our favorite new blogs her on our Coppin’s Gifts blog, and we’d like to take a moment to feature yet another wonderful blogger: The Robin’s Nest blog! Robin is the talented blogger behind The Robin’s Nest, and she lives in Kansas City with her “2 crazy kids, 2 crazy dogs, and 2 crazy husbands”, as described by her! She posts on all the details of her life, and we just love it!

Robin’s enthusiasm for life and love for her family comes through in each and every post. She has a bright outlook on life, and reading her posts is always entertaining for us. Just check out her “Mommy’s Little Helper” and “Worst Mom Ever” posts, and we know you’ll adore Robin’s blog, too! We hope she keeps up the posting, and gives herself a bit more credit, too – she’s AWESOME!


DaVinci Beads: Beautiful for Summer!

davinci beadNothing is better in the summertime than wearing sleeveless tops, pretty dangly bracelets, and enjoying the warm weather!  DaVinci Beads has a line of beautiful Bead Dangles that you can mix and match to create a summer bracelet that’s totally unique.  So start the summer off right with a piece of jewelry that is so versatile it will last you all year long!

Through Memorial Day, our DaVinci Beads are on special.  When you buy four DaVinci Beads at regular price, you get the fifth one free!  Just enter the coupon code “FREEDAVINCI” at checkout to take advantage of this awesome deal.  Now is the perfect time to get some beads that you can use to create a bracelet that fits your individual style and personality.  If you like to spend your summer evenings out by the pool with a glass of wine,  the Wine Glass, Wine Bottle, and Grapes dangles are perfect for you!  Whatever your summer style, has the DaVinci Bead to match.

When you’re picking out your beads, make sure you stock up on Stoppers.  These space the decorative beads out so that each one has room to shine!


Celebrate Graduation With Growing Up Girls

girlgraduateLittle girls definitely appreciate some of the more delicate things in life, and that’s why a figure from the Growing Up Girls collection is a perfect gift.  Ideally, it’s the kind of thing that should be started from the time she’s a baby— but it’s never really too late to catch up!  In fact, graduation might be a perfect time to put the collection together.

If that special young lady in your life is graduating from either high school or college, there’s a Growing Up Girl that works as a stand-alone gift.  The Growing Up Girl Graduate can help commemorate the occasion.  This beautiful porcelain figurine comes in either blonde or brunette, and can be displayed prominently with the graduate’s diploma!

Hopefully this figurine finishes your Growing Up Girl collection.  If you haven’t been keeping up with the dolls, don’t worry about it!  Your Graduate Girl gift might start a tradition later on down the line.  So when it comes time for that graduate to have her own daughter, she’ll remember the way she felt when she received her Growing Up Girl.  She’ll start all over again by giving her daughter the New Baby Growing Up Girl and go on up to Sweet Sixteen.

It all starts with a graduation gift!


A Rare Find – The ‘A Mom’s Rare Finds’ Blog!

We recently had the pleasure of coming across the A Mom’s Rare Finds blog, and we couldn’t be more happier to have found it! The author of the blog is always on the lookout for great deals and discounts, and regularly posts giveaways on the site. We’re all about looking for ways to save money, so this blog certainly caught our eye.

As a Mom, you want to stick to a specific budget, but it’s nice to splurge here and there on something for yourself and your loved ones. Take a look at the blog and check out their weekly giveaways – entering takes only a few minutes, and you just might win of their awesome prizes. The name of the A Mom’s Rare Finds blog says it all, but believe me, you’ll only be more impressed with the content on the blog! Be sure to check them out on Twitter and MySpace, too!


Summertime Pals from Webkinz

armadilloIt’s getting to be that time of year again.  Kids are getting out of school, and they’ll be spending a lot of their time at home.  Why not reward the kids after a long (and hopefully successful!) school year with a new pal that they can spend some of those warm summer days with?

Luckily, Webkinz is featuring a new cuddly friend just in time for summer.  The Rainbow Armadillo is here and ready for some summer cuddling.  Armadillos are native to the warmer parts of the country, so this little guy can take the summertime heat.  Don’t worry, he’s not like other armadillos— his “armor” is more like soft plush!  And his bright rainbow coloring really helps him stand out from all the other armadillos out there.

Another Webkinz friend with an affinity for warmer climates is the Glamour Gecko.  This pretty little lady is currently available only through select stores, and you can find here here at Coppin’s Hallmark!  The Glamour Gecko receives some special gifts online— including a Glitz and Glamour Disco Ball, and a pet-specific food, the Crème de Cricket.

Summertime is almost here, so now is the time to shop for your summertime Webkinz!