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Planning The Perfect Bridal Shower

315569_garden_celebrationOne of the most exciting parts of being a bridesmaid is getting to plan a bridal shower! Today’s showers are fun and festive events, and you can do just about anything you want for the bride. If she’s not in to the traditional formal shower, have a small party for her at her favorite local pub instead. If she’s a girly girl and wants the traditional experience, then you can load up on fun and cheesy games and have an afternoon Tea!

You can create a fun and interactive day by adding a theme to the shower (besides the obvious – weddings!). Have a jewelry themed shower and have guests bring gifts inspired by different gemstones, and then let everyone make fun craft “jewelry” for the bride to wear on her wedding day. DaVinci Beads would make wonderful favors and prizes during games.

For a more relaxing event, why not host the shower in a friend’s home and treat everyone to a mini spa day? You can get at home kits for facials and give out little gift bags full of pedicure and manicure tools to all the guests. It’s a great way for all the women of the family to bond and allows the bride to feel like a queen during her shower.

Whatever theme you choose, have fun with the day. It’s a joyous occasion and the party should reflect the bride’s tastes and be a fun day for everyone. What are some of your favorite shower activities? Share the best showers you’ve ever been to and we’ll post them here and on Facebook!


My Pillow Pets: The Ultimate Road Trip Toy

Snuggle up to a My Pillow Pet Penguin

Snuggle up to a My Pillow Pet Penguin

Maybe you’ve already seen them at the mall or even at one of our Hallmark locations, but you didn’t pay them much attention because they looked like any other old stuffed animal. But don’t be fooled! My Pillow Pets are a simple yet ingenious twist on the classic comfort of a fuzzy friend.

It’s as simple as undoing the Velcro on you’re My Pillow Pet’s belly and suddenly you have a soft, comfortable pillow. The invention of a mother of two, who got tired of picking up the stuffed animals all over her children’s rooms, My Pillow Pets are designed to be the toy your child always remembers before bed!

My Pillow Pets come in a huge variety of styles. You can find the perfect friend for your child, from bears to penguins and even a unicorn! Besides being a great bed time pal, we’ve found another great use for My Pillow Pets – car trips.

Long road trips can be hard on little ones, especially when boredom sets in, or if they get off their nap schedule. Bringing along their My Pillow Pet is a great way to keep a piece of home with them, and to gently lull them into sleep when they start to get cranky!

Do you own a My Pillow Pet? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know if you have any creative uses for them and we’ll share them here and on Twitter!


Spoiling Mom This Mother’s Day

1111651_mom_and_newborn_baby_boy_2Today is the one month countdown until Mother’s Day, so we’ve started to compile some of our favorite mother’s day gifts. Not every gift has to be a grand gesture to be special – sometimes it’s about the thought and meaning behind the gift that makes it great. Now is the perfect time to start planning on how you’ll let your mom know what she means to you!

Breakfast in Bed – who doesn’t love a little pampering? It’s easy and simple to put together a tasty treat for mom! Cook up her favorite breakfast treat and sneak in before she’s awake to start her Mother’s Day off right. If she’s not much for breakfast in bed, you can still cook a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner for her during the day!

Willow Tree Figurines – When you’re getting breakfast ready, why not add something extra to the table with a new Willow Tree figurine for mom. These figurines depict loving and tender moments between family that will reminder her of the special moments in her own life.

Tackling Projects – Maybe she’s been trying to paint the dining room, or you noticed the gutters need a cleaning. Whatever it is, now’s the time to tackle that project. Make up a “coupon” for her and leave it in a card, letting her know what her mother’s day present is.

DaVinci Beads – Another great gift for mom is jewelry. European charm beads are extremely popular as of late, which is why we started carrying DaVinci Beads. They’re beautiful and affordable enough that you get her a few beads every Mother’s Day!


Celebrate Spring With Fun Family Crafts!

1263046_japanese_apricotOn this Easter weekend, we hope all of you are relaxing and celebrating with loved ones. To celebrate Easter and the arrival of Spring, we love to get all the kids in our family together for some arts and crafts. Here are two of our favorite activities for bonding with the kiddos!

Coffee Filter Butterflies – These vibrant butterflies are a perfect way to usher in spring. You’ll need some black pipe cleaners, paper coffee filters, and a water color paint set for this activity. Lay out the filters on newspaper and let the kids paint the wings of their butterfly however they want. Once they dry, fold them accordion style and tie them in the middle with the pipe cleaners, then bend the loose ends to make antennae. Fan them out and voila! butterflies.

Ladybug Rocks – These are fun for kids of all ages. Pick up some smooth rocks, a variety of acrylic paints and some sealant and you’re good to go! After the rocks haven been washed and dried, paint them in your desired color. Use black paint to make the head of the ladybug, and a black permanent market to draw the wings and spots, which you can paint over afterward if need be. After putting sealant on, you can use wiggle eyes to add a little something extra! They make a perfect paperweight or decoration for the kids or mom and dad.

Happy Easter everyone!