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Summer Time Fun

1191412_fun_in_the_waterpark_iiIt seems like the first snowfall was just here, and now it’s already almost April! Time is flying by and before you know it, it’s going to be summer! So many of our favorite things happen in summer – trips to the pool, picnics, lounging at the beach… the list goes on and on. But what about the rest of the summer? You know that within a week the kids are going to be telling you they’re bored!

Rather than let them lounge around and watch tv or play video games all day, why not put together some constructive activities and toys now so that when the initial joy of summer wears off you have something fun and active to occupy their time?

  • Puzzles and word games – these are great options for keeping their minds sharp when school is out. On those rainy days where they’re stuck inside, break out something like Banagrams or Jishaku and spend some quality time together!
  • Reward them – do you need the lawn mowed, or maybe some help with the garden? Get the kids involved and let the person who does the best job pick dinner that night, or get an extra helping of dessert. As they’re working, teach them about the tools they’re using or the plants in your garden to make the task interesting!
  • Move around – get games and outdoor toys that will have your kids exercising, even if they don’t realize it! We love the Airzooka for this – the big blast of air is harmless and it’s fun to surprise friends and chase them around with this toy!

Do you have any other summertime activities that you love?


Easter Treats From Webkinz

bunnyEaster is only two weeks away, and we can hardly wait for it to get here. The first signs of spring are starting to come to life all around us as the cold winter fades away, and there’s no better celebration of that than Easter Sunday. Our good friends at Webkinz have created a bunch of new cuddly friends to celebrate the arrival of Easter. They’re flying off the shelves at our stores, so we wanted to share them with all of you before they’re gone!

The Cotton Candy Bunny, pictured here, is an adorable ode to spring and the classic colors of an Easter basket. This cute little fella got a little too close to the egg dye and is covered with patches of pink, blue and yellow. He loves Easter and can’t wait to hide some eggs for all the kids to find!

The Lil’ Kinz Lamb is a smaller plush, but he’s just as full of love as his bigger brothers and sisters. He’s the perfect gift for younger kids or the long time Webkinz fan.

Now’s the time to shop for Easter – with two weeks to go we can still get all of our Easter Webkinz out to you in time. If you’ve been thinking about buying one for someone special, don’t wait any longer. Spring is almost here!


Do You Zhu Zhu?

zhuzhuhamsterboatThey were all the craze during the Christmas season this year, and everyone seemed to want one. The only problem was that no one had them! If you were shopping for any children, you know exactly what I’m talking about: Zhu Zhu pets.

The Zhu Zhu hamsters, in particular, were huge through the holiday season. We had a line around the block when we got some in at our retail stores! If you didn’t manage to get your hands on one, now is your lucky chance! We’re proud to announce that we just got a huge shipment of Zhu Zhu hamsters in just for Easter!

These adorable interactive hamsters come in all shapes and sizes. You can play with them and cuddle them while they chatter and eat, or you can let them loose and watch them zoom around and explore your home!

Even better, you can dress up your Zhu Zhu Hamsters and play with them in play sets made just for you. And if you hurry, you might even be able to get our Hallmark exclusive Zhu Zhu Bunny! They’re the perfect toy for everyone’s Easter basket, so stock up now!


Getting To Know The Young Mom, Young Wife Blog

We recently added the very beautiful DaVinci Beads to our website, so we’ve been checking out different fashion and style blogs to ensure we’re carrying the charm beads that you absolutely adore. We came across the Young Mom, Young Wife Blog, authored by the lovely Jackie, who’s working on her domestic skills, and blogging all about it, and we wanted to highlight her blog here!

Jackie posts on all kinds of fun, quirky topics, including her impressive sewing skills she utilized to make a cute dress for her daughter! She also posts about her everyday life – her foray into cooking, getting used to being a Mom, and things that make her life interesting. We know her bright personality will just continue to shine, and we wish both her and family the best of luck in the future!


What’s Next For The Uglydolls?

uglyIf you’re like a lot of people, you might not have even heard of an Uglydoll, but when you see one, you’ll always remember it! These “they’re so ugly they’re cute” critters have become wildly popular and we can hardly keep them on the shelves.

The Uglydolls actually originated in 2001, when two love struck artists were stuck missing one another on opposite sides of the world. David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim met and fell in love, but she was forced to return to her home in Korea while David was still in America. During that time, the first Uglydoll, Wage, came into existence. David regularly wrote her letters and drew the little creature all over them. As a surprise, Sun-Min sewed him a plush version on Wage, and the Uglydoll was born.

These award winning creatures are popular because they show that Ugly means special and everyone has something that makes them beautiful. Now, in 2010 they’re launching more brand new Uglydolls and even have fun accessories like bags and books! Why not get one of our very own and check out what’s new in the Uglydoll world here at Coppin’s Hallmark!