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Easter Egg Hunt with a Twist

1184474_easter_eggsDo you have a wide range of children in your family?  Do you find that when you have activities for all of the kids, that the older ones always “win?”  Well this year, when you have your family’s Easter egg hunt, add a little twist to make the winner more random.

Usually, children will associate “winning” with the person who is able to collect the most eggs during the hunt.  This obviously means that older or more athletic kids will have the best shot at “winning.”

Consider changing the winning conditions.  In one of the eggs place a piece of candy, or a small amount of money.  Then tell all of the egg hunters that the person who finds the one egg with the prize in it is the winner.  Granted, the older kids will still be able to collect the most eggs, but so long as each child gets one egg, they have a chance of winning.  This unique variation will help with the older children as well, as it adds a new level of excitement to a game that they are already familiar with.

So this year, make the family Easter egg hunt fun, fair, and full of excitement for all of the children in your family.


Great Candy Alternatives For Easter Baskets


Marshmallow Bunny

Yes, we said EASTER! Valentine’s Day is behind us so we’re hard at work getting all of our new spring merchandise out on the shelves. Even though this long, cold winter isn’t quite over yet, seeing the bunnies and chicks all around our store make it feel a little warmer. We love creating unique Easter baskets for all the children in our family, and we can’t wait to get started!

Of course, the real challenge is creating an Easter basket that they’ll love, but also isn’t filled to the brim with candy. Here are a few of our favorite candy-alternative Easter baskets:

  • Book basket – give them a few paperback books to read. Mix up the classics like Judy Blume with modern favorites like Harry Potter!
  • Webkinz basket – There’s a whole new line of adorable Easter and spring themed Webkinz dolls out now. They’d make the perfect centerpiece to any Easter Basket.
  • Jewelry – Tuck in a new watch for the boys or a cute DaVinci Bead bracelet for the girls. They can wear it with their Sunday best on Easter and every other special occasion.

What are your favorite non-candy Easter basket gifts?


Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

valentineValentine’s Day is almost upon us, and if you haven’t gotten a gift for your sweetie yet, it’s not too late to find something! With a little bit of thought, you can still put together a meaningful gift for all of your friends and family.

First, take some time to think about what they like? Do they have a hobby or a sport they follow? Do they have a favorite store? Why not put together a scavenger hunt full of things they love? You could scatter smaller gifts with clues, like a few DaVinci Beads, and then lead up to a larger gift, like a necklace or a gift card to their favorite store. The thrill of the hunt will make the gift more fun and meaningful!

If you’re short on cash, or your dream gift won’t arrive in time for the big day, you can also give Valentine’s gifts that require a little more elbow grease. Why not clean the house for them, or finish up a project they’ve been waiting for you to do for a while? You could cook them dinner and treat them to a romantic night in their newly spruced up home!

Whether you give them a gift from a store or something you’ve made on your own, the important part is that it comes from the heart!


Celebrating Holidays Webkinz Style!

webkinzlovelionWe’re tickled pink over some of the newest Webkinz to arrive in our stores recently. If you haven’t stopped by or checked out our web store, take a look at what you’re missing! These cuddly critters are the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.

Webkinz Love Lion – Not only is he the king of the jungle, but he’ll be the king of your heart once you invite this little plush into your home. His pink mane and allover heart pattern are topped off with the heart shaped tip of his tail.

Webkinz Love Frog – This adorable little guy is paired up with a Kinz Clip, which means you get double the love for the same price! Keep your Love Frog at home but always keep him on your mind with a mini version clipped to your bag.

Webkinz Clover Puppy – You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day thanks to this adorable pup. His green ears and paws perfectly match his allover clover pattern. Spread some good luck around and give one to all of your friends!