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It’s A Fashion Frenzy!

We kicked off our Fashion Frenzy weekend yesterday in all of our local Hallmark stores, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the first day’s turnout. If you’re in the area, stop by anytime now through Sunday to join in on the excitement. Anything you can wear in stores (jewelry, scarves, purses) is 20% off! Stock up on Christmas gifts for friends and family, and maybe get a few new things for yourself too.

Even if you’re not able to join us in person, you can still get in on the fun! All of our recently launched DaVinci Beads are 20% off online this weekend. Just enter the coupon code “DVNCFF20” during checkout to take advantage of this great deal! At only $6.99 per bead, this is your chance to stock up. If you haven’t heard of DaVinci beads before, check out our DaVinci Bead FAQs to learn more about these colorful European charms, and then get shopping!


Introducing DaVinci Beads!

We recently started carrying a new line of jewelry at our retail locations that we’re pretty excited about. They’re called DaVinci Beads, and we’ve started putting them up on our online store as well. So what’s so great about DaVinci Beads?

European or Italian charm bracelets have been popular for a few years now. They’re fun because they’re so easy to customize. You buy the beads you want and can build your own personalized piece of jewelry. They’re also easy to change up when you need a fresh look, so you never get bored. The major setback with most major European charm lines is the cost. Even some of the less “expensive’ lines can cost upwards of $25 per bead.

This is the beauty of DaVinci Beads. They’re priced at just $6.99 per bead!  We think they look just as nice as the expensive lines, and they come in hundreds of styles and shapes like Art Glass, Birthstones, and Hobby Themed Beads. Come visit us if you want to see them in person, but check out  a few of our favorites below in the meantime:


Welcoming The Holidays In With Our Holiday Open House!

We welcomed in the very wonderful holiday season this past weekend with our “Holiday Open House” in our Coppin’s Hallmark brick and mortar stores! We were so happy to see all the great supporters who came in to celebrate with us, and we thought we’d share some photos of our favorite customers! We’re known in the area for our beautiful store window displays, and we consider it our tradition each year to spend time creating only the most breathtaking displays. Take a look, and if you’re in the area, come and visit us!


Plan Ahead To Avoid Holiday Stress

Rudolph is getting ready for Christmas. Are you?

Rudolph is getting ready for Christmas. Are you?

Every year, you see the same reports on the news – more and more people find Christmas to be more stressful than enjoyable. Planning parties, making gift lists and decorating can be fun, but it can quickly spiral into out of control “to do” list if you don’t set priorities early. Take some time now to set your priorities for the holiday season and you’ll stay in control and reduce stress!

Set Your Priorities

You want to do it all, but at the end of the day, you’re only one person. Sit with your family and ask them for their favorite holiday activities. Pick a handful and stick with those. If everyone loves baking cookies and searching for the Elf On A Shelf, but they’re not as into a sledding trip as they used to be, then pass on the sledding!

Focus On Your Family

We can’t control what others do. Neighbors have their lights up already and yours are still in a ball in the basement? Already got Christmas cards from your aunt and you haven’t even bought your stamps? No sweat. You’re only responsible for your family, and it’s not fair to compare yourself to anyone else, even though it’s tempting. Once you have your priorities, stay true to them!

Take Your Time

The Christmas Season is just that – a season. Give yourself lots of time to get all your tasks done. If you try to cram everything in on Christmas Eve, you’ll get no where. Shop early for all your Christmas Gifts and then carve out some “me time”. You’ll be much more relaxed and stay present and focused in each holiday activity as they happen if you slow down and breathe a bit.

Christmas is only as stressful as you let it become! Use these tips to have an enjoyable and healthy holiday season.