Holiday Planning

New From the Willow Tree Collection

New From the Willow Tree Collection | The Willow Tree Collection has the perfect figurine for every gifting occasion. Whether you’re looking to expand your collection or someone else’s, we have the newest figurines to help you find the latest edition. These are a few of our newest figurines to give or to keep for yourself!

Christmas is around the corner, so make sure you have a touch of this beautiful collection in your decorations. The Willow Tree Song of Joy Tree Topper makes a beautiful addition to a new home’s decorations or for a refresh of a traditional collection. Also, if you or someone you know collects a new ornament every year, be sure to get them the 2017 ornament. This Willow Tree Angel will look beautiful on any tree to celebrate the memories of 2017.

If you’re celebrating mom or dad during the upcoming holiday season, one of these new figurines will be a sentimental touch. The Willow Tree For Always figurine features mom cuddling a young child in a warm embrace. The That’s My Dad figurine shows father and child during playtime in a hug. These figurines will make a great gift or surprise for any parent.

Want more from the Willow Tree Collection? Visit for more on this beautiful collection!


Fresh Picks for Fall

Fall Charm it Charms | Fall is here and in full swing! There are plenty of occasions to look for in the fall, from Halloween and cooler weather to family gatherings like Thanksgiving. There’s always something new at Coppin’s Gifts, but if you’re looking for fall themed gifts, here’s what we recommend:

Is your daughter or granddaughter asking for new Charm It Charms for their bracelets? Choose something festive for fall for their bracelets. This Charm It owl is super cute and will make a great addition to an animal lover’s collection. Or, if your recipient loves to sit and sing around the campfire, this adorable s’more will be well loved.

Does your fall plans include staying in a cozy, warm spot? Then you, or your recipient would welcome a puzzle to join in the cozy fun. This cottage hideaway puzzle will add to the warm feelings of fall with its vibrant autumn colors.

Cold weather means warm clothes, and the right pair of gloves can really make your day. These Arianna Stretch Knit Lace Gloves come in plenty of colors and have dainty details to add to any outfit. They also have a patch on the thumb and index finger for easy texting and smart phone usage.

These are just some of our items that will really make your fall special! Shop now at for all of the latest fall accessories, games, Charm It Charms, and more.


Celebrate the Holidays with Willow Tree Figurines

Holiday Willow Tree Figurines | The holidays are around the corner. While you’re thinking of gifts to give, menus to plan, and travel arrangements, decorating your home may not be at the front of the list. There are some easy ways to decorate or spruce up your current collection of holiday decorations. Willow Tree figurines are a great way to decorate for the season or to add a breath of fresh air into your current creation.

Decorating for fall doesn’t have to depend on pumpkins and fall leaves. A floral Willow Tree figurine is a great way to decorate and add a pop of fall color to your home. The Willow Tree Warm Embrace and the Willow Tress Sunshine figurines include bunches of sunflowers, giving a burst of fall into your décor.

A classic Thanksgiving décor usually means turkeys and pilgrims. However, show how thankful you are for your family with the décor using Willow Tree figurines! Willow Tree uses a number of beautiful, family scenes that show how thankful you are for those you love. Figurines like Willow Tree Brother and Sister and Willow Tree Mother and Daughter are great examples.

Finally, Willow Tree has a stunning collection of Christmas decorations that will add a rustic touch to your holiday décor. From the simplistic beauty of their nativity scenes to the holiday tree toppers, your Christmas décor gets the finishing touch with a Willow Tree piece.

Start decorating for the holidays today with our large selection of Willow Tree pieces! You can also find other holiday décor at to complement your collection. It’s never too early to start decorating for the holiday season! So start today with Coppin’s Gifts!


How to Choose the Right Gift

The holidays are right around the corner and the shipping lines are getting longer and longer by the day, and yet many of us are still scrambling1trying to finish our to-buy lists or may be even struggling to finish writing it.

What does dad want? What does grandma need? What can we buy our co-worker? We can spend hours going around and around pacing the store aisle asking these types of questions. There is another way to choose a perfect gift for the special people in your life this holiday season. At Coppin’s Gifts one of our most popular collections is the Willow Tree Angel line of figurines.

The problem many of us have when it comes to finding the right holiday gift is that we think about gifts in the term of being purely physical objects. If you can challenge this way of thinking and shift your focus it can be easier to figure out what to give the special people in your life. When you give a gift to someone, you are opening up and speaking to them.

You buy a gift to give in the hopes that the receiver will love it and understand the message you are trying to communicate. We have lost sight of this basic concept over the years and put more value on the price tag and status of the gift rather than the message it conveys. The Willow Tree Angel line of figurines is a great way to get back to the way it should be!

If you harness the right way of thinking about giving gifts, when you go about trying to choose gifts, it will be easier for you to focus in on and find the perfect gift. Ask yourself this: “What do I want to say to this person?” Once you have answered that, then consider this question: “What can I get them that will communicate this message to them clearly?”

This line of thinking is opposite to the typical questions of “What can I buy them?” and “What can I afford to get them?” and “What will they think of it?”

When you want a gift that means something and shows just how much you care and what you think of someone, head over to Coppin’s Gifts and check out the selection of Willow Tree Angel figures. You will be glad you did!


Why Is It Important to Give Gifts?

A great deal of research has been done over the years that looks into why we as humans get the feeling of well-being that occurs during the practice2 of giving gifts to friends and family. From the earliest records of mankind’s existence there is the practice of gift giving and it has always been portrayed as being a rewarding experience that benefits the giver and the receiver.

This is why the practice has stood the test of time. Whether it is a simple handmade gift, a simple card, or a heart-felt memento like a Jim Shore figurine, giving gifts makes us feel good. Here are some reasons as to why:

We Feel Happy

At the most basic level, the act of gift giving can make a person feel happier overall, helps them feel better about themselves, and makes them feel closer to the person receiving the gift.

In studies done on the act of giving gifts, the giver often feels better about themselves and the receiver has an increased feeling of connection to the one giving the gift. The mutually beneficial effect is what makes gift giving such a wonderful and enjoyably experience.

Improved State of Mind

Research has also suggested time and time again that giving gifts can help improve the focus as well as a person’s overall state of mind. If giving a gift makes someone feel happier and gives them a sense of purpose then that will of course give a boost to their attitude and emotions and help them have a more positive outlook on life.

Greater Social Connection

Gift giving helps establish societal bonds and mutual gift exchange allows the bonds of community, friendship, and family to be grown and nurtured. Not only does the person who gets the gift feel closer to the giver, but the reverse happens as well. This greater social connection allows us to feel a sense of companionship and as well as the overall happiness of both parties involved.

It’s Contagious

When someone begins the act of giving gifts, not only are they more likely to continue giving whenever they are presented with the opportunity, those around them including those that receive the gifts are more likely to pay it forward as well. This can be partly explained by the release of endorphins in the brain that occurs when we exchange gifts.

It is easy to see that gift-giving is an important tradition and is part of what makes us human. So when you are looking for the perfect gift, whether it is a beautiful hand painted masterpiece, a special memento like a Jim Shore figurine, or an elegant diamond necklace, the important thing is to give with an open heart and a smile that is contagious.


Gift Ideas for a New Mom

The birth of a child is a wonderful and life changing event-in more than one way. To commemorate the new arrival, many friends and family2members look for special gifts to give the mom to make her life easier and a bit more enjoyable during the time of adjustment and stress with a newborn around. From spas to gift cards to Willow Tree collection figures, here are some unique ideas you can consider:

A Custom Mommy Necklace

Celebrate the new family member by giving mom a necklace that has a beautiful charm with the name of her child. These gifts are very popular because they can be fully customized and new charms can be added for every new family member!

A Spa Day All to Herself

Babies are wonderful blessings and are cute bundles of joy but they also bring a new mom a great deal of stress and anxiety – especially for first time moms. Give a gift she will love and truly need- a day to relax and unwind and let go of the stress.

A Willow Tree Collection Figure

Days will come where mom will wonder if it was a mistake thinking she could be a mom. A gift that helps her focus on those sweet moments in the midst of those sleepless nights will be a true blessing to her- give a Willow Tree Collection figurine!

A Day of House Cleaning

Cleaning the house is one of the last things on a new mom’s mind- even personal hygiene can become a forgotten habit the first few weeks after the birth. Help the mom out by either offering to clean house for her or pay for cleaning services for her.

There are many other great gift ideas you can choose form for the new mom including books, magazine subscriptions, date night babysitting, shopping and errand help, gift cards, and the standard baby items just to name a few. Whether you go with the traditional gifts of baby cloths and supplies or the more unique ideas like the Willow Tree Collections, gifts for mom can help in more ways that you know!


Valentine’s Gift Ideas: Charms

valentine-s-day-2Finding a gift for Valentine’s Day is easy if your loved one already has a Bella Ryan or a DaVinci charm bracelet. You can shop here to find the perfect DaVinci charm or Bella Ryan bangle charm to add. If she doesn’t have one, get her started now and you can enjoy easy gifting for years to come!

While this is a thoughtful and lovely gift for a wife or girlfriend, it can also be perfect for your mom, daughter, or a special someone that needs a little “I love you” this season. Bella Ryan charms feature phrases like “Courage,” “Peace,” and “Strength,” which might help a daughter away at college feel the warmth of home. DaVinci beads have many options, from initials to birthstones and more, so you can create something perfect for your mom and let her know how much you care. Both are priced just right so you can make a statement without breaking the bank!

Shop Coppins Gifts for all kinds of Valentine’s gifts this year! This is the place to find something absolutely perfect for the love of your life. If a bracelet isn’t right, check out figurines and all the other fun and unique gifts we carry.


Elf on the Shelf Photo Contest!

ElfonaShelfOh, yes, it is that time of year again! Elves that have been hanging out at the North Pole all year long have returned to the homes of beloved families around the world to share a little Christmas cheer. It’s a fun and festive time for us all!

Coppins Gifts is hosting an Elf on the Shelf Photo Contest all season long so you can see what other elves are up to and vote for your favorite. The most mischievous or inventive elf, as decided by votes, will get a $100 gift certificate, with $50 and $25 gift certificates going to the second and third place elves, respectively. Just for participating, you can get a special Coppins offer via email and you’ll be entered in our weekly drawing for fun Christmas gifts.

Prizes aside, these photos are fun and creative to look at and get into the holiday spirit. You’ll find elves in the freezer, elf balloon traps, candy cane skiing, and many other antics. Can your elf match wits with some of these silly friends? Don’t have an Elf on the Shelf? Buy one here!

You can vote once every 24 hours and share your photo as often as you like to increase your chances of winning the Grand Prize.


Bring Disney Magic Home

disney decorMillions of people visit a Disney park each year. Did your family celebrate the magic this summer? It would be hard to find anyone who has not been to Disney World who was not completely mystified by the experience. Want to find ways to keep the Disney spirit alive all year? Here are some ideas:

  • Make a scrapbook with your favorite photos so that you can capture the feeling anytime
  • Use a favorite family Disney photo as your holiday card
  • Incorporate Disney themed holiday decorations, such as the Harvest Mickey Mouse from Jim Shore Disney Traditions for fall or Halloween, or the water globe collections for Christmas
  • You can also find a Jim Shore Disney Traditions Tinker Bell collectible for your young fairy’s birthday
  • Check out websites that have Disney-related recipes or recreate a favorite meal from a past trip for a fun family evening
  • Buy a Disney themed game for game night—there are many to be found that are perfect for adults and kids of all ages
  • Plan your next trip and create a decorative countdown calendar

Holidays are magical. Disney is magical. Bring a bit of that wonder and whimsy into your home with lovely Disney holiday décor items that are sure to be treasured by the whole family.


An Interesting Marshmallow Roaster for a New Take on S’mores

No summer is complete without backyard barbecues, camping trips, and of course, s’mores. Loved by parents and children alike, this yummy DIY dessert is not just a menu course, but a great activity. Over the years, people have developed innovative marshmallow roasters to minimize burn potential and give us a much better alternative to a long stick.

We even have the fire fishing pole right here that adds a whole new dimension of fun to roasting sugary goodness over an open flame! “When you JIG it, it FLIPS it!” Any family that camps often will love how easy these are to use and will find that they are not just perfect for marshmallows, but also for hot dogs, shrimp, and anything you can skewer.

Want something different than the classic graham cracker, chocolate bar, and marshmallow combination? firepole_7_2013Try these ideas:

  • Use a different type of candy, like peanut butter cups, rice crispy bars, or caramel bars
  • Jazz up the basics with sprinkles or nuts
  • Add fruit, particularly strawberries or bananas between the marshmallow and chocolate layers
  • Use a hazelnut spread or peanut butter instead of candy (Note: this is a great addition for indoor s’mores!)

Have fun, be safe, and get creative on your next camping excursion or backyard adventure!