Charm It

Collections to Start with Your Little Girl

Starting a collection of some kind with your daughter or granddaughter can be a fun bonding experience for the both of you. Collecting can be a great way to teach patience, creativity, and is a great form of self-expression. There are plenty of things to collect, however we have a few starter suggestions that she could start with.


Figurines are a classic item to collect. There are a number of artists and styles to choose from when collecting. She can mark milestones, such as birthdays, graduation, and even a wedding if she continues with the collection. It also provides many gifting opportunities for her later, as she can pass down the collection.

If she’s a music lover, consider vinyl records. Vinyl records are back and there are so many past and present artists to choose from and discover. This is truly a collection that can grow with her tastes as she gets older.

For fashionistas, a charm bracelet is a wonderful way to have her express herself. She can choose charms for every season or just interchange as she feels fit. Charm It! Charms are popular among young girls because of their colorful and playful nature.


Gifts for Summer Birthdays

Summer birthday celebrations tend to be extra fun don’t they? The feeling of being out of school, warm weather, and all of their friends around really make the day great. If you know a kiddo with a summer birthday, you may not be sure what to get them. These are a few gift ideas we think they’ll love:

-          A Beach Kit – If they enjoy going to the beach, give them the ultimate beach bag. All you need is a durable bag, beach toys, sunscreen, and a cool new towel to get them ready.Charm It Charms for Summer Birthdays |

-          Arts and Craft Time – With summer fun comes summer weather, which sadly means indoor time. Fight the blues from rain with a fun craft kit that has hours of fun.

-          A Cool New Piece of Jewelry – Get them something that will go way past summer fun. Either a bracelet full of colorful Charm It Charms or a sweet watch with their favorite character will keep them looking cool year round.

-          Fun Game Night – Is family game night always a favorite night? Then get them a game they’ll love to play with the family for a birthday gift that everyone can enjoy.

No matter what the occasion is, you’ll be able to get a gift for a special birthday at Coppin’s Gifts. Between gifts for summer fun or collectables they’ll cherish for years to come, you can find it at Coppin’s Gifts. Shop now to get the summer fun started!


Charm It! Charms for Special Events

Does your little girl love Charm It! Charms? Coppin’s is proud to provide you with a huge variety of quality charms that you won’t find at other stores. From Disney selections to animal charms, we have everything a charm bracelet-wearing girl could want! This selection includes charms for special events. Whether there is a special day coming up or you are just looking for a unique gift for a friend, our business has got you covered. Take a look at our selections:

  • CHARM IT! A+ Charm – Has there been a great report card recently? This charm makes a magnificent reward when your little one makes straight As.
  • CHARM IT! Birthday Balloon – Looking for a unique little birthday gift? When picking out a variety of charms for a new bracelet, you can pick up this colorful little balloon charm.
  • CHARM IT! Gift Box Charm –If you are just looking for a cute little gift for any occasion or just to show you care, you can pick up this great little charm. It also works well with birthday-themed bracelets.

Starting a Charm It! charm bracelet is simple when you shop online with Coppin’s. Our business always offers the best charms available, making sure that you can build the perfect bracelet. In addition to these charms, you can also pick up many other unique gift and collectibles at Coppin’s that you won’t’ find elsewhere.