Birthday Gifts for Children of All Ages!

Get them something they'll love

Get them something they'll love

Are you looking for the perfect birthday present for a child? Look no further! From Uglydolls to Precious Moments figurines, Coppin’s Gifts has a vast selection of  birthday presents for children of all ages.

Infant to toddler:

  • Infants and toddlers will love naptime when they’re cuddling up next to a Happy Napper! Happy Nappers are soft stuffed animals who come with their own home. Choose from a cow, dog, dragon, ladybug, penguin and unicorn.
  • Another birthday gift that can help infants and toddlers fall asleep during naptime is a Pillow Pet. My Pillow Pets are stuffed animals that also turn into a pillow and blanket, perfect for naps and sleepovers!
  • Teach them how to care for animals by buying them one of our Perfect Petzzz. These cute puppies and kitties are positioned so they’re cozily sleeping.
  • Uglydolls are unique looking stuffed animals that are perfect for cuddling. These ugly dolls fit perfectly under a child’s arm.

Young girls and boys:

  • Boys will love battling their friends with a Kung Zhu Hamster, while girls will play with their Zhu Zhu Pet for hours! You can dress Kung Zhu Hamsters in battle gear, and build battle rooms and areas with specially designed accessories. Zhu Zhu Pets are interactive hamsters who run across the floor. We have an assortment of Zhu Zhu Pets available!
  • Shoulder Buddies, can be worn on a child’s clothing, and teach kids lessons like making new friends.
  • Whomp! Charmz are collectible charms that can be use to decorated charm bracelets, shoelaces, pencils, pens and many more items. These charms are a cute way for girls and boys to express themselves.
  • Webkinz pets are available in a variety of choices. Kids can interact and play games with their Webkinz online inside the Webkinz community!


  • Teenagers can be difficult when you’re shopping for a birthday gift. Coppin’s Gifts has the perfect birthday present for teens! Locker Lookz, locker decorations will provide them with a form of self-expression in school. We have locker wallpapers, rugs, magnets, bins and more!

You can find all of these and more great birthday gifts for children and teens of all ages at CoppinsGifts.com.


All about Webkinz!

So many Webkinz to choose from...

So many Webkinz to choose from...

If you’re looking for a toy that promotes education and provides age-appropriate games for kids, Webkinz are the toys you’ve been searching for! And you’ve certainly come to the right place. At CoppinsGifts.com, we have a large assortment of Webkinz that will surely to bring joy to any child.

Children can sign online and play with a virtual version their lovable stuffed Webkinz pet, using a code specially designed for that Webkinz. After they sign online, kids get to adopt and choose a name for their pet, design and customize a room for them, play games and more! While most stores charge outrageous prices for these adorable plush pets, CoppinsGifts.com has a vast selection of Webkinz at prices you can afford! Our collection of Webkinz is divided into categories, so you can easily find the pet you’re looking for. These categories include:

  • Lil’Kinz – These Webkinz are adorable miniature versions of the Webkinz plush family.
  • Mazin’ Hamsters – Race through 3D mazes, rooms and tunnels, when you sign online with your Webkinz Mazin’ Hamster!
  • Webkinz Jr. – Geared towards toddlers and small children, pets in our Webkinz Junior collection are a little bit bigger than our normal Webkinz pets.
  • Webkinz Signature – This collection is stocked full of Webkinz pets that are made more plush and high quality that regular Webkinz. Pets from our Signature collection are only available in limited amounts and for a short time.
  • Zumbuddies – These are adorable flying pets that come with attached key chains.

No matter which Webkinz animal you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find the right one at CoppinsGifts.com. Which Webkinz pet is you or your child’s favorite?


Teaching Kids to Care for a Pet with Stuffed Animals

Webkinz SchnauzerWebkinz Mocha PupWebkinz Cinnamon Daschund

The time comes in almost every parent’s life when their child asks that short but important question – “Can I get a pet?” The desired pet is typically a cat or dog, but can vary wildly to include snakes, turtles, and the occasional dragon. It’s easy enough to say ‘no’ to pets that breathe fire, but considering cats, dogs, hamsters and the like takes a bit more time. There are of course practical questions to ask yourself, such as, “Is anyone allergic to this type of pet,” and, “Are we really home often enough to care for the pet in question?” If you rent your apartment or home, there is also the question of whether you are permitted to have pets, and the list goes on! But if you have already worked your way through those questions and have found a pet that fits your lifestyle and budget, you’re almost ready to tell them ‘yes we can!’ The last step? Teaching them the responsibility of having a pet…before it arrives!

The work and care that goes into keeping a pet healthy and happy depends greatly upon the pet. Fish and frogs require a lot less attention than cats and dogs, for example. But they are also a lot less good at cuddling up on the couch after a long day, so there are pros and cons to every pet! The first step in teaching your child to care properly for the pet they’ll soon have is determining how much of that pet’s care your child will indeed be responsible for, and what care is required. Let’s assume you’ll be adopting a dog and your child will be in charge of taking the dog for a walk every day, ensuring the dog is fed in the morning, and brushing the dog each week. Make the responsibilities they are handling clear to them, and be sure they are reasonable considering your child’s age. Older children can typically tackle many more responsibilities, while younger children often pay much more attention to playing with their pets, which is very important, too!

Once you have made a list of all their responsibilities, it’s time to let them practice being a good pet owner. How to do so? With a stuffed animal! Webkinz dogs make a great stand-in for a real pet, though they don’t tend to bark if they’re being ignored, so you’ll have to get creative in ensuring your child is keeping up with their pet owner duties. If they will be feeding the real dog once it arrives, keep a bowl of fake food in the cabinet for them to ‘feed’ their Webkinz. This can be anything from pieces of paper to cotton balls – Webkinz aren’t picky! It’s important to let them know real dogs can’t eat these things, of course, but for the sake of testing their dedication to their duties this will work. Set an alarm on your phone to go off 10 minutes or so after they were supposed to feed their dog, then check to ensure the Webkinz is sitting in front of her bowl.

Also encourage your child to play with his or her pet and take it with them into every room the dog will be permitted to venture. They may need to get accustomed to the idea that their four-legged friend will likely follow them around wherever they go as dogs so often do! If they are going to be responsible for walking the dog, and cleaning up its messes, ensure they take their Webkinz for a walk every day, and leave plastic Easter eggs in the yard for them to pick up. Little plastic eggs are much more pleasant than doggie droppings, but the goal is to teach them that this will be a daily task that is a part of being a good pet owner.

As someone who loves dogs more than almost anything, I understand that the joy they bring far outweighs the work involved. But I also understand that I wasn’t as good of a pet parent at 10 as I am today, so there is a lot of work involved in getting up to snuff! It’s inevitable that your child will forget things from time to time – it’s only human nature. But keeping a close eye to ensure all your pet’s needs are met will help in teaching your child the importance of proper care, and make for a happier pet as well.


Shop CoppinsGifts.com Today for Our Wonderful Webkinz Sale!

Webkinz Red Panda

Webkinz Aardvark

When you want to give your child a gift that is far more than simply a stuffed animal, Webkinz make a fun and fantastic choice! While the animals themselves are snuggly soft and oh-so-cute, each brings the added awesomeness of an included secret code that allows your child to adopt a virtual version of their plush pet in Webkinz World online. On this safe, kid-friendly site, they can play games and earn Kinzcash, which allows them to enhance their pet’s virtual space with food, clothing, and even furniture! But just like a Webkinz is far from just a stuffed animal, Webkinz World is far from just fun and games. It helps teach kids about the value of money; that things must be earned and paid for. The best part? Chances are they won’t even realize they’re learning a lesson, as they’ll be having a great time! This part may differ a bit from the real world of work, but they are just kids after all. :)

So what can we possibly say to make Webkinz even more appealing than they already are? Well, we can say our entire collection is on sale for 10-40% off. We can, and it is! Our current selection boasts over 100 Webkinz to choose from, including some hard-to-find favorites that are as adorable as they are affordable. Whether your child is just getting started in the world of Webkinz, or you can count yourself as an expert in this playground of pets, we hope you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our collection. And don’t forget that shipping is free on all orders of $30 or more at CoppinsHallmark.com! Perhaps you’ll earn free shipping by welcoming a Webkinz Red Panda, Webkinz Pot Bellied Pig and Webkinz Zumbuddy Zana clip to the family? Or will it be the Webkinz Tiger, Webkinz Warthog and Webkinz Aardvark? So many choices, such a good sale!


Easter Basket Ideas Your Kids and Their Dentist Will Love!

Webkinz Angora BunnyFor most kids and adults alike, there is no harm in enjoying the occasional piece of candy. Candy can bring back many fond memories and even play an important role in creating new traditions and future amazing memories. After all, it isn’t without good reason that grandmothers always have a sweet something tucked away in their pocketbooks for the kiddos – they know we’ll remember those treats forever! But like so many good things, there can be too much of it. There can be too much candy. And too much of this calorie-packed indulgence can lead to excess weight and that 8-letter word we all cringe when we hear at the dentist – cavities. Yes, moderation is most definitely key when it comes to candy, but moderation is something that is easier said than done during the holidays when candy is at every corner we turn! And moderation is possibly the most difficult for children sitting in awe of a chocolate-filled Easter basket brimming with bunnies, jelly beans, marshmallow peeps and more! So what’s a parent to do? Add some balance to the basket with non-candy treats they’ll love just as much. :)

If your child’s basket contains just a few pieces of candy, they’re more likely to enjoy those pieces slowly and avoid that sugary rush that leaves them darting around the house like a Zhu Zhu Pets Bunny, only to crash a little while later. They will also get more long-lasting enjoyment from trinkets and toys than candy will bring. We’ve put together a few Easter Basket ideas for children of all ages. All are well-priced and full of fun!

  • Webkinz Angora Bunny – This oh-so-adorable addition to the Webkinz family is among their softest and snuggliest yet! Her long ears are propped up in surprise as she stares back with that loving gaze that Ganz always captures so well in their premium stuffed animals. Awesome for any age, this little lady is just $13.49.
  • Digital Photo Keychain – Kids love sharing their favorite pictures with friends just as much as adults do, and a digital photo keychain lets them do just that. Our digital photo keychain holds up to 60 pics, and it will be fun to help your child choose which they’d like to add. Don’t forget to include a few from Easter morning!
  • Snoozies – Perfect for tweens, teens and moms alike, Snoozies foot coverings (think slipper-sock hybrid!) are fun to wear and fun to look at. Coppin’s Hallmark offers a superior selection of designs to match everyone’s unique personality so you can keep your feet warm in style. Machine washable – shrink resistant – just $12 a pair. What’s not to love?!
  • Springbok Puzzles – Instead of over-indulging in tons of sweets, you and your children can have a relaxing afternoon putting them together with Springbok’s Treats and Sweets 1000 piece puzzle. Cupcakes, candles, sprinkles and more come together for a puzzle scene that looks good enough to eat, but is calorie-free and fun for the whole family!

Coppin’s Gifts Featured Halloween Items

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with some fun knick-knacks and toys?  You’ve certainly come to the right place, then.  Coppin’s Gifts has just what you’re looking for to make this Halloween a Halloween to remember!

DaVinci Beads Jack-O-Lantern

You already have a great DaVinci Beads bracelet, and this is the perfect addition to it for this spooky time of year!  The Jack-O-Lantern DaVinci Bead is just what you need to make your wardrobe a little more festive.

Webkinz Bat

The Webkinz Bat is a super-cute way to get into the Halloween spirit.  There’s nothing scary about this little guy—he’s just a little misunderstood.  But your kids are sure to love him and the fun they can have with him in the Webkinz World.  Check out his friend the Webkinz Night Mare, too!

Heartwood Creek for Halloween

Looking for a classy Halloween decoration?  Then you’ll love the Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore Halloween figurines.  The Two Sided Pumpkin and the Halloween Ghost Costume are sure to bring a little bit of classic charm to your Halloween celebration this year.  Be sure to check out the rest of the Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore Halloween collection, too!  They’ll only be available online for a limited time, so get them while you can.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Halloween, you’ll be able to add a little extra spirit to it with some of these great Halloween items from Coppin’s Gifts!


Sweet Dreams? Webkinz Night Mare (and Bat)!

webkinz night mare coppins giftsDon’t let his name fool you.  The Webkinz Night Mare is just as friendly as all of the other Webkinz pets.  He just so happens to be decked out for Halloween!  (We know, Halloween isn’t until next month, but you should start thinking about it now…  You want to order your Night Mare in enough time!)  Complete with a red flame tail, we have a feeling this black Night Mare will be as hot as the sparks in his eyes.  We also bet that he’ll be an excellent trick-or-treating companion.

This adorable little guy will make a frightfully fun Halloween gift for all of your “spook-tacular” little ones.

Another great Halloween addition is the Webkinz Bat.  He’s the perfect combination of cute, cuddly, and a little bit of scary.  This is one bat that you won’t try chasing with a broom!

All of the Webkinz pets come with a Secret Code printed on the tag.  These guys might look spooky, but they still have access to the wholesome Webkinz World.  You and your kids can celebrate Halloween in style with these adorable little buddies.

While you’re at it, check out the other great Webkinz pets at Coppin’s Gifts.  If Halloween’s not your thing, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your fancy!


Questions from A Friend to Get You Thinking!

coppins giftsSometimes it’s hard to figure out what to buy from Coppin’s Gifts.  (We know, we have a hard time ourselves sometimes!)  There’s just too many great things to choose from.  That’s why we always like shopping with friends.  Coppin’s Gifts has a few friends out there in Internet Land, so we like to ask them some shopping questions.  Just imagine you’re out shopping with your best girl friend.  What would she have to say about Coppin’s Gifts?  Well, our friend Aubrey from My Simple Everyday helped us do a little bit of shopping.My Simple Everyday

What are your favorite DaVinci Beads on our site?  Why?
I think all of the beads are super cute and can probably argue that all of them are my favorite.  But if I had to choose, I really love the Glass Heart Dangles combined with the Cat Eye Art Glass beads.  I think it’s great that they come in different colors so you can mix and match the beads according to your outfit of the day!

If you had to pick one of the Webkinz to take home, which one would it be?
Sunshine, of course! Summer is my favorite time of the year because the sun doesn’t set until way past 8 and there’s something about the light that makes me such a happier person.  I like to adhere to the “glass is half full” motto, so Sunshine and I would make a perfect match!

What else do you have to say about our store?
Coppin’s Gifts has something for everyone whether it be your aunt who’s an avid Disney Jim Shore collector, or your son who loves animals and would treasure a Pillow Pet for years.  I firmly endorse businesses who truly care about their customers and Coppin’s Gifts shows this with their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Summertime Pals from Webkinz

armadilloIt’s getting to be that time of year again.  Kids are getting out of school, and they’ll be spending a lot of their time at home.  Why not reward the kids after a long (and hopefully successful!) school year with a new pal that they can spend some of those warm summer days with?

Luckily, Webkinz is featuring a new cuddly friend just in time for summer.  The Rainbow Armadillo is here and ready for some summer cuddling.  Armadillos are native to the warmer parts of the country, so this little guy can take the summertime heat.  Don’t worry, he’s not like other armadillos— his “armor” is more like soft plush!  And his bright rainbow coloring really helps him stand out from all the other armadillos out there.

Another Webkinz friend with an affinity for warmer climates is the Glamour Gecko.  This pretty little lady is currently available only through select stores, and you can find here here at Coppin’s Hallmark!  The Glamour Gecko receives some special gifts online— including a Glitz and Glamour Disco Ball, and a pet-specific food, the Crème de Cricket.

Summertime is almost here, so now is the time to shop for your summertime Webkinz!


Great Candy Alternatives For Easter Baskets


Marshmallow Bunny

Yes, we said EASTER! Valentine’s Day is behind us so we’re hard at work getting all of our new spring merchandise out on the shelves. Even though this long, cold winter isn’t quite over yet, seeing the bunnies and chicks all around our store make it feel a little warmer. We love creating unique Easter baskets for all the children in our family, and we can’t wait to get started!

Of course, the real challenge is creating an Easter basket that they’ll love, but also isn’t filled to the brim with candy. Here are a few of our favorite candy-alternative Easter baskets:

  • Book basket – give them a few paperback books to read. Mix up the classics like Judy Blume with modern favorites like Harry Potter!
  • Webkinz basket – There’s a whole new line of adorable Easter and spring themed Webkinz dolls out now. They’d make the perfect centerpiece to any Easter Basket.
  • Jewelry – Tuck in a new watch for the boys or a cute DaVinci Bead bracelet for the girls. They can wear it with their Sunday best on Easter and every other special occasion.

What are your favorite non-candy Easter basket gifts?