Mother's Day Gifts

Gift Ideas for a New Mom

The birth of a child is a wonderful and life changing event-in more than one way. To commemorate the new arrival, many friends and family2members look for special gifts to give the mom to make her life easier and a bit more enjoyable during the time of adjustment and stress with a newborn around. From spas to gift cards to Willow Tree collection figures, here are some unique ideas you can consider:

A Custom Mommy Necklace

Celebrate the new family member by giving mom a necklace that has a beautiful charm with the name of her child. These gifts are very popular because they can be fully customized and new charms can be added for every new family member!

A Spa Day All to Herself

Babies are wonderful blessings and are cute bundles of joy but they also bring a new mom a great deal of stress and anxiety – especially for first time moms. Give a gift she will love and truly need- a day to relax and unwind and let go of the stress.

A Willow Tree Collection Figure

Days will come where mom will wonder if it was a mistake thinking she could be a mom. A gift that helps her focus on those sweet moments in the midst of those sleepless nights will be a true blessing to her- give a Willow Tree Collection figurine!

A Day of House Cleaning

Cleaning the house is one of the last things on a new mom’s mind- even personal hygiene can become a forgotten habit the first few weeks after the birth. Help the mom out by either offering to clean house for her or pay for cleaning services for her.

There are many other great gift ideas you can choose form for the new mom including books, magazine subscriptions, date night babysitting, shopping and errand help, gift cards, and the standard baby items just to name a few. Whether you go with the traditional gifts of baby cloths and supplies or the more unique ideas like the Willow Tree Collections, gifts for mom can help in more ways that you know!


Hallmark Collectibles for Marvelous Mothers

This Mother’s Day will be the 101st celebration of the holiday since it was made official in 1914. Hallmark was founded only a few years prior in 1910. With the two events falling so close to each other on the timeline, it’s no surprise that Hallmark has played a large part of many Mother’s Days over the years.  Finding a memorable gift can be a difficult task, but Hallmark Collectibles have stood the test of time and continue to be popular gift ideas to date. features a wide variety of Mother’s Day gifts that reaches across Hallmark Collectibles’ fine selection. Those looking for something a little more sentimental should look at our assortment of figurine selection. Willow Tree figurines really capture a mother’s embrace, featuring various arrangements- a mother with her child, a mother holding flowers, and even some with grandmothers, too! Precious Moments figurines are adorable figurines that showcase a child’s love for his or her mother, with smiling faces and cute signs. Mothers that love to cook will love our kitchenware available in a multitude of fun options. We even have beads and purses for the fashion-forward moms out there! No matter how you choose to say “Thank You” to Mom this Mother’s Day, make sure you show her your love and appreciation!


Beautiful Bella Ryan Bracelets

yhst-60790743034774_2268_94639826Are you looking for a unique gift for someone you love that is unique and lets them know that they mean something to you? is here for you! We offer fabulous Bella Ryan bracelets that feature wonderful charms made from a brass base metal and plated in gold or silver. Now you may be asking yourself, “What kind of bracelet options are available?” Well, let’s run down our options:

  • Your Best Friend – A great way to let your best friend know that you care is to get them one of the inspirational bracelets for a special occasion. When they have accomplished something special or need a pick-me-up, these options made wonderful gifts.
  • Your Significant Other – Does your significant other love jewelry? You can show them you love them any day of the week with a bangle bracelet featuring a love, heart, or birthstone charm.
  • Your Mother – Your mom did a lot to raise you, so let her know how much you love her with a great Bella Ryan bracelet. We offer cute kitty cat, tree of life, or luck bracelet that any mom would love to receive!

Shop online today at and find great Bella Ryan bracelets, as well as other beautiful jewelry selections and unique gifts. We are always offering magnificent new items, so check back often for new selections.


Choosing the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Willow Tree Figure | Mother's Day Gifts |

It’s almost Mom’s favorite time of year again, and you’re looking forward to giving her a gift she’ll love. However, with so many things to choose from, how do you know if you’ve made the right choice? Many people would agree that picking Mother’s Day gifts can be a challenge, but keeping a few things in mind will make the process much easier.

Consider What She Likes
The best clue as to the perfect gift is to ask yourself what Mom likes. If she has a hobby, something centered around this would surely be appreciated. Perhaps she’s fond of a particular flower or animal. Potential Mother’s Day gifts abound for these options as well.

From the Heart
Whatever gift you choose, the most important part is that it’s heartfelt. It shows that you took the time to consider what she means to you and made the effort to get her something she’d truly enjoy. This principle especially applies to cards. When you read a card before you buy it, does it strike a chord with you? If so, you can be confident that it will brighten her day more than the sun.

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate Mom and everything you love about her. Aside from just spending some quality time with her, a thoughtfully chosen gift will let her know you care.


Willow Tree Angles: The Perfect Inspirational Gift

Inspiring Willow Tree Angels

Inspiring Willow Tree Angels

It is always fun to give loved ones an inspirational gift that brings forth special meanings.  The Willow Tree Angles collection expresses feelings of love, hope, friendship, comfort and so much more. Willow Tree features angels for almost any occasion.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to say to a loved one, so let these inspiring angels do the talking for you.  The Willow Tree Thinking of You Angel is so versatile for any occasion. It lets the person know that you care about them and you are thinking about them.  The Willow Tree Angel of Friendship makes a perfect birthday gift for a special friend.  Friendships are for sharing special moments together.  The Willow Tree Thank You angel is a great way to say thanks to someone that has done something special for you.  Don’t forget about Mother’s Day that is just around the corner. The Willow Tree Angel Love would express feelings of love for your mother.

The Willow Tree Angels make very affordable gifts that are inspiring to the recipient. These inspirational angels are fun to collect for your own collection. These angles can be beautifully displayed in a curio cabinet or on your dresser.  Inspire someone today with a special angel from the Willow Creek Collection at