Happy Nappers

Birthday Gifts for Children of All Ages!

Get them something they'll love

Get them something they'll love

Are you looking for the perfect birthday present for a child? Look no further! From Uglydolls to Precious Moments figurines, Coppin’s Gifts has a vast selection of  birthday presents for children of all ages.

Infant to toddler:

  • Infants and toddlers will love naptime when they’re cuddling up next to a Happy Napper! Happy Nappers are soft stuffed animals who come with their own home. Choose from a cow, dog, dragon, ladybug, penguin and unicorn.
  • Another birthday gift that can help infants and toddlers fall asleep during naptime is a Pillow Pet. My Pillow Pets are stuffed animals that also turn into a pillow and blanket, perfect for naps and sleepovers!
  • Teach them how to care for animals by buying them one of our Perfect Petzzz. These cute puppies and kitties are positioned so they’re cozily sleeping.
  • Uglydolls are unique looking stuffed animals that are perfect for cuddling. These ugly dolls fit perfectly under a child’s arm.

Young girls and boys:

  • Boys will love battling their friends with a Kung Zhu Hamster, while girls will play with their Zhu Zhu Pet for hours! You can dress Kung Zhu Hamsters in battle gear, and build battle rooms and areas with specially designed accessories. Zhu Zhu Pets are interactive hamsters who run across the floor. We have an assortment of Zhu Zhu Pets available!
  • Shoulder Buddies, can be worn on a child’s clothing, and teach kids lessons like making new friends.
  • Whomp! Charmz are collectible charms that can be use to decorated charm bracelets, shoelaces, pencils, pens and many more items. These charms are a cute way for girls and boys to express themselves.
  • Webkinz pets are available in a variety of choices. Kids can interact and play games with their Webkinz online inside the Webkinz community!


  • Teenagers can be difficult when you’re shopping for a birthday gift. Coppin’s Gifts has the perfect birthday present for teens! Locker Lookz, locker decorations will provide them with a form of self-expression in school. We have locker wallpapers, rugs, magnets, bins and more!

You can find all of these and more great birthday gifts for children and teens of all ages at CoppinsGifts.com.


Happy Nappers: Naptime isn’t Just for Kids

Stressed? Try a power nap with a Happy Napper!

Stressed? Try a power nap with a Happy Napper!

Isn’t it time we started taking a cue from our kids? They seem to have the right idea when it comes to a lot of things. They think life is simple, they say what they mean, and they enjoy napping. Napping, of course, is better with Happy Nappers—the adorable little stuffed animals that change into comfy, cozy pillows. Kids can just shut it all off in the middle of the day, cozy up with their Happy Nappers Dog or Happy Nappers Penguin, and take a nap. It seems like the older we get, the less seriously we take this whole napping thing.

Have you thought about taking a good 15-45 minute power nap? (Anything longer than that puts you into REM sleep and sort of defeats the purpose.)

Here are some napping benefits:

  • You can sharpen your senses. After a long day full of work, school, kids, and chores, you’re sure to feel drowsy. This can make you prone to car accidents, injuries, and stress. If you feel down during the day, try a 10-20 minute power nap. It could help you feel more alert.
  • Napping is a big stress reducer. Have you ever seen a chronically stressed out kid? Napping is a good way to rest your mind and body from all the different things around you.
  • A nap also adds to your total sleep time, too. It makes it easier to get that 7-8 hours you need per night.
  • Napping can actually help you learn better. (Maybe that’s why kids pick up on things so quickly!) When you can shut your brain off for 10-15 minutes, it can help you feel refreshed and ready to learn. If your mind is constantly going, it will get tired—just like the rest of your body.

Take a cue from the kids. You may not need a Happy Nappers Cow to snuggle up with, but a power nap can really do wonders.


Must Have School Supplies from Coppin’s Gifts

Go back to school in style with Coppin's Gifts!

Go back to school in style with Coppin's Gifts!

We’re well into August, and with September looming over the horizon, many parents have started school shopping. Whether you’re shopping for a high school student or sending your child to kindergarten for the first time, make sure they start the school year off on the right foot by having everything they need. Here is a list of school supplies to help students ease into the school year.

  • Great fashion is a must for every high school student. After you dress them with the latest trends, provide your child with the hottest looks in locker décor with Locker Lookz! This complete line of locker furnishings includes wallpapers, rugs, magnets, magnetic bins, dry erase boards, mirrors and locker lighting options. Don’t leave your high schooler lacking in locker fashion this September!
  • School uniforms can be a bust, but adding a Pillow Tie to your child’s school uniform wardrobe is a must! These neckties will dress up every boy’s school uniform, while providing them with a comfy spot to nap on the bus ride home. Pillow Ties from CoppinsGifts.com have hidden inflatable pouches that quickly inflate for napping after a long day at school.
  • Kindergarten is a big step for children. Going to school for the first time can be tough for some kids, something that reminds them of home may help them to relax. Even though they’re away from you all day they’ll still need to take a short nap, so give them a Happy Napper to cuddle with. These adorable stuffed animals come with their own homes. When nap time arrives, children can hug the stuffed animal or use it as a pillow by zipping it up inside of its home. Choose from a variety of animals such as a cow in a barn, a dragon in a castle, a dog in a dog house, and more!
  • If you’re looking to provide your kindergartener with a pillow and a blanket then My Pillow Pets are the nap time friends for you! These stuffed animals double as pillows, and CoppinsGifts.com also has blankets to match. Children can choose from a variety of animals and matching blankets including a lady bug, frog, monkey, pig, zebra and many more!

From lockers to nap time Coppin’s Gifts has the school day covered! Visit us at CoppinsGifts.com for more unique and affordable back to school supplies.


Happy Nappers Pillows are Here at CoppinsGifts.com!

Happy Nappers Cow and BarnHappy Nappers Dragon and CastleHappy Nappers Penguin and Igloo

For many parents, there is no struggle so great as trying to get your little one to take a nap. They are too young to realize a nap is exactly what they need to feel their best, whether while playing games with siblings and friends, or simply enjoying a favorite book or movie. Most of us have tried it all, but some days nothing seems to work. At CoppinsGifts.com, we have just added a fun, plushy new tool for your naptime arsenal – Happy Nappers! We can’t guarantee they’ll work every time, but they do make taking a nap a lot more fun.

Happy Nappers pillows are currently available at Coppin’s Gifts in 6 varieties: Cow and Barn, Dog and Doghouse, Dragon and Castle, Unicorn and Palace, Penguin and Igloo and Ladybug and Bungalow. While it may look as though each Happy Napper comes with 2 plush toys, what you actually see is the same toy in its 2 different forms! How does it work? Let’s take a closer look at the Cow and Barn as an example…

The Happy Nappers Cow is a friendly, perfect plush with little brown spots and a warm, welcoming smile. But…she’s also a barn! How exactly? Through a clever construction that involves a little zipper, a little pulling and stuffing, and a lot of creativity and fun. When naptime comes and you want the cow to visit her barn for a nap of her own, simply unzip the zipper on her back, pull out the barn, and stuff the cow inside before zipping up the door. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt her one bit! And it lets your son or daughter know that it’s naptime for them as well. :)

What to do when naptime is over? That’s when the real fun begins! Each Happy Napper home has a built-in doorbell, and upon pressing the button to let your toy know it’s time to rise and shine, you’ll hear doorbell sounds, snoring sounds, and the adorable sounds of your plush pet waking up!

We hope Happy Nappers are a hit in your home, not only for naptime but just for being their super cool, cute, cuddly selves!