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Gifts to Mark a Milestone

If you’re popping champagne and gathering with close friends and family, chances are you are celebrating a major milestone. Whether it’s a new addition to the family, a big accomplishment, or even an anniversary, a gift to mark the milestone is a must. But what do you get without breaking the bank, but not look cheesy? These are a couple tips to help you find the perfect gift to mark a major occasion in someone’s life.

Davinci Beads for Special Occasions | CoppinsGifts.com

First, make the gift appropriate for the occasion. For instance, if the recipients are celebrating a new baby, a gift that the baby can’t use probably isn’t a great idea. Make sure your gift is appropriate for the occasion by ensuring that the recipients can use it in some form or fashion. A good gift example would be to give a nice watch to a new college graduate. The recipient can use it and the gift is out of the ordinary and special.

Second, don’t just give a gift card. This undermines the accomplishment and just shows you forgot or were too lazy. If you absolutely must give a gift card, give cash or a check instead, and have something nice to accompany it. For instance, if you are giving a gift card for a major birthday, consider giving a bottle of champagne, a piece of jewelry, or a special book along with it.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask close friends and family for suggestions. If you are completely stumped, a close relative could shine some light on what things they like. Getting them a gift that they will actually enjoy, use, and cherish is better than giving them a gift to just give them a gift.

When looking for milestone gifts, be sure to choose Coppin’s Gifts. We have plenty of beautiful things to give for milestone occasions. From Hallmark gifts, figurines, and Davinci Beads, you can find the perfect gift and arrive to occasion ready to celebrate!


Why You Should Give More Personalized Gifts

We give gifts all the time! We make things, we buy things long in advanced, and sometimes the first thing we see is what is given. While there is usually nothing wrong with this method, giving a more personal gift is the way to go. Many think more personal gifts should only be reserved for special occasions. But really, we should strive to be as personal as possible all the time! Here’s why:

-          The Gift will Mean More to Your Recipient

Da Vinci Beads | Personalized Gifts | CoppinsGifts.com

If you give a more personal gift, your recipient will truly cherish your gift. They’ll be more apt to show it off, display it, and even keep it. We hate to say it, but if the gift doesn’t resonate with them, it’s more likely to sit in a drawer. Or worse, get re-gifted!

-          It’s Something They’ll Really Love

When someone opens their gift, you really want to see a look of joy and surprise on their face. The more personal the gift is, the more genuine that reaction is! If you gift a personal gift, get ready to hear a lot of thank you’s while they’re unwrapping and much later.

-          It Shows You Really Thought About The Gift

A more personal gift not only shows how much you care, but it also shows that you have paid attention in your relationship. It also shows that you took the time to create a one of a kind gift. A great example would be designing a bracelet with Da Vinci beads that captures your recipient’s personality. While this takes time, it shows you gave it thought and you really care.

Creating a personal gift for someone on their special day really brings a lot of emotion and care to a gift. Coppin’s gifts has a variety of gifts that can be personalized, such as Da Vinci Beads, to really create a unique gift. Shop today to give a fantastic gift for your loved one!


Hot New Davinci Beads

Do you or a loved one enjoy Davinci beads? Coppin’s Hallmark is proud to provide you with all of the hottest and newest beads for you! Whether you are searching for new selections to put together a special summer bracelet or are just looking for a great gift for someone special with a summer birthday, you can find some of the best selection of beads available. Furthermore, when you place an order for four beads with us, you’ll get a fifth bead for free! Have a look at some of the latest additions to the collection:

Davinci Beads Crab Dangle – Heading out to the beach? We have great sea creature selections for your Davinci bracelet, including conch shells, turtles, and mermaids.

Davinci Beads Green Dragonfly Dangle – Summer doesn’t just mean going out to the beach! Transform your bracelet with a fun and cute dragonfly dangle bead for your Davinci bracelet.

Davinci Beads Green CZ Decorative Cutout – Whether green is your favorite color or you are looking for great new beads that add a touch of class to your bracelet, these quality selections are fabulous for women who want to wear a unique bracelet in any formal occasion.

This is just some of the featured Davinci beads; we have plenty more options available for Davinci fans. You can create your own bracelet featuring great beads that reflect your personality or put together a themed bracelet for a special occasion when you wear these high-quality, nickel-free beads.


Spice Up Your Personal Style with DaVinci Beads

davinci-beads-tree-of-life-dangle-4.gifEven if you have a fairly extensive jewelry collection, you’re sure to get bored with it from time to time. With DaVinci beads and charm bracelets, you can spice up any outfit in an instant. A wide array of gorgeous beads is available, and it’s easy to mix and match them to create personalized looks in seconds. No matter what your personal style is like, you’re sure to get a kick out of these stylish, alluring accessories.

DaVinci beads are remarkably affordable, and they couldn’t be lovelier. The more you amass, the more options you’ll have when it comes to accessorizing your look. If you’re going to wear a red dress, for instance, rearrange the beads on your bracelet to achieve perfectly coordinated results. Later, if you switch to an entirely different outfit, just rearrange the beads again to maintain head-to-toe perfection

The best accessories don’t just look great; they allow your personality to shine through too. DaVinci beads make that a snap. Many fun, themed beads are available, including beads boasting terms like “nana,” “mom” and “aunt.” Animal lovers will be thrilled with the many adorable animal charms and beads that are available. There are even holiday-themed beads, so you can look stylish and put together during the most memorable times of year.


Coppin’s has a Huge Selection of New DaVinci Beads

Davinci Beads | CoppinsGifts.comOne of the great pleasures of life for crafters is finding new beads to add to their inventory for making jewelry. We recently received a large selection of new DaVinci beads which are sure to please you. Take a few moments to browse through these whimsical European-style charm beads that allow you to express yourself in a unique manner. DaVinci beads are great for creating all types of jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins and even items such as key rings and lanyards. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

New DaVinci beads in our inventory include numbers from zero to nine, multi-row crystals in 12 different colors, gold and cubic zirconia creations, selections of Christmas- and Halloween-themed charms, animals such as frogs, iguanas, elephants and much more.

Made of high quality Rhodium metal, DaVinci beads are not only inexpensive, they are durable and won’t tarnish, no matter how long you have them. These beads may also be combined with most other European-style charms to create whimsical additions to your own jewelry box or to commemorate occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and similar events. Check Coppin Gifts pages often as we regularly add new beads to our offerings.


Valentine’s Gift Ideas: Charms

valentine-s-day-2Finding a gift for Valentine’s Day is easy if your loved one already has a Bella Ryan or a DaVinci charm bracelet. You can shop here to find the perfect DaVinci charm or Bella Ryan bangle charm to add. If she doesn’t have one, get her started now and you can enjoy easy gifting for years to come!

While this is a thoughtful and lovely gift for a wife or girlfriend, it can also be perfect for your mom, daughter, or a special someone that needs a little “I love you” this season. Bella Ryan charms feature phrases like “Courage,” “Peace,” and “Strength,” which might help a daughter away at college feel the warmth of home. DaVinci beads have many options, from initials to birthstones and more, so you can create something perfect for your mom and let her know how much you care. Both are priced just right so you can make a statement without breaking the bank!

Shop Coppins Gifts for all kinds of Valentine’s gifts this year! This is the place to find something absolutely perfect for the love of your life. If a bracelet isn’t right, check out figurines and all the other fun and unique gifts we carry.


Special Ideas for Kindergarten Graduation gifts

Congratulations Graduate!

Congratulations Graduate!

So your little one is growing up and it’s time for his or her kindergarten graduation. This is one of the first major milestones in your child’s life, and while there are many more to come, this truly is one of the more heartwarming occasions. It seems only fitting to celebrate their achievement with a graduation gift as special as they are. Here at Coppin’s Gifts, we have adorable gifts for your child’s kindergarten graduation.

When searching for the right gift, you’re going to want something they can cherish not only when they receive it, but be able to look back at remember how excited they were on their big day. A Willow Tree figurine is perfect for just that. It can be displayed anywhere in the home, and serve as a reminder of your special one’s big accomplishment.

You should also keep graduation gifts fun! Customizing a bracelet with DaVinci Beads for your little one will make your kindergarten graduation gift all the more personal and special. A good idea would be use DaVinci Beads with stones that match their schools colors, as well as DaVinci Beads with some of your child’s favorite hobbies, such as sports or music!

Celebrate you child’s graduation in a special way, by giving them something they will appreciate for years to come, check out our large selection of graduation gifts. Do you have any fun ideas for a graduation gift? Leave a comment below!


Our Top Selling DaVinci Charms of 2012

Take a peek at our three best DaVinci charms of 2012 at Coppin’s Gifts!

Take a peek at our three best DaVinci charms of 2012 at Coppin’s Gifts!

If there’s one thing that we love at Coppin’s Gifts, it’s our selection of DaVinci charms and beads! 2012 was a great year for us as well as our selection of DaVinci beads. Here are our top three selling beads and charms of 2012!

DaVinci Beads Stoppers: From just plain silver all the way to flowers, these beads are a hot item at Coppin’s. Although this bead may not be as flashy as the other ones, but it’s definitely the perfect bead for the end of your bracelet! As our top selling bead of 2012, this is essential for any woman’s DaVinci collection!

DaVinci Bead Letters (A-Z): These letter beads make our list because there’s literally every letter of the alphabet! These beads make a great gift or a fun way to personalize your DaVinci bracelet.

DaVinci Beads April CZ Ball Birthstone: This charm sparkled all the way through 2012! This fun and decorative charm can be purchased for someone whose birthday is in April, or someone who just enjoys the more glittery side of life.

No matter what kind of charm or bead you’re looking for, Coppin’s selection of DaVinci charms has it! Shop our selection today at CoppinsGifts.com!


Mother’s Day is Every Day with DaVinci Beads!

Mother's Day is every day!

Mother's Day is every day!

Everyone has some kind of story about their mother. After all, every mom is different! Being a mom is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a woman can have. Through all of that, a mother’s love is unconditional, constant, and never-ending. Does your mom have a special day coming up? Or are you already thinking about holiday shopping? Think about giving your mother something that reflects on her life and your relationship with her. You can put together a beautiful DaVinci Bead charm bracelet to reflect all the stages of her life—especially her role as a mother!

A DaVinci Bead charm bracelet will provide your mother with endless opportunities to show off her life and reflect on her past. It can also remind her of what an excellent mother she’s always been! This is an especially wonderful gift for a mother that’s lived a long and exciting life. There’s a special bond that forms between a mother and her child once that child becomes a parent. The mother’s ever-changing role (from awestruck new mother, patient mother of a toddler, encouraging mother of a grade-schooler, forgiving mother of a teenager, and so on) eventually gets redefined as “Grandmother.” A DaVinci Bead charm bracelet is a great way to show how your mother’s love has gone full circle.

Our wide selection of DaVinci Beads ensures that you’ll find the perfect one for your unique mother.


Mother’s Day Gifts She’s Sure to Love!

Mother’s Day is on its way, and CoppinsGifts.com is ready with wonderful gifts for your wonderful Mom. There is no gift in the world that thanks Mom enough for all she’s done and continues to do, but we have it on good authority that a thoughtful present certainly won’t go unwelcomed! Let’s take a look at a few popular picks for marvelous moms…

Willow Tree Je T' aimeWillow Tree Figurines – There are too many Willow Tree figurines that are perfect for Mother’s Day to feature just one, but you’ll know the right one for your mom when you see it. There are also simple and beautiful options for expectant mothers and grandmothers, each unique and special just like the lovely ladies who will receive and treasure them!

DaVinci Charm BraceletDa Vinci Charm Beads – It’s no secret that most women adore jewelry, and it’s also no secret that most of us don’t have the time or money to buy as much as we’d like! Da Vinci beads jewelry is perfect for both of these reasons. Not only is it easy and affordable for you to start a charm bracelet or necklace for your mom, grandmother or wife for Mother’s Day, but it will be just as easy and affordable for her to add to it over time. We always have tons of stylish charms in stock, and unlike similar charm beads on the market, ours are just $6.99 each. Jewelry is supposed to be fashionable and fun, and Da Vinci makes sure it is!


Snoozies – Have Mom’s bedroom slippers seen better days? Have they trekked out to the porch one too many times to get the morning paper, leaving them dingy and dirty and just plain drab? Then it’s time to treat Mom’s feet to Snoozies! Lined in Sherpa fleece, and decked out in over a dozen different patterns to choose from, Snoozies foot coverings fall somewhere in the comfortable middle between a slipper and a sock. And whether you opt for Pink Ducky Snoozies, Zebra Snoozies, Peace Sign Snoozies or any of the other fun and colorful patterns, the price is just as nice at $12. They’re also shrink-resistant and machine washable, which means Mom can toss them in the wash when they start looking like the slippers she’s wearing now!