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New Year’s Resolution for Fewer Annoying Habits and more Annoying Monsters

Did you pester, bother or aggravate people last year? Now is the time to make a fresh start and clean up your act. After all, when you act kind you make a great example for kids! They look up to you, so try to follow through with your New Year’s resolution so they do as well. One way to help kids kick their annoying habits is to introduce them to their own Annoying Monsters!

annoying monsters

Think it’s crazy? Here are five reasons you’ll want Annoying Monsters in your house for 2012.

  1. If the kids feel like being irritating ? they can do so with Irritating Ethel!
  2. Aggravating Alfred will give your kid a taste of their own fun by being loud and obnoxious.
  3. If your kids need a friend to play with ? the Infuriating Igor will not only make a cute and cuddly friend, he’ll also talk back! That Igor will repeat everything your kid says – but in a squeaky voice.
  4. Is your child a tickler? Let your children tickle attach the Annoying Monster Boris instead of everyone else. Leaving you free to clean up and finish tasks.
  5. FFFFTTTTT. PFFFFFTTT. It may be funny for your kid to make noises, but at least when Annoying Monster Percy makes them – it won’t smell!

For serious fun, start 2012 off with picking out your most annoying traits and getting rid of them! Let the Annoying Monsters be terrible, while you and the kids behave.


Twas the Night Before Christmas, A Coppin’s Gifts Song

At CoppinsGifts.com, Christmas isn’t just another holiday. It’s perhaps one of our favorites. There’s so many stockings to stuff, presents to wrap, and cookies to bake! That’s why we’ve created our own, abridged version of one of our favorite Christmas carols, “Twas the Night Before Christmas!”

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a Charm It Mouse,

The Precious Moments ornaments were hung with care
above the Willow Tree Nativity Scene nestled under there
The children were nestled all snug in their beds
With My Pillow Pets under their heads.
Mom in her Snoozies and I in my cap

Had just settled down for a long winter’s nap?

Willow Tree Nativity Scene

He spoke not a word but went straight to his work
And filled all the stockings and turned with a jerk
And laying a finger to the side of his nose
And giving a nod up the chimney he rose

He sprang to his sleigh, and to his team gave a whistle
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle
But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight
“Merry Christmas to all and to all.. Good Night!”

Here’s wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas from all us here at CoppinsGifts.com.


Autumn Chicken for a Family Meal

Celebrate fall with this heartwarming meal.

Celebrate fall with this heartwarming meal.

Keeping your family close is always important. Now that we’re entering autumn, you’ll be spending time together inside enjoying warm and comforting family meals. It’s the kind of family stuff that dreams are made of, really. Whether you’re creating a special meal to serve on a Red Plate for a well-behaved child, or having guests over to celebrate a special occasion, this autumn chicken recipe will go over well! Set aside the Webkinz, WubbaNub, and Pillow Pets, and gather everyone around the table for a heartwarming family meal. (Don’t worry… the plush toys will be there when you’re finished eating!)

What you’ll need:

14 ounces whole artichoke hearts (1 can, drained)

14 ounces whole mushrooms (1 can, divided)

12 boneless/skinless chicken breasts

6 ½ ounces marinated artichoke hearts, with liquid

½ cup balsamic vinaigrette

¾ cup apple juice

Hot cooked noodles

What you do:

Spread the whole artichoke hearts over the bottom of a slow cooker. Top that with half of the mushrooms. Layer the chicken over the mushrooms and add the marinated artichoke hearts with liquid. Add the remaining mushrooms on top of that. Pour in the apple juice and vinaigrette.

Cook the food on low for 4-5 hours. Serve over hot cooked noodles.

Yum! Happy fall!


Take a Fashionable Snooze on Your Tie

pillow tieAre you a man who has experienced one of those moments when you’re just overcome with a sudden urge to fall asleep? We don’t blame you. Sometimes life can become so boring (or stressful)! But, it’s probably not very tempting to close your eyes and take a short snooze without a pillow. Next time don’t be caught drowsy and unprepared! Wear your pillow proudly on your chest in the form of a pillow tie! Below we’ve listed five situations where a pillow tie can come in handy.

  • Get comfortable without paying big bucks for first class seats by inflating your pillow tie, and sleeping through your next plane ride.
  • Taxis can become comfortable when you’re leaning on your tie instead of the taxi’s door.
  • Don’t feel forced to sit and listen to a coworker’s lengthy pitch during a meeting, inflate your pillow tie and take a short snooze. (Don’t do this when the boss is talking, obviously.)
  • Dinner with your girlfriend? Be comfortable and remain classy by wearing your pillow tie to a high class restaurant.
  • After a long, hard work day, attending a birthday party can be tiring. You won’t have to worry about falling asleep in your slice of cake. Inflate your pillow tie, just in case!

These are only a few of the many situations where a pillow tie can come in use. Can you think of a situation where you wish you had a pillow tie?


Fun Filled Rainy Summer Days


Whether they’re in school or at home, all winter long children are stuck indoors. During the winter months children long for summer when they’ll be able to play outside, soaking up the hot summer sun, all day long. This is why it’s such a challenge to keep children occupied indoors on rainy summer days. 


You should always have fun games and activities close at hand for these types of days. With kids, the more interesting and unique the activity is the better. Below are some things you may want to try next time it rains this summer.
  • If you have empty boxes lying around, stack them on top of each other then spread a blanket over them, making a fort. Let your child make designs on the boxes using stickers, markers or anything else you can think of. This gives them their own hiding place for the day or week, where they can store some toys or maybe even sleep. You can even buy fort building kits, like Crazy Forts, which allows children to use their imagination in building their own unique structure.
  • Play a board game. CoppinsGifts.com has some unique games like The T-shirt Game, where players choose the best slogan for a t-shirt; Blunders game, which teaches children about good manners which they’re having fun; or play Pears in Pears, a fun word game for ages six and up. 
  • Build a puzzle.
  • Play an old fashioned game of hide and seek, or I Spy.
  • Have a picnic. Spread a blanket out on the kitchen or living room floor, and eat lunch. 
These are only some of the activities you can do during a rainy summer day. No matter what you decide to do we here at CoppinsGifts.com hope you use your imagination and most of all, have fun!

Are you Celebrating Fairy Day on this Fabulous Friday?

Jim Shore Heartwood CreekWhile it may not be a holiday as well known as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Independence Day, for fairy fans around the world there is much cause for celebration on June 24th of each year. Why, you might ask? Because it’s Fairy Day, of course! What is Fairy Day? According to FairyDay.com it is “the official holiday for fairy collectors, believers, artisans and the young at heart.” Jessica Galbreth, founder of Fairy Day, goes on to say, “This holiday is for everyone who believes in the magic of fairytales. It is for those imaginative souls who dare to dream impossible dreams.” Upon reading that I couldn’t help but think, “I believe in the magic of fairytales! I dream impossible dreams!” And this led me to dig a bit deeper into Jessica’s ideas for how to support Fairy Day. Turns out, it’s quite easy!

If you’d like to celebrate Fairy Day along with us, and we hope you will, the first step is to simply reflect on the magic of your childhood. Think of the times when all things new and exciting earned your wide-eyed intrigue – when fireflies were full of wonder, and you could imagine an entire new friend! Next, step outside your mind a bit and reflect on all the beauty around you. Watch a bee buzz her way from flower to flower, take some time in the sun for deep, relaxing breaths, spread your arms like a bird and let the cool breeze wash over you. In essence, think small and notice it all! It may seem cliché to ‘stop and smell the flowers’, but honestly, when was the last time you did?

Whether you’re a fierce fairy fan, a casual admirer, or you’ve never really given them a second thought, we think the steps for a fantastic fairy day are easy to appreciate for just about anyone. But if you or a friend do fall into the fairy fanatic category, you can take FairyDay.com’s recommendations to the next step and send a friend a fairy card or fairy gift. And we happen to know of a certain designer by the name of Jim Shore who has created some of the most captivating and whimsical fairy gifts of all in his Heartwood Creek collection. My personal favorite is the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Sewing Fairy, perched atop a spool of thread wearing a thimble for a cap! The Heartwood Creek Musician Fairy is another great pick, and wonderfully captures the power of imagination with a tiny fairy playing a violin fashioned from a leaf.

Whatever your favorite may be, we hope you’ll not only appreciate the artistry, but let yourself get lost a bit in the piece. While leaves may not be violins, and thimbles surely wouldn’t make much of a cap, there are countless magical things all around us just waiting for more than a passing glance. Pet a puppy. Talk to a child about his day. Sip a cup of coffee and really appreciate the rich aroma. And, well, you know…stop and smell the flowers. ;)


Board Games Bring Fun and Laughter Along Every Time!

Likewise GameSay Anything GameBananagrams

While I have many friends that aren’t what would be considered ‘board game people’, I am also lucky enough to have a few friends that most definitely are! I have been a board game fan for as long as I can remember, and my appreciation for board games has never wavered.

During my college years there was a local late night restaurant my friends and I would frequent. We became familiar enough with the servers and managers that one night when it was just 2 of us, we felt comfortable enough to bring along a travel chess set. Sipping cups of coffee well into the early morning, we must have played 10 times that night! And that travel chess set was just the beginning. Once we realized we could get our ‘game fix’ while also enjoying our favorite restaurant’s coffee and fries, we were soon bringing along a board game almost every time. The servers would even sit in sometimes to join in the fun when they had a few minutes to rest. Sure, it was a bit of a strange thing to bring to a restaurant, and we wouldn’t have if it wasn’t somewhere we were regulars. But strangeness aside, and the occasional double-take from other restaurant-goers, we had a super fun night every time!

You might not have a favorite local late night restaurant that you would feel comfortable bringing a chess set or board game to, but there are many other places they can be enjoyed. Why not keep the compact and creative Bananagrams in your car for impromptu game opportunities anywhere from a table in the park to a lazy afternoon at a friend’s house? Or perhaps you’d prefer something that will guarantee some laugh-out-loud moments, such as the always-hilarious Say Anything. Whichever games you choose, you’re sure to quickly remember (if you ever forgot!) just how much board games can be.

Many of us are looking for more affordable means of entertainment that are relaxing, fun, and quite simply, bring us together. Board games offer all of the above, and can be played again and again! We’re confident you’ll find a game in our selection at CoppinsGifts.com that sounds interesting, and we encourage you to get creative in where you’ll play. Don’t be afraid to pack a picnic lunch, grab a game, and head for the park! A great day can also be an affordable day, and if you get to enjoy some sun and warm weather in the process, all the better. :)


Enjoy a Lazy Saturday in the Sun with a Springbok Puzzle!

Springbok Puzzle

When we think of putting together puzzles, we often imagine a snowy evening spent by the fire with a cup of cocoa (extra marshmallows!) wearing flannel pajamas and snuggly slippers. And, to be fair, this is a perfect puzzle-putting-together scenario that I’ve happily enjoyed more than once! But there is no reason that the puzzles have to get tucked into the far depths of the closet when the first rays of spring sunshine smile upon us. In fact, putting puzzles together can be just as fun in the spring as the winter, and make a wonderful way to spend a Saturday relaxing alone or with family and friends.

I know I am not alone in often forgetting that weekends are designed to be a time to decompress. The work week is full of frantic, with everything from deadlines to oil changes to getting the kids to dance class and soccer practice on time and with all their necessary equipment. Add the fact that we have to eat and shower at some point every day, and that whole sleeping thing, and it feels like one long day from Monday morning until 5pm Friday. And what do most of us do on Saturday and Sunday? Pack them just as full as we did Monday through Friday until our brains can barely breathe. And that is precisely why you need a Springbok puzzle!

Chances are good that you’ll be prepping your porch or patio for spring soon, stowing away the shovels and pulling the lounge chairs from the corners of the garage. Why not make this task more fun by giving yourself a reward when it’s all done? Instead of rushing to the next item on your to-do list once the lawn chairs and patio table are cleaned, pour yourself a fresh glass of iced tea, turn the radio or iPod up to your favorite station or song, and get ready to relax away the day with a Springbok puzzle from Coppin’s superior selection! Reclaim your Saturday while keeping your brain alert and your eyes scanning the pile for the corners. Remember the time-honored puzzle tradition of finding all the outside pieces first. Give yourself a break from the endless loads of laundry and dishes, while giving your car a break, too! Put together a puzzle, and see how something so small can make such a big difference in your well-being. Welcome back…the weekend missed you. :)