Pillow Pets

Stuffed Sugar-Free Valentine’s Gifts for Kids

Are you dreading February 14th? Sugars and sweets running your children up the wall and the sugar crash have you worried? Rather than stuff your kid’s baskets with big chocolate hearts, fill it with stuffed animals! Not only will they have a much lower sugar count, but these gifts will last longer than a day. Our top Valentine’s picks for kids? Valentine’s Day gift are:

My Pillow PetsMy Pillow Pets
Any of the cuddly, multipurpose stuffed animals would make a great gift for kids, but of course we have our favorites! The My Pillow Pet Love Dog is a cute and fluffy friend that will make a great addition to kids? Valentine’s baskets. The heart spotted ears and bright red color is a delightful compliment to the colors of Valentine’s Day as well! The My Pillow Pet Love Cat will satisfy the cat lovers in your family as well.

Precious Moments Love You Figurines
These delicate figurines are a great gift for young girls who value the responsibility and joys of beautiful figurines like the Precious Moments Love You figurines. There are plenty of figurines to choose from, but a unique gift may be the Precious Moment’s Disney Ariel: Oceans of Love for You figurine.

However you spend the day, with stuffed bellies or stuffed animals, make it a fun Valentine’s Day, one that is special for kids and for you!


Twas the Night Before Christmas, A Coppin’s Gifts Song

At CoppinsGifts.com, Christmas isn’t just another holiday. It’s perhaps one of our favorites. There’s so many stockings to stuff, presents to wrap, and cookies to bake! That’s why we’ve created our own, abridged version of one of our favorite Christmas carols, “Twas the Night Before Christmas!”

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a Charm It Mouse,

The Precious Moments ornaments were hung with care
above the Willow Tree Nativity Scene nestled under there
The children were nestled all snug in their beds
With My Pillow Pets under their heads.
Mom in her Snoozies and I in my cap

Had just settled down for a long winter’s nap?

Willow Tree Nativity Scene

He spoke not a word but went straight to his work
And filled all the stockings and turned with a jerk
And laying a finger to the side of his nose
And giving a nod up the chimney he rose

He sprang to his sleigh, and to his team gave a whistle
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle
But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight
“Merry Christmas to all and to all.. Good Night!”

Here’s wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas from all us here at CoppinsGifts.com.


Birthday Gifts for Children of All Ages!

Get them something they'll love

Get them something they'll love

Are you looking for the perfect birthday present for a child? Look no further! From Uglydolls to Precious Moments figurines, Coppin’s Gifts has a vast selection of  birthday presents for children of all ages.

Infant to toddler:

  • Infants and toddlers will love naptime when they’re cuddling up next to a Happy Napper! Happy Nappers are soft stuffed animals who come with their own home. Choose from a cow, dog, dragon, ladybug, penguin and unicorn.
  • Another birthday gift that can help infants and toddlers fall asleep during naptime is a Pillow Pet. My Pillow Pets are stuffed animals that also turn into a pillow and blanket, perfect for naps and sleepovers!
  • Teach them how to care for animals by buying them one of our Perfect Petzzz. These cute puppies and kitties are positioned so they’re cozily sleeping.
  • Uglydolls are unique looking stuffed animals that are perfect for cuddling. These ugly dolls fit perfectly under a child’s arm.

Young girls and boys:

  • Boys will love battling their friends with a Kung Zhu Hamster, while girls will play with their Zhu Zhu Pet for hours! You can dress Kung Zhu Hamsters in battle gear, and build battle rooms and areas with specially designed accessories. Zhu Zhu Pets are interactive hamsters who run across the floor. We have an assortment of Zhu Zhu Pets available!
  • Shoulder Buddies, can be worn on a child’s clothing, and teach kids lessons like making new friends.
  • Whomp! Charmz are collectible charms that can be use to decorated charm bracelets, shoelaces, pencils, pens and many more items. These charms are a cute way for girls and boys to express themselves.
  • Webkinz pets are available in a variety of choices. Kids can interact and play games with their Webkinz online inside the Webkinz community!


  • Teenagers can be difficult when you’re shopping for a birthday gift. Coppin’s Gifts has the perfect birthday present for teens! Locker Lookz, locker decorations will provide them with a form of self-expression in school. We have locker wallpapers, rugs, magnets, bins and more!

You can find all of these and more great birthday gifts for children and teens of all ages at CoppinsGifts.com.


Must Have School Supplies from Coppin’s Gifts

Go back to school in style with Coppin's Gifts!

Go back to school in style with Coppin's Gifts!

We’re well into August, and with September looming over the horizon, many parents have started school shopping. Whether you’re shopping for a high school student or sending your child to kindergarten for the first time, make sure they start the school year off on the right foot by having everything they need. Here is a list of school supplies to help students ease into the school year.

  • Great fashion is a must for every high school student. After you dress them with the latest trends, provide your child with the hottest looks in locker décor with Locker Lookz! This complete line of locker furnishings includes wallpapers, rugs, magnets, magnetic bins, dry erase boards, mirrors and locker lighting options. Don’t leave your high schooler lacking in locker fashion this September!
  • School uniforms can be a bust, but adding a Pillow Tie to your child’s school uniform wardrobe is a must! These neckties will dress up every boy’s school uniform, while providing them with a comfy spot to nap on the bus ride home. Pillow Ties from CoppinsGifts.com have hidden inflatable pouches that quickly inflate for napping after a long day at school.
  • Kindergarten is a big step for children. Going to school for the first time can be tough for some kids, something that reminds them of home may help them to relax. Even though they’re away from you all day they’ll still need to take a short nap, so give them a Happy Napper to cuddle with. These adorable stuffed animals come with their own homes. When nap time arrives, children can hug the stuffed animal or use it as a pillow by zipping it up inside of its home. Choose from a variety of animals such as a cow in a barn, a dragon in a castle, a dog in a dog house, and more!
  • If you’re looking to provide your kindergartener with a pillow and a blanket then My Pillow Pets are the nap time friends for you! These stuffed animals double as pillows, and CoppinsGifts.com also has blankets to match. Children can choose from a variety of animals and matching blankets including a lady bug, frog, monkey, pig, zebra and many more!

From lockers to nap time Coppin’s Gifts has the school day covered! Visit us at CoppinsGifts.com for more unique and affordable back to school supplies.


Great Ideas for Sleepover Birthday Parties

All children enjoy sleepover parties, especially girls, but sometimes planning a sleepover party for a child’s birthday can be difficult. After you buy the cake, decorations, favors and other party necessities, it can cost a pretty penny… not to mention the 20 loud kids running around your house! By the time the party is over, you may have pulled out all of your hair. Hopefully these sleepover birthday party ideas will help your next sleepover birthday party run a little more smoothly.

yhst-60790743034774_2166_50670412.gifWhen throwing a themed sleepover party, the cake, decorations, favors and games should be geared towards the theme. Some themes we discovered include:

  • Hollywood-inspired slumber party – Have the girls dress up in their most glitzy outfits.
  • Spa Slumber Sleepover Party – Facials and manicures anyone?
  • Camp-in Sleepover Party – This is a great idea if you’re looking to bring the outdoors inside during a winter birthday.
  • Carnival Sleepover Party – Play fun carnival games!
  • PJ/Stuffed Animal Sleepover Party – Have guests wear their pajamas to the party, and bring their favorite stuffed animals. You can give the party guest cool favors they can use for sleeping like My Pillow Pets.

There are plenty of games to keep kids busy at a sleepover party without a theme. For example, some of the traditional games you can play are pin the tail on the donkey, freeze dance, limbo, charades and musical chairs.

Don’t rack your brain searching for sleepover birthday party ideas. Talk with other parents about what they would do, or simply ask your child what they want to do at their party. Chances are they’ll have a million ideas. Most importantly, be creative and have fun! Happy birthday from all of us here at CoppinsGifts.com!


All About Butterflies: Butterfly Pillow Pet

Magical butterflies... fun Pillow Pet!

Magical butterflies... fun Pillow Pet!

If any animal was made to be a Pillow Pet, it’s got to be the butterfly!  Butterflies already transform, so it’s only appropriate that the butterfly Pillow Pet can turn into a full-size kid-friendly pillow.  Butterflies represent springtime and new life.  A butterfly Pillow Pet can be a great way to help you teach you kids about these little wonders of nature.

Some facts about butterflies

  • Butterflies in their adult stage can live from a week to nearly a year depending upon the species.
  • Many species of butterfly have a long larval stage.  They’re actually caterpillars longer than they’re butterflies!
  • Butterflies primarily feed on the nectar from flowers.  Other butterflies get nourishment from pollen, tree sap, and fruit.
  • These beautiful creatures are important pollinators.  Without butterflies, we wouldn’t have nearly as many flowers.
  • Some species of butterfly are migratory.  For example, the Monarch butterfly is capable of long distance flights.  They migrate during the day and use the sun to orient themselves.
  • Some people say that when a butterfly lands on you it means good luck!
  • A Japanese superstition says that if a butterfly enters your guestroom and perches behind the bamboo screen, the person that you love the most is coming to see you.

Help your child usher in springtime with the most adorable Pillow Pet of all.  Truly a master of metamorphosis, the butterfly Pillow Pet is sure to please!