Ugly Dolls

Birthday Gifts for Children of All Ages!

Get them something they'll love

Get them something they'll love

Are you looking for the perfect birthday present for a child? Look no further! From Uglydolls to Precious Moments figurines, Coppin’s Gifts has a vast selection of  birthday presents for children of all ages.

Infant to toddler:

  • Infants and toddlers will love naptime when they’re cuddling up next to a Happy Napper! Happy Nappers are soft stuffed animals who come with their own home. Choose from a cow, dog, dragon, ladybug, penguin and unicorn.
  • Another birthday gift that can help infants and toddlers fall asleep during naptime is a Pillow Pet. My Pillow Pets are stuffed animals that also turn into a pillow and blanket, perfect for naps and sleepovers!
  • Teach them how to care for animals by buying them one of our Perfect Petzzz. These cute puppies and kitties are positioned so they’re cozily sleeping.
  • Uglydolls are unique looking stuffed animals that are perfect for cuddling. These ugly dolls fit perfectly under a child’s arm.

Young girls and boys:

  • Boys will love battling their friends with a Kung Zhu Hamster, while girls will play with their Zhu Zhu Pet for hours! You can dress Kung Zhu Hamsters in battle gear, and build battle rooms and areas with specially designed accessories. Zhu Zhu Pets are interactive hamsters who run across the floor. We have an assortment of Zhu Zhu Pets available!
  • Shoulder Buddies, can be worn on a child’s clothing, and teach kids lessons like making new friends.
  • Whomp! Charmz are collectible charms that can be use to decorated charm bracelets, shoelaces, pencils, pens and many more items. These charms are a cute way for girls and boys to express themselves.
  • Webkinz pets are available in a variety of choices. Kids can interact and play games with their Webkinz online inside the Webkinz community!


  • Teenagers can be difficult when you’re shopping for a birthday gift. Coppin’s Gifts has the perfect birthday present for teens! Locker Lookz, locker decorations will provide them with a form of self-expression in school. We have locker wallpapers, rugs, magnets, bins and more!

You can find all of these and more great birthday gifts for children and teens of all ages at


Meet Some Ugly Dolls!

Ket says, "Do the math!"

Ket says, "Do the math!"

Ugly Dolls are so ugly they’re cute, aren’t they?  That’s why we love them so much here at Coppin’s Gifts.  If you’re having a hard time choosing an Ugly Doll, we figured we’d give you some background information on a few of our favorites.

UglyBot is here to serve you! Like Rosie from The Jetsons, he’s happy to fetch your morning beverage. (Maybe if you’re nice enough, he’ll even do your job for you!)  But, really, what UglyBot wants is a friend.  He’ll be a great friend, too!  He’ll never turn his back on you, and he’ll always love you.  Aww, UglyBot!

Ket may not seem like the smartest Ugly Doll, you’ll soon see that he’s smart in other ways.  When you ask Ket what 2 + 2 is, he won’t say “4.” Instead, he’ll probably draw a picture of a UFO or something.  And, really, can you argue with that?  His favorite saying is, “Do the math!”  And with Ket, you never know what that really means.

Oh, Pointy Max.  Pointy Max is a loose cannon.  You can’t control him, you can’t stop him, and you can’t tell him what to do.  Unless, of course, you have some cheese.  Pointy Max has a weakness for cheese.  If you’ve got cheese, you and Pointy Max will be inseparable and unstoppable!

It won’t take you long to find the Ugly Doll that you love right here at Coppin’s Gifts!