Celebrate The Little Moments With CHARM IT!

Have you seen the latest trend among the younger fashionistas? CHARM Charms are the best way for budding trend setters to express themselves. These colorful charms can even be given as gifts for a variety of occasions. In fact, we have CHARM IT! Charms for every possible celebratory event you can possibly think of!CHARM IT! Charms

Birthdays – Celebrate a birthday with one of our birthday charms. Choose from a cupcake charm, birthday balloon charm, birthday girl cupcake charm, confetti cake charm, gift box charm, and many more!
Sports - Did your darling diva score the winning goal of her latest soccer game? Has she finally mastered her gymnastics routine? Recognize these monumental moments with a CHARM IT! sports charm!
Grades - Good grades should not be taken lightly. In fact, we recommended celebrating an awesome test score with a CHARM IT! A+ Charm!
Lost A Tooth - Is the Tooth Fairy stopping by your house tonight? Leaving money under the pillow is so last century! These days, the Tooth Fairy leaves girls a CHARM IT! I Lost A Tooth Charm.

Your other CHARM IT! Charm options include alphabet charms, animal charms, food charms, fashion charms, princess charms, flower charms, music charms and many more fashion forward charms.


Charm it Charms – Enchant Young Girls!

Charm It Charms are the latest things to hit shelves this season – sure to mesmerize young girls with their bright colors, charms and designs. The allure of making your own bracelet is something few girls can pass up! If she’s never had the joy of making her own bracelet – make this season the first! Pick a few Charm it Charms that she’s guaranteed to enjoy and will encourage her to continue creating off her bracelet.charm it charms

Princess Charms! Every girl’s a princess, which means that one of our princess charms is just the thing to grave her royal wrist!

Flower Charms! A little flower power brings the joy of summer alive on her bracelet – and all girls love flowers! Even on Christmas day, the precious signs of summer can dangle on her wrist.

Heart Charms! Pick the heart charm that calls out to her heart most. Does she love animals, chocolates, or dressing up? There’s an animal charm, box of chocolate lovers charm, and glitter nail polish charm for her!

Disney Charms! Girls either identify with or just love the lady characters from Disney classics, whether it?s one of the Disney princesses or the always darling Minnie Mouse.

Make it a memorable holiday with the sweet gift of Charm it Charms!


DaVinci European-Style Charm Beads Make a Great Gift for Great Grades!

DaVinci Charm Bracelet

When I was a kid many years ago, my parents made no promises as to what little presents I might earn with good grades. I was taught that good grades were a gift unto themselves – evidence that I had taken my time in class as a true opportunity to listen and learn, and listen and learn I did. With a few exceptions, I was an ‘A’ student, and eagerly anticipated Report Card Day the way some kids look forward to the last day of school. Don’t get me wrong – I still loved summer. I may have been a bit of a nerd, but I understood that for as much as I liked math, spending the whole day in the swimming pool was a whole lot better! But I was taught to appreciate them both – to appreciate it all, whether the last day of school or the first. And…I did.

I loved the first day of school with its new pencils, papers, lesson plans and lunch with friends, and I loved the last day of school, which marked several months of late nights with no bedtime, trips to the ice cream shoppe, and Kick-the-Can ahead. I also appreciated the present the last day of school brought along, the little gift from my Mom that showed she was proud of all the studying and hard work I’d put in that year. My present was never something I picked out explicitly, though it was sometimes something I mentioned wanting. It was never promised in advance as a guaranteed reward for specific performance, such as ‘earn an A, earn an Xbox’. That style of work-and-reward may work well for some families, but for ours my mom’s method was perfect. While I knew there was a present ahead, I also knew those good grades were worth more than that.

I’ve always been a girly girl when it comes to makeup and jewelry – the more the merrier, whether I have room or not! As such, my gifts were often of this variety, and many of them I still have to this day. If your daughter is also a jewelry-lover and you’re looking for something special to gift her for a school year well-done, consider beginning a DaVinci charm jewelry piece. At, we offer DaVinci Toggle Charm Bracelets, Bangle Charm Bracelets and Charm Necklaces, as well as lobster claw bracelets, earrings and key chains. We also offer oodles of beads to decorate your charm jewelry, with charms suitable for everyone’s unique interests!

When you start a charm bracelet for someone, you are gifting them something they will adore forever. Over time, it becomes a wearable scrapbook – a beautiful, visual illustration of who they are, all they’ve done, and where they’ve been. Much like a person themselves, a charm bracelet grows over time, but there is one distinct difference. While our charm jewelry will eventually fill up, and we’ll have to move on to starting a new bracelet or necklace to complement the first one, we never fill up. We have infinite space for accomplishments; and endless opportunity to learn new things. And that’s a good thing, because there are a lot of DaVinci beads to choose from, and a lot of experiences to call your own. :)


DaVinci Beads are the Perfect Gift

There's no better way to show your love

There's no better way to show your love

DaVinci Beads are more popular than ever!  They make a great gift for many different occasions.  With the variety and selection of DaVinci Beads and accessories here at Coppin’s Gifts, you’re sure to find the right piece for everyone on your list.  We have a few tips and some information about the custom of giving charm bracelets as gifts.

Everyone loves DaVinci Beads because charm bracelets never go out of style.  This type of jewelry is extremely meaningful and significant.  In many cases, charm bracelets can be passed down from generation to generation—it’s a great tradition to start!  DaVinci Beads and other charm bracelets are unique because they can be added to throughout the years, yet you can still keep original pieces on them.

There are many reasons to give DaVinci Bead charm bracelets as a gift.  These gorgeous pieces are an ideal gift for a new mom—she can commemorate the birth of a child through the special charms.  This jewelry makes a great graduation gift, wedding gift, or Mother’s Day present, as well.  No matter what the reason, you can be sure that the recipient will love it.

Remember, when you choose DaVinci Beads from Coppin’s Gifts, you can buy four and get the fifth one free!  There’s never been a better time to start a tradition.


DaVinci Beads Save the Day

Don’t you just love stories like this?  Here’s a little tidbit about how Coppin’s Gifts can really help save the day when you’re looking for a great gift.

DaVinci Beads

Dear Coppin’s Gifts,

My mom’s birthday always sneaks up on me.  It’s in the beginning of January… so it’s incredibly close to Christmas.  Just when I think things are calming down after the holidays, my mom’s birthday pops up.  Unfortunately for me, I was out of town on a business obligation for the week leading up to her birthday.  So, essentially, I only had a few days to figure out what I was going to get her.  I completely forgot.  While I was out of town, she popped into my head.  I quickly logged onto your site and ordered her a DaVinci Beads bracelet and a few charms.

I may have been out of town, but Coppin’s Gifts was there for me to make sure that my mom’s birthday went off without a hitch.  As I expected, she absolutely adored the DaVinci Beads.  I have a feeling I may have started an addiction…

Thanks again!


Are you in a pinch for a birthday gift?  Keep Coppin’s Gifts in mind!


Christmas Tree Traditions

Christmas tree traditions have ancient origins, and you can carry that around all year long with a DaVinci Beads Christmas Tree.  You’d be surprised at how far back the Christmas tree tradition goes!

A small way to celebrate the season

A small way to celebrate the season

  • Egyptians didn’t celebrate Christmas, but the treasured and worshipped evergreens.  When the winter solstice arrived, they brought green date palm leaves into their homes to symbolize the triumph of life over death.
  • Romans celebrated the solstice by decorating their house with greens, also.  They had a feast in honor of Saturnus, the god of agriculture.
  • Celtic Druids used evergreens during solstice rituals, as well.
  • The modern use of a Christmas tree began from these varied origins.
  • The legend has it that Martin Luther began the tradition of decorating trees to celebrate Christmas.  On Christmas Eve around the year 1500, Luther saw a group of evergreen trees in the woods.  He thought their branches looked beautiful dusted with snow—shimmering in the moonlight.  He shared the story with his family, and put candles on his own solstice evergreen.

One more Christmas tree fact

A Christmas tree may have played a part in the Revolutionary War.  On a bitter cold Christmas Eve in Trenton, New Jersey in 1776, a group of Hessian mercenaries caught sight of candlelit evergreens.  They were so reminded of home, that they abandoned their guard posts to eat and celebrate the holiday.  This allowed George Washington and his men to attack and defeat them.

Christmas trees have a long and celebrated history… give that history to someone you love this holiday season with a Christmas Tree DaVinci Bead.


DaVinci Bead Earrings

da vinci bead earrings coppin's giftsWe’re so excited that the DaVinci Bead Earrings are coming to Coppin’s Gifts.  We’re starting to run out of room on our necks and wrists, so this is definitely the next logical step!  What better way to show your flair for fashion?  Mix and match the beads to create your own unique look.  The DaVinci Bead Earrings are the perfect compliment to your bracelet, necklace, and key chain!

Just how much do we want the DaVinci Bead Earrings?  Well, one of the girls here has always been afraid to get her ears pierced.  She said she was scared of needles, and she never really had a reason to get her ears pierced.  But then she

These ears are just waiting for DaVinci Bead Earrings!

These ears are just waiting for DaVinci Bead Earrings!

saw that the DaVinci Bead Earrings were coming.  So she gathered up her courage and took the plunge.  She said it hurt a little bit, but she’s glad she did it.  The fashion payoff far outweighs the pain!  She still has to wear the studs for about three more weeks, but she can’t wait to change into something a little more funky.  We’re all so proud of her!

So what are you most excited about with DaVinci Bead Earrings?  Are you going to coordinate with your outfits?  Are you going to sport some personalized beads?  Let us know!


Questions from A Friend to Get You Thinking!

coppins giftsSometimes it’s hard to figure out what to buy from Coppin’s Gifts.  (We know, we have a hard time ourselves sometimes!)  There’s just too many great things to choose from.  That’s why we always like shopping with friends.  Coppin’s Gifts has a few friends out there in Internet Land, so we like to ask them some shopping questions.  Just imagine you’re out shopping with your best girl friend.  What would she have to say about Coppin’s Gifts?  Well, our friend Aubrey from My Simple Everyday helped us do a little bit of shopping.My Simple Everyday

What are your favorite DaVinci Beads on our site?  Why?
I think all of the beads are super cute and can probably argue that all of them are my favorite.  But if I had to choose, I really love the Glass Heart Dangles combined with the Cat Eye Art Glass beads.  I think it’s great that they come in different colors so you can mix and match the beads according to your outfit of the day!

If you had to pick one of the Webkinz to take home, which one would it be?
Sunshine, of course! Summer is my favorite time of the year because the sun doesn’t set until way past 8 and there’s something about the light that makes me such a happier person.  I like to adhere to the “glass is half full” motto, so Sunshine and I would make a perfect match!

What else do you have to say about our store?
Coppin’s Gifts has something for everyone whether it be your aunt who’s an avid Disney Jim Shore collector, or your son who loves animals and would treasure a Pillow Pet for years.  I firmly endorse businesses who truly care about their customers and Coppin’s Gifts shows this with their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

DaVinci Beads: Beautiful for Summer!

davinci beadNothing is better in the summertime than wearing sleeveless tops, pretty dangly bracelets, and enjoying the warm weather!  DaVinci Beads has a line of beautiful Bead Dangles that you can mix and match to create a summer bracelet that’s totally unique.  So start the summer off right with a piece of jewelry that is so versatile it will last you all year long!

Through Memorial Day, our DaVinci Beads are on special.  When you buy four DaVinci Beads at regular price, you get the fifth one free!  Just enter the coupon code “FREEDAVINCI” at checkout to take advantage of this awesome deal.  Now is the perfect time to get some beads that you can use to create a bracelet that fits your individual style and personality.  If you like to spend your summer evenings out by the pool with a glass of wine,  the Wine Glass, Wine Bottle, and Grapes dangles are perfect for you!  Whatever your summer style, has the DaVinci Bead to match.

When you’re picking out your beads, make sure you stock up on Stoppers.  These space the decorative beads out so that each one has room to shine!


Planning The Perfect Bridal Shower

315569_garden_celebrationOne of the most exciting parts of being a bridesmaid is getting to plan a bridal shower! Today’s showers are fun and festive events, and you can do just about anything you want for the bride. If she’s not in to the traditional formal shower, have a small party for her at her favorite local pub instead. If she’s a girly girl and wants the traditional experience, then you can load up on fun and cheesy games and have an afternoon Tea!

You can create a fun and interactive day by adding a theme to the shower (besides the obvious – weddings!). Have a jewelry themed shower and have guests bring gifts inspired by different gemstones, and then let everyone make fun craft “jewelry” for the bride to wear on her wedding day. DaVinci Beads would make wonderful favors and prizes during games.

For a more relaxing event, why not host the shower in a friend’s home and treat everyone to a mini spa day? You can get at home kits for facials and give out little gift bags full of pedicure and manicure tools to all the guests. It’s a great way for all the women of the family to bond and allows the bride to feel like a queen during her shower.

Whatever theme you choose, have fun with the day. It’s a joyous occasion and the party should reflect the bride’s tastes and be a fun day for everyone. What are some of your favorite shower activities? Share the best showers you’ve ever been to and we’ll post them here and on Facebook!