Jim Shore

Starting a Frozen Figurine Collection

Frozen Jim Shore Figurines | CoppinsGifts.com Although the movie came out in 2013, Frozen continues to be a fan favorite for adults and children alike. The story of sisters overcoming odds and facing fears is filled with fun music and lovable characters. Your family can celebrate their favorite silly sidekicks and pretty princesses with Disney Tradition collectibles from Coppin’s Gifts. You can give a gift of a Frozen themed Jim Shore figurines and start your collection with one of these beautiful figurines!

Do you have a daughter or granddaughter who dances around the living room screaming “Let it go, let it go!”? Her Frozen fandom is likely unmatched in your household.  If her loyalties lie with Elsa, she can choose between the figurine with the Ice Castle Dress or the Be Yourself Personality Pose.

If Anna is the family favorite, the Anna Be Daring Personality Pose will be the perfect Christmas gift to surprise someone with.  Or if you don’t want to have to pick a favorite princess, order one of the Sisters Forever figurines featuring Anna and Elsa. There’s also a musical option, which plays everyone’s favorite song, “Let it Go.”

For everyone else who wants to build a snowman and can’t get enough of the lovable, laughable Olaf, there is a Silly Snowman Figurine that is the perfect gift. Jolly Olaf will get everyone pumped for the holiday season.

Start shopping for your next Frozen figurine and browse other Disney Traditions characters when you at CoppinsGifts.com today!


Jim Shore Figurines any Princess will Love!

Jim Shore Figurines | CoppinsGifts.comEveryone has their favorite princess and fairy tale. Disney and Jim Shore Figurines bring these characters to life in vibrant and colorful ways. These figurines make great keepsakes for birthdays, special occasions, and just because gifts. Here’s a few that we really love:

Frozen has captivated the hearts of many even though it is still young in the Disney franchise. Choose from Elsa, Anna, or even Olaf!

Rapunzel is a daring, brave, and fun princess, so no wonder her personality is captured so well in this figurine! With her long locks, anyone who loved her movie will appreciate this figurine.

The Princess and The Frog is a classic story. Tiana is shown in a beautiful dress with the Frog Prince in this unique and pretty figurine.

Brought back to life recently, Beauty and the Beast has made generations happy with its interesting plot and catchy songs. Celebrate the movie with a figure of Belle or with one of her and the Beast.

No matter the princess, or the character, Jim Shore Figurines capture the magic and beauty of these timeless stories. Shop Coppin’s Gifts for all of these and other figurines. From Disney, to holiday characters, even home décor, you can find the perfect figure for the occasion!


Jim Shore Figures for Any Occasion

Sometimes it can be quite the difficult task to find the perfect gift for someone special in your life. Do you buy the jewelry, clothes, perfume, or something else? The goal of getting the perfect gift should be about finding something that is as special as they are and that they will appreciate and treasure forever because it has meaning to them. A good gift is more than just the price tag, the true value of the gift comes from the thought behind it, and our line of Jim Shore figures are a great way to show someone just how much you do care!

Jim Shore Figures for any occasion

Instead of struggling to find a gift that make you look and feel good, consider purchasing a gift that has heart and meaning and shows them that you care about them and are thankful they are part of your life. The Jim Shore figurines are handcrafted and depict some of the most beloved characters that are loved by adults and children alike. Whether you are looking for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth announcement, or some other special gift for a special event, chances are you can find the perfect piece right here!

A Jim Shore hand crafted figurine is a gift that will be treasured and displayed with pride and love for years to come. They are meaningful and are a wonderful way to show someone just how much thought and attention you do put into their gifts. Check out the wide selection available here at Coppins Gifts and see why more and more people falling in love with the Jim Shore figurines every year!

We have classic collections of favorites that have stood the test of time and are always adding new figures to the collection so make sure you check back and see what new items we have available. Choosing the perfect gift just got a lot easier!


Getting a Gift for a Disney Lover

It’s safe to say that everyone knows at least one Disney lover in their lives. Whether it’s a child or an adult, nobody can deny the fact that the films in2 the Disney legacy have left an impact on the minds of many of its viewers. It isn’t abnormal to remember your favorite flick or watch a child grow up learning and loving the movies, but keeping their childhood joys alive is important, especially during hard times.

When you’re searching for the perfect gift for a Disney lover, keep your mind open to many of the possibilities and be sure not to exclude anything!

Keep the fashion alive. A classic Disney tee or set of pajamas is going to keep the spirit alive in one of your friends or family members, because they’re always going to love putting on that item of clothing and feeling like a child once again. If the person you’re gifting for feels a little old to sport any clothing, something they can wear at home can keep them comfy and happy.

Don’t forget home decor. Looking at Jim Shore figurines is a great way to search for the perfect Disney memorabilia and is a great gift for adults and kids. Figurines are easy items that can be set on a child’s dresser or the mantle of an adult because it can be cherished forever and placed out whenever they desire. From seasonal gifts to year-round figurines, any Disney lover would appreciate the memorable item.

Get them some movies. It’s easy to assume that an avid Disney fan has all of the movies on hand, but it isn’t always true, so don’t forget to grab their favorite classics as one of their next gifts. Often times, these fans have seen and even remember lines from every movie, but they don’t actually own them. Buying these films is an easy gift that can allow them to watch the movies at their own leisure.


About Jim Shore Figurines

Are you a collector of figurines? Are you looking for a sentimental gift for that special someone in your life? If so, then there is an artist that you need1 to know about: Jim Shore.

An award-winning artist, Jim Shore is the creator of beautiful figurines and various other collectibles. His unique style to creating figurines is what has made him such a success in his chosen niche. His style blends the elements of traditional themes that people know and love, with folk art, making for absolutely beautiful and breathtaking works of art that people the world over have come to love.

Jim Shore eventually decided to take his beautiful creations a step further and partnered with Enesco, a well-known manufacturer of figurines and other decorative collectibles. This partnership began in 2000, and it has enabled Jim to further his passion by giving him the time to focus on his craft so that he could continue to create beautiful creations.

While there are many types of Jim Shore figurines, the most popular are his Disney Traditions collection. He introduced this beautiful series in 2005, and is a collection of figurines that showcase some of the most beloved Disney characters, including:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Donald Duck
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Peter Pan
  • Tinkerbell
  • Pinocchio
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Cinderella

The Disney Traditions collection is the perfect example of Jim Shore’s unique style, and it’s that style that has made them so unique and so beloved. If you or someone you love is fond of Disney, then you are going to want to investigate the Jim Shore Disney Traditions. You, or whoever you give one of these figures to as a gift, will be shore to love everything about them!


A Special Gift for That Special Someone

Whether it’s your wife’s birthday, Mother’s Day, or an anniversary is approaching, you want to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your1 life. Instead of an expected gift, like a bouquet of flowers or a piece of jewelry, consider giving that special someone in your life Jim Shore figurines as a gift. Who would one of these special gifts be perfect for? Here is a look at some perfect people that a beautiful Jim Shore figurine would be perfect for:

  • Your mother or grandmother would love one of these beautiful gifts. They would make a sentimental Mother’s Day gift to let your mother or grandmother know just how much she is appreciated. They would also be an ideal gift for her birthday, for a Christmas gift or just to let her know that you love her and are thankful for her.
  • Your wife would find one of these figurines to be a sweet and sentimental gift for your anniversary, Mother’s Day, her birthday, or just to show her how much you love and appreciate everything that she does for you and your family.
  • Your sister would adore one of these figurines. Your sister means so much to you, and what better way to let her know how much she means to you than by giving her a meaningful gift that she could proudly display?

An aunt would love one of these, too! Aunts are such special blessings in a person’s life. Though aunts don’t have a special day to commemorate them, like Mother’s Day, that doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be honored for how wonderful she is. One of these beautiful and expertly crafted figures would be the perfect way to let her know just how much she means to you.


The Perfect Sentimental Gift

Do you have a wedding, a baby shower or someone’s birthday coming up? If so, you may be finding it difficult to find the perfect gift to give. You wantBlog1 to give something that will be appreciated, that hasn’t been given over and over again and something that will be appreciated for a long time.

Instead of buying a gift card, a candle holder, or something that doesn’t have any real sentimental value, consider giving your loved one Jim Shore Figurines. These hand-crafted figures depict some of the most beloved fairy tale characters and are the perfect gift for any occasion.  From holiday figurines to famous Disney characters, there are so many options available, and your loved one will be sure to love this gift.

Why are these figurines the perfect sentimental gift? Here’s a look at some excellent reasons:

They Won’t Be Cast Aside

A gift card can be useful, but your loved one likely won’t remember you gave one. A vase is lovely, and so is a candle holder, but chances are, your loved one already has a bunch of these things. One of these figurines will be proudly displayed and will be sure to remind your loved one of you each and every time it is admired.

They Are Meaningful

A gift should be meaningful. It shouldn’t be something that you purchase just to give a gift. When you give the gift of a Jim Shore figurine, you’re loved one will really know that you have put thought into the gift. Selecting the right figurine requires you to really think about your loved one and what he or she loves. When you give one of these figurines as a gift, your loved one will surely realize how meaningful it is, which will mean a whole lot.


Fuse Folk Art with Fairy Tale with Jim Shore Figurines

Jim Shore is a household name in the world of figurines. Couple his name with something even more popular- say, Disney, for instance, and you have unlimited potential for a timeless piece of art that tells its own story, rooted in history and fantasy.

Disney’s princesses are perhaps the company’s most familiar faces, next to Mickey Mouse. Their stories are instantly recognizable within mention of their names- Ariel, Belle and Sleeping Beauty being amongst the most well-known.  What may not be common knowledge are the origins of some of these princesses, whose tales’ source material date back centuries and can at times be surprisingly dark, in spite of their contemporary light-hearted reimaginings. Take for instance the Little Mermaid- whose true story is one of a mermaid who seeks love and an eternal soul, but goes through some serious physical and emotional pain in the hopes of attaining her goal and ultimately fails. In altering some of the darker material, Disney was able to find and present the beauty existing in these stories.

Jim Shore Figurines are equally rooted in old tradition and artistry. Drawing from quilt work, folk art and sculpture, Mr. Shore employs fine attention to detail to create figurines that represent fresh, yet classic takes on some of Disney’s most beloved characters. He follows Disney’s lead in maintaining the core of the character, while making his art relevant and appealing to generations new and old.  Pass the tradition along today with one of his figurines!