Pali Hawaiian Shoes & Great Slip-on Gifts for the Holidays

Right now, summer probably feels far away, so giving someone a pair of sandals as a gift might seem counterintuitive. Pali Hawaiian shoes are not just any standard run-of-the-mill sandals and they actually make a Collage of Pali Hawaiian Shoes and Thermal Knit Slipper Socks | CoppinsGifts.comwonderful gift idea this season. Why do you ask? For anyone planning a winter vacation to a warmer climate, this accessory is a must-have. The sandals are durable, flexible, and easy to pack. They pair well with a variety of outfits – from linen pants to maxi dresses – plus they can be worn by men, women, and children.

There is a chance that the receiver of the Pali Hawaiian shoes will place them in the back of their closet and forget about them until April. Do not let that hinder your decision. The beauty is that when the warmer months roll around they will rediscover their brand-new pair of sandals and feel as though they are receiving the gift all over again. Win-win.

If you prefer a gift more appropriate for the current weather, Knit Thermal Slipper Socks are the perfect slip-on for the season. Don the snowflake design on Christmas morning to get into that festive feeling! Everyone in the family can sport a pair in a different color and have cozy feet all day long.

Another option that ensures you can’t go wrong is to gift these two amazing slip-ons together. This makes it easy to step outside for a quick family photo without taking off your cozy thermal slipper socks!

We know that wearing socks with sandals is a fashion faux pas, but when it is just family around then no one will judge – at least not too harshly.


How to Design the Perfect Charm It Bracelet Gift

With the holiday season upon us, coming up with a unique gift idea for a daughter, niece, or someone who loves whimsy can be difficult. Enter the Charm it Bracelet! The only potential downside is that there are so Charm It Bracelet with Charms and Design Steps | CoppinsGifts.commany possibilities, knowing where to begin can be tricky. These simple steps will have you on your way to designing a bracelet that will result in a giant genuine smile on Christmas morning.

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Accessory
Think of the bracelet as a blank canvas to kick off the design of a gorgeous work of art. In this case, the canvas does not have to be completely blank because there are multiple bracelets to choose from. You can keep it simple with the Chain Bracelet in silver or pink, go wild with the Rainbow Peace Bracelet, or kick off a cute theme with the Cupcake Bracelet. The good news is that the variety of options ensures you will find something perfect to fit the personality of the child receiving the gift.

Step 2: Pick out Charms
The fun of the Charm It Bracelet comes with adding new charms over time to commemorate special events like birthdays or good grades. That said, you can’t go wrong presenting the bracelet with one or three charms already in place. The Cupcake Bracelet might serve as an excellent choice for an aspiring baker or someone with a sweet tooth. Continuing with that theme is easy! The Milk & Cookies, Cinnamon Roll, and Donut charms are just a few cute options that represent something scrumptious to dangle from the Cupcake Bracelet.

Step 3: Have Fun!
Don’t stress yourself out trying to choose from all the incredibly adorable and delightful Charm It Bracelet options. There are endless occasions and plenty of room to fit in all the charms you can think of adding. In the event that you run out of room, then that is the perfect excuse to start a brand new design!


Browse an Assortment of Cheerful Gifts with Hallmark Online

Hallmark has come to occupy a special place in the heart of Americans over the years. When you think of the name “Hallmark,” you probably immediately think of greeting cards featuring messages and quotes designed to make their recipients feel warm and loved. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Hallmark is known for its homey greeting cards, stationery, holiday decorations, and other home décor offerings. The company has stores across the United States and of course is also accessible online.Pillow with Mother and Daughter Hugging near Quote | CoppinsGifts.com

When looking for Hallmark online, you may come across Coppin’s Gifts, a noted retailer of Hallmark products and many other gift and home décor brands. A quick look at the site’s Hallmark section will immediately reveal that Hallmark carries more unique gifts than perhaps you had thought. The products you already know and love are there: bereavement angel figurines, Hallmark family pillows and decorative tiles, and the classic Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.

But how familiar are you with Hallmark’s own collection of Itty Bittys? These adorable, approximately four-inch-high plush figures are made as a variety of fictional characters from movies, comic books, and television shows. Some popular favorites include Batman, Buzz Lightyear, and Charlie Brown. As their name implies, Itty Bittys are meant to be small and cozy, but for those of you who want something a little bigger, 10.5-inch-high Itty Bitty Biggys are also available. These are especially huggable and should put a smile on any face.

While it is certainly fun to browse through a brick-and-mortar Hallmark store to find the right gifts for that special someone, don’t neglect Hallmark online. Websites often carry items that are unavailable in stores, and it’s just as fun to shop through an entire inventory of products online.

See what’s in store for you with Hallmark online at CoppinsGifts.com.


Personalize Your Davinci Bracelet with a Range of Unique Charms

Davinci bracelets have a lot going for them: they’re simple, attractive, and affordable. Best of all, they can be endlessly customized with vibrant and interesting beads, jewels, and charms. One Davinci bracelet is your portal to hundreds of bead combinations that show the world who you are and what you’re about. You can keep one selection of beads on your bracelet for a while and then change it whenever you want. The choices are always yours with a Davinci bracelet.Silver Davinci Toggle Bracelet with Black Charms | CoppinsGifts.com

Your first time sifting through all the available Davinci bead options will likely take some time, as you realize just how many beads and jewels would actually look incredible wrapped around your wrist. Let’s say you want to start with animal beads. The pig bead looks adorable, but the shell of that turtle bead is just so artistic. We can’t exactly disagree with you; all we can do is wish you luck with your selecting!

Maybe, instead of animals, abstract art is more your speed. In that case, you can find an assortment of colorful and unique beads for your Davinci bracelet. You might want a black bead sporting blue flower petals, or a bead with raised dots of different colors all over it.

And don’t forget about dangles. Beads might make up the meat of your Davinci bracelet, but dangles add nice finishing touches to your wrist artwork. You can get dangles in a variety of colorful flowers or birthstones. Others are available in holiday or religious themes.

The main takeaway from this post should be this: Davinci bracelets can be viewed initially as blank canvases. The possibilities for turning those canvases into art are essentially endless. What kind of art will you create?

Discover your Davinci bracelets on CoppinsGifts.com.


Make the Holidays Brighter with Willow Tree Angels

Willow Tree figurines are simplistic, yet beautiful figurines that are perfect for celebrating any occasion. This is even more evident during the holiday season. From beautiful nativity scenes to Willow Tree angels, there is a Willow Tree figurine for your collection of holiday decor. We highly recommend these additions to your holiday scenes or as a great gift for someone you love:Song of Joy Tree Topper | CoppinsGifts.com

Ornaments: Every year, Willow Tree introduces a collectible ornament to add to your family’s ornament collection. These simple angels add a beautiful addition to any tree or ornament stand. These also make a great gift for neighbors and friends to start their own collection. You can also build your collection year to year.

Nativity Scenes: Where do you display your nativity scene? Whether you put it under the tree, on the mantel, or front and center in your living room, the nativity scenes from Willow Tree look beautiful in every setting. Plus, you can add more to your scene at any time with more angels, shepherds, and animals.

Tree Toppers: The angel on the top of the tree is easily the most important decoration. Make sure your tree has a simple, yet elegant angel for the top of the tree. The white and gold accents work with any color scheme and style of your tree.

Which of the Willow Tree figurines will you be shopping for this season? Find these and more holiday collectibles and gifts today at CoppinsGifts.com. With a wide selection and gifts and home decor, you can find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list.


Jim Shore Figurines Make Perfect Secret Santa Gifts

Who do you forget on your holiday shopping list? Chances are, it’s your Secret Santa recipient. Secret Santa gifts for the office, the neighborhood party, or social groups usually get lost in the holiday shuffle and end in disappointing gifts. Save yourself the last minute rush and get your Secret Santa gifts now on CoppinsGifts.com! Jim Shore figurines make a wonderful gift that adds add extra warmth and cheer to any holiday. Have you shopped for Jim Shore figurines before?  Whether you are a seasoned Jim Shore fan or if you are brand new to the collection, here are the figurines you have to check out while shopping:Disney Traditions Merry Mickey | CoppinsGifts.com

Santa Collection: Jim Shore is known for his intricate santa figurines. He brings this jolly figure to life with beautiful details and vibrant colors. You can find classic Santa figurines or choose from the international collection. This collection shows Santa around the world with local clothing and scenery. From Mexico to Australia, Santa has traveled far and wide to spread Christmas joy.

Disney Collection: The whimsy of Disney is a welcome addition to any holiday celebration! Mickey and Friends are ready to bring the fun to holiday decor. These figurines are made in the same style as the other Jim Shore collectibles, so these make a great addition to any existing Jim Shore figurine owner’s collection.

Religious Collection: Finding a religious gift that really captures the spirit of the season can be difficult. Jim Shore makes it easy to find the perfect gift with their religious figurines. In addition to the traditional nativity figurines, check out the religious ornaments. These make a wonderful addition to the family tree.

Which Jim Shore figurines are you most excited about this holiday season? Check out all of these and more by visiting us at CoppinsGifts.com. We’re here to help you with all of your holiday shopping needs!


Sending the Right Message with a Willow Tree Angel

Angels have long captivated us. In our communities, cultures, and storytelling heritage, angels have played a profound role in illustrating meaning and purpose. When you give the gift of an angel to someone, you’re sending a message that holds the weight of so many things angels can represent. A Willow Tree angel can be an eloquent gift that says all the things you wish you could say when someone you care about needs reassurance and comfort.

Willow Tree Angel of Freedom | CoppinsGifts.com

When a Loved One Passes

If someone you love has lost someone dear, giving the gift of an angel can be a way to offer comfort in a time of grief. Having a figurine to represent the person who has passed as a guardian angel can be a much needed reminder that the love shared still remains.

When Someone You Care About is Facing a Challenge

Angels often represent wisdom and guidance, so giving the gift of one can say “Someone is watching over you.” during a time of great challenge. The fear of the unknown can be soothed with the reminder that you are not alone.

When You Wish to Send Comfort

If someone you know is experiencing a difficult time in his or her life – an illness, a crisis at home, a stressful change at work – sending a Willow Tree angel can give reassurance and comfort when things feel out of control. Angels symbolize protection and delivering a message. Saying to someone, “You’re going to be okay” can sometimes be the most powerful and important thing in a time of struggle.

For these messages, and more, let us help you send a thoughtful and appropriate gift to someone you care about with our selection of Willow Tree angels.


Jim Short Figurines You’ll Love for Halloween!

When the leaves begin to turn and there’s a chill in the air, there’s no better time to start decorating for Halloween! As a fun and festive holiday for the whole family, Halloween can inspire you to add a little something fun to your decor, both indoor and out. One of our favorite ways to decorate for Halloween is with Jim Shore figurines like these:Black Cat Crossing Figurine | CoppinsGifts.com

Black Cat Crossing: Featuring a carved black cat holding a broom while wearing a cape and witch’s hat, this playful and detailed Jim Shore figurine is perfect if you have a cat of your own at home or wish to get into the spirit of the season without being too spooky!

Hoot ‘n Howl for Halloween: A decorative witch holds up her owl friend over a plump pumpkin in this colorful figurine. You’ll love the stars on her hat and patchwork cloak she’s wearing as you display her next to your own collection of miniature pumpkins and gourds.

Welcome Great Pumpkin: Celebrating 50 years of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, this figurine shows Linus in the pumpkin patch with a “Welcome Great Pumpkin” sign. Did you know that it also lights up and glows in the dark? It does!

Create a display of several on a fireplace mantle or end table, or put them out individually in several spots in your home to carry through the Halloween theme! You can’t go wrong when you’re looking to add a bit of holiday flair to your interior.


Locker Lookz Gear Can Brighten Up Students’ Days

You probably remember that lockers were not especially exciting parts of your high school experience. Your locker was likely a plain cabinet that held a giant stack of textbooks, notebooks, papers, folders, and everything else you needed to complete homework assignments and study for tests. Over time, you may have come to associate lockers with studying and work.Locker Lookz Black and White Locker Wallpaper | CoppinsGifts.com

Lockers don’t have to be that way anymore, though, thanks to Locker Lookz. The company has produced an assortment of locker decorations meant to spice up those cold, drab lockers. For instance, Locker Lookz offers plaid and houndstooth wallpaper that fits directly onto locker walls and can make even the most intimidating pile of textbooks seem more manageable. The same can be said of the company’s locker valances, which lend lockers a comfortable sense of home rather than school.

These domestic décor items aside, your daughter might also appreciate several of Locker Lookz’s magnetized ornaments for her locker walls. From purple and black clocks and lime-green flower magnets to polka-dotted bow ties and key sets and black polka-dotted whiteboards, Locker Lookz has something for every high school girl. These decorations are designed simply to look good and put a smile on students’ faces every time they open those locker doors.

Once your daughter is satisfied with the stylish new look of her own locker, she may want to begin spreading the Locker Lookz word to her friends and locker neighbors. She could even start a trend of locker fashion! Everyone else will thank your daughter for helping them spruce up their dull locker spaces.

You can order an array of Locker Lookz products from Coppin’s Gifts at CoppinsGifts.com.


Your Pali Hawaiian Shoes Are an All-Summer Necessity

If you’ve ever wanted a go-to sandal that you can comfortably wear from spring to the end of summer, you’ll want to check out Pali Hawaiian shoes. The Pali Hawaii company has been producing these comfortable double-strapped sandals since 1983, and they have remained a favorite with the world public ever since. Men, women, and children can wear these stylish sandals in a variety of colors. Where will you wear your Pali Hawaiian shoes?Brown Pali Hawaiian Shoes for Women | CoppinsGifts.com

By the pool. The sandals are perfect pool attire. Combine yours with khaki shorts or a light summer dress to make an effective fashion statement at your next pool party.

At the beach or lake. There’s a reason so many people wear Pali Hawaiian sandals near water: they float! Bring them to the beach or lake and don’t worry if you suddenly feel the urge to swim. If these sandals fall in water, they’ll float right back to the top, where you can easily find them again. That’s ideal water wear!

Anywhere else. Pali Hawaiian shoes are also great for just strolling through town or a park. Their maximum comfort means your feet won’t easily tire and you can stay outside longer. The sandals’ simple design and attractive look are sure to draw attention, and you might even start a new fashion trend among your friends and family!

You may find yourself anticipating summer like never before just so you can break out your Pali Hawaiian shoes again. And how could anyone blame you? The shoes look and feel great and are available for ridiculously low prices.

Coppin’s Gifts carries a variety of Pali Hawaiian shoes. Check them out at CoppinsGifts.com.