Decorate with Jim Shore Figurines this Christmas

Feel captivated this Christmas by the intricate and detailed figurines designed by Jom Shore! These are a wonderful addition to your holiday décor and they also make excellent seasonal gifts for friends and family. Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore Santa with Evergreen Figurine | CoppinsGifts.com

Rooted in Tradition – Santa with Evergreen

Chris Kringle’s swirling white beard brushes the edges of a small potted evergreen tree. His belted robe features a red and green diamond pattern and he is, of course, donning the classic Santa cap! Set this on your mantle, bookcase, or end table this holiday season!

The North Star Express – 5-Piece Mini Train Set

All aboard this exquisitely designed train for a magical experience that highlights the wonders of the season! This train carries a sack of Santa’s gifts. Children decorate a Christmas tree while Frosty the snowman follows with silken cap and wicker broom. Rudolph the red nose reindeer stands regally and a scrumptious looking gingerbread house is the caboose!

Disney Traditions Merry Mickey – Personality Pose

Mickey Mouse stands ready for all the holiday festivities! With hands on his hips, a smile on his face, and donning a hat and scarf you will not be able to stop yourself from smiling ever time your eye rests on Mickey. Standing at 4.75” tall and hand-painted, the dazzling detail of this figurine will bring happiness and cheer to your home.

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Bracelet Charms for Best Friends

We love the whimsical nature and bright colors that a Charm It! Bracelet brings to our lives! There is never a bad time to show your appreciation for your best friend, and these charm bracelets are a spectacular option. There are a variety of bracelet base options and then the charms can be added from there. Here are a few adorable best friend charms you will absolutely adore! CHARM IT! BFF Lucky Clover Charm | CoppinsGifts.com

CHARM IT! BFF Lucky Clover Charm

If your best friend is your lucky charm, this adorable addition to your CHARM IT! Bracelet is the way to go. A four-leaf clover with sparkles featuring a pink heart and the letters BFF – you know what that stands for! The bask reads, “Hard to find, Lucky to have” because a best friend is just that.

CHARM IT! Best Friends Puzzle Piece Charm

Delight in a pink puzzle piece with “Best Friends” emblazoned in rainbow colors and surrounded by hearts. A couple of these are just what a set of best friends need to showcase their friendship!

CHARM IT! Girls Rock Charm

This charm says it all! If you and your best friend rock, and you know it, you deserve to have this dangling from your wrist. This is also perfect for a group of girls who are all best friends, so everyone is included in the club.

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Willow Tree Angels for the Holidays

Willow Tree presents a host of simple yet gorgeous figurines that come in handy for all occasions. The holidays are no exception. They have a complete nativity scene that can be displayed as well as beautiful Willow Tree Angels that make wonderful gifts as well as additions to your personal collection.Willow Tree Song of Joy Tree Topper | CoppinsGifts.com

Willow Tree Song of Joy Tree Topper – Dynamic exuberance is captured in the pose of this gorgeous Willow Tree Angel tree topper. Made with resin, iron, and wire, this angel is 11.5 inches tall. Send out good tidings of comfort and joy by placing this atop your tree!

Willow Tree Bright Star – This subtle Willow Tree Angel reflects light from within. Made from resin, this figurine holds a small metal star between her hands, near her face. This makes a wonderful gift to present to someone you love who is beautiful from the inside out!

Willow Tree Ornament – Display a choir angel from your tree who will encourage you to sing “fa la la la la” this holiday season. A new ornament is a wonderful way to signify each year and represent a collection of treasured memories. Made from resin, the Willow Tree Angel ornaments are 4 inches tall.

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Coordinate with the Fall Season with DaVinci Beads!

Depending on what part of the country you live in, the weather might be cooling down for fall or it might still feel like you could head to the beach. Regardless, you don’t have to postpone getting into a festive spirit. The fall and Halloween DaVinci Beads available allow you to create a customized creation to capture your love of autumn. DaVinci Beads Pumpkin | CoppinsGifts.com

Fall Bangle – You will absolutely fall in love with this bangle and make it your go-to for the autumnal season! Each bead chosen is meant to highlight the colors of the fall as well as the Halloween holiday. This Sunshine Bracelet makes use of:

-          2 White CZ Stoppers

-          2 May Glass Birthstones

-          2 Candy Corn Beads

-          2 Orange Faceted Beads

-          1 Jack-O-Lantern Bead

DaVinci Beads Pumpkin – You will hopefully be seeing pumpkins a plenty this time of year, so why not match the theme with this adorable pumpkin bead dangling from your wrist? Be prepared to receive constant compliments from those who catch a glimpse of this cute pumpkin bead.

DaVinci Beads Maple Leaf – Do you love to watch the leaves change? This brilliant red maple leaf bead acts as the perfect representation for the way nature paints the world during the fall.

These are just a few of the festive and adorable options. Head to CoppinsGifts.com to discover more wonderful DaVinci Beads!


A Precious Moments Birthday Train is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Nothing is more special than welcoming a new baby into your family. So special, in fact, that it can be hard to decide on the perfect gift to mark the occasion. Counting birthdays and celebrating milestones are beautiful precious moments birthday train figurine of a lion with a number 5 crown | CoppinsGifts.com parts of life that every parent cherishes. When you want to give the baby’s parents something special to hold onto and something nostalgic and sweet for when the child grows up, you can’t go wrong with a Precious Moments Birthday Train.

The best thing about a Birthday Train is that once you start it, you have a gift for every birthday afterward. The parents and the child will both love watching the train grow with each year that passes. It’s a lovely tradition and beautiful keepsake all wrapped into one package.

Start your train with the Baby Cub, which is a perfect gift for a baby shower, or even for after the baby’s birth. Then, each year, you can give the little bundle of joy a new animal for each birthday until they hit sweet 16 – marking the passage of time in the cutest way possible.

You can find the Precious Moments Birthday Train and other Hallmark figurines for every occasion at Coppin’s Gifts.


Send Your Daughter Back to School with an Adorable CHARM IT! Bracelet

If there’s one thing we know about little girls, it’s that they’re fun, funky, and colorful! When your daughter goes back to school this fall, she should be able to express her bright personality, with decorative notebooks CHARM IT! mermaid charm | CoppinsGifts.com and pens, cute clothes – and accessories. A CHARM IT! bracelet is the perfect accessory for elementary and middle school girls, because it’s unique and special, just like them.

Colorful and Fun – CHARM IT! charms come in a wide variety of cute designs, in all the colors of the rainbow. Your daughter will have so much fun showing off to her friends on the first day of school.

Customizable – Your daughter is unique, and her accessories should reflect that. The cool thing about bead and charm bracelets is that there are so many ways to customize them. You can find charms for all of your daughter’s interests, from alphabet and family charms to animal and hobby charms.

It Keeps on Giving – A good charm bracelet is never truly finished. When you give your daughter a charm bracelet for back to school, you can keep getting her new charms to add to her collection for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion!

Find it at Coppin’s Gifts! – When you are looking for the perfect accessory for your daughter, visit Coppin’s Gifts for a one-of-a-kind CHARM IT! bracelet or necklace.


Find Willow Tree Figurines for Special Occasions

It can sometimes be difficult to come up with a unique gift to present for a specific occasion. Thankfully, we carry a wonderful and abundant selection of Willow Tree figurines that are beautiful and appropriate forWillow Tree Figurine of Parents with New Baby | CoppinsGifts.comspecific occasions and celebrations.

For Parents Celebrating a New Baby

There are several sweet options to choose from to mark this momentous occasion. Mom and dad gaze lovingly at their newborn baby in this endearing figurine, Willow Tree New Life. It is a wonderful gift to give to your spouse or to present to a couple who are celebrating the birth of their first baby. It truly showcases their admiration for the new miracle in their lives.

For a Favorite Teacher

The Willow Tree You’re The Best figurine is an adorable angel holding a bright red apple. This is a special gift to present to your favorite teacher to say thank you for everything that they do! This gift says, “Thank you for making a difference.”

For an Animal Lover

Remember your beloved childhood pet? The Willow Tree Kindness Boy displays a young boy kneeling on the ground while lovingly holding his puppy to his face. The Willow Tree Kindness Girl features a young girl sitting cross-legged with a cat cuddled in her arms.

Explore more of from Willow Tree at CoppinsGifts.com!


Find Gifts that Soothe and Comfort

Gift bring happiness and in this case they bring comfort. Check out some of our favorite comforting gifts! Warm Pals Plush Penguin | CoppinsGifts.com

Warm Pals Plush

The adorable animals from Warm Pals Plush are not only comforting to look at; they are also comforting to hold. Each Warm Pals Plush animal is filled with natural grains that feature a fresh lavender scent. Place in the microwave for 60-90 seconds or place in the freezer and the warmed up or cooled down plush will release the comforting scent!

Outrageously Soft Blanket

Treat yourself, a friend, or a family member to a cozy moment of relaxation with the help of an Outrageously Soft Blanket. The “You Are Loved” design delivers that message to someone who needs it and will wrap anyone in a warm and comforting blanket hug. These make great gifts for mom or for a couple of soon-to-be newlyweds. The Sentiment blankets are also sweet condolence gifts for someone grieving or going through a difficult time.

Arctic Chill Towel

This is a way to stay cool while keeping active. Wet the towel, wring it out, give it a shake then place it wherever you want to beat the heat. This will keep anyone comfortable while playing sports, especially in the summer heat.

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Disney Inspired Jim Shore Figurines

Disney films carry a hefty weight of nostalgia for so many. The Jim Shore Figurines capture the magic and nostalgia in a beautiful keepsake that can be prominently displayed. Princess Jasmine Jim Shore Figurine | CoppinsGifts.com

Princess Jasmine

The new live action version of Aladdin came out in theaters on May 8th. Even if you have not had a chance to catch the new one, you can still delight in the original! We love the strength, intelligence, and curiosity Princess Jasmine shows. She is definitely an inspiring character and that shows in this figurine.

Elsa & Anna

Frozen took the world by storm and inspired us all to “Let it Go” when the first film came out in 2013. Siz years later, we are just months away from the sequel and if you have seen the trailers it looks to be an epic continuation. Jim Shore designed multiple figurines that feature the heroines from this musical animated film. Elsa and Anna can be found on their own striking a personality pose or they are featured together standing side-by-side as sisters in a musical figurine.

Tale as Old as Time

All of your favorites from Beauty and the Beast are featured prominently in this show-stopping work of art. Belle and the Beast are surrounded by Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip as well as the magical wilting rose.

This is just a sampling of the gorgeous Jim Shore Figurines featured at CoppinsGifts.com. Discover your favorite or send ones as a gift to someone special!


Unique Gifts for a Baby Shower

When a close friend or family member is expecting a new addition, that is definitely something to celebrate! At Coppins Gifts, we feature a variety of special and unique gifts to welcome their bundle of joy. Wish Jar for Baby Dreams | Coppins Gifts.com

Wish Jar for Baby Dreams
This doubles as a cute activity and a unique gift for the mom-to-be at her baby shower. Guests can write thoughtful words or a wish on the ticket that the new parents can read and save for their child to cherish in the future. This is a great start to life!

Warm Pals Plush

These cute animal friends are called Warm Pals Plush for a reason! They are as soothing as they are adorable. Make them a part of your special baby shower gift and watch as the new mom lights up at the sight of these delightful creatures. You can choose from seven different animal options including an elephant, hedgehog, and unicorn.

Precious Moments Baby: It’s a Girl

This keepsake is a gift that mom will cherish as she watches her new daughter grow throughout the years. The Growing up Grace Collection features important birthdays and milestones that are worth celebrating.

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