Three Beads to Start Your Da Vinci Bracelet

Da Vinci Bracelet | CoppinsGifts.com Have you been eyeing a Da Vinci Bracelet for a while now? Ready to start your collection? It doesn’t take much to start your collection and have a variety of bracelets for every occasion. But where should you start? These are a few beads that we recommend starting off and building your collection with:

Birthstone Bead: Adding your birthstone is a great way to start your Da Vinci Bead collection. You can choose your stone in an orb bead, a dangling charm, or as a glass bead to customize your bracelet.

Crystal Stoppers: These are great to separate beads and to draw attention to your favorite beads. Stoppers can be colorful, like our sparkly crystal stoppers. Or, you can choose a ribbed, plain silver or gold stopper to make sure all of the attention goes to your charms.

Special Interest: Make your bracelet stand out with one of our special interest beads. Choose from flowers, patriotic charms, vehicles, hobbies, and so much more. We especially recommend adding one of these if you plan on gifting a bracelet. Personalizing it with a hobby or an interest charm can show that you went the next step to make the bracelet just for them.

There are plenty of beads to start your collection with on CoppinsGifts.com! You can truly make your Da Vinci Bracelet one of a kind and express who you are with the huge selection of beads. Browse today to start building your first bracelet today!


Get Ready for Fall with Jim Shore Figurines

Fall Jim Shore Figurines | CoppinsGifts.com Fall is here and what’s a better way to celebrate then with placing a few decorations around your home or office. Jim Shore figurines are a great way to add a touch of the season without going overboard. Whether you choose familiar Disney figures or timeless themes, there is a figurine for you! Here are a few we definitely recommend for the fall:

If you start and end your fall with watching Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, then this figurine is for you. This adorable figurine features Linus and his blanket and shadow of Snoopy in the background. This figurine also lights up for an adorable display.

Pumpkins are part of any fall décor, and if you like to keep yours on the spooky side, consider adding this figurine to the mix. This whimsical masked pumpkin has a crow standing on top of it for a folksy accent. This figurine would look great with other pumpkins or around twinkling lights.

Do you like to transition your fall decorations seamlessly with your winter decorations? Well, if you like Disney, you can do just that with this Sally figurine. This Nightmare Before Christmas heroine is beautifully carved and painted to stand out among your decorations.

Can’t wait to start adding to your fall décor? Visit us at CoppinsGifts.com for these and other fall Jim Shore figurines. Check out a variety of witches, black cats, and more with this cool collection of figurines. Shop now and get ready for fall!


FAQ for Wedding Gifts

A wedding is a happy occasion but it can be a challenging time for those invited to attend the event. Guests are expected to buy some sort of gift for the new couple, but what do you get? Do you get something practical like a coffee maker from their registry or from a collection like the Willow Tree Collection here on Coppins Gifts?  Here are some of the answers to the commonly asked questions about buying and giving wedding gifts:

Q: Can I Buy Something Not on the Registry?

A: It’s absolutely fine because the registry is meant to help give guests an idea of what the couple would like for their new home. If you decide to away from the registry make sure you are still matching the style for the items they have on the registry.

Q: How Soon From RSVP Do I Have to Get the Wedding Gift?

A: One year, but ideally, it should be purchased and sent to the couple’s home before the wedding so they can remove the items from their registry before the big day. If you wait till after the wedding be sure to get the gift to them right away so you do not forget!

Q: Is Cash Better Than a Gift? Wedding Gift FAQ

A: Not necessarily, but it can be tricky. For some couples, it may be what they need to help pay for the new home, their honeymoon, or other things they want or need.  If you are uncomfortable with cash gifts, consider gift cards to their favorite restaurants or stores.

Q: The Registry Gifts Are Too Far out of My Price Range — What Do I Do?

A: There is no need to feel compelled to by something you cannot afford. Get creative and think about things they could use or that they would like. A great gift would be a collectible to commemorate their special day, such as something from the wedding line of the Willow Tree Collection.

Q: Can I Go in With a Group on a Big-Ticket Item?

A: You certainly can but it takes care to ensure it all goes well. Make sure everyone knows how much they are responsible for, who will order and pick up the item, who is collecting the money, and the timing of it all. Also, ensure the couple knows who all went in to get the gift so no one seems to be skimping out on a gift.


Fighting Post-Christmas Blues

After the joy and happiness of Christmas it is very common for people to feel a sense of let down and fall into the post-Christmas blues.Blog2Fortunately, there are easy ways to combat this condition and our family here at the Willow Tree figures fan club want to help you shake the blues and enjoy the holidays even after they have come and gone!

1. Kindness. Continue the tradition of Christmas by looking for ways to show kindness to those around you in some shape or form, no matter who they are.

2. Time with loved ones. Even if some of your family is far away or if you have no family around after the season ends find ways to connect and stay in touch with them throughout the year!

3. The tree. You might not want a dried and shedding Christmas tree in your home come March, but keeping live plants in the home can be a big mood booster.

4. The smells. Much of what makes Christmas so special and what helps us form such great memories are the smells of the season. Continue to enjoy those smells all year round with candles, essential oils, and potpourris.

5. Send mail. Remember how nice it was to get those Christmas Cards in the mail? Send letters and cards to friends and family to keep in touch and show them you are thinking about them.

6. Giving. More than just gifts you can give of your time, talents, and finances to help others. If you choose to give gifts make them ones that mean something special like photos or commemorative figures from the Willow Tree Figures Collection.

7. Anticipation. Waiting for Christmas day is a big part of the tradition of the season, so keep that thrill alive by planning special trips, events, and family games and dates that let you spend time together and build great memories together.

8. Lights. If you don’t want to be ‘that family’ who keeps their Christmas lights up all year find ways to incorporate unique lights and colors into your everyday décor!

9. Create new traditions. Find ways to make every month special with unique food, activities, games, and make new traditions to enjoy with the family.

10. Love. The one thing that makes Christmas so special is the love we share and feel so keep the love alive for your family every single day. That is what the Willow Tree figures family does and we hope you will give it a try too!


5 Bad Christmas Gift Ideas People Actually Got

Christmas may have come and gone, and chances are you got a lot of wonderful gifts and maybe even some of the ones that were actually on your listshutterstock_221664037 this year. Maybe you got some beautiful Willow Tree Collection figures or something useful you have been asking for or many even some nice jewelry or a new video game you have been eyeing.

But if you got some less than great gifts take heart, you are not alone and to help you feel better here are five of the worst Christmas gifts people likely got this year:

Ugly Sweaters

The classic go-to gift of grandmas and well-meaning adults everywhere, the ugly Christmas sweater is a well-known and dreaded gift to unwrap on Christmas Day. Chances are you have gotten at least one of these or something very similar at least once and if not, your time is coming so be prepared! At least you have something for an ugly sweater party!

Vacuum Cleaner

Typically the gift well-meaning husbands give to their wives to make their lives easier, but this is a bad gift idea in every sense of the word. A great gift for your wife is jewelry, perfume, or something heartfelt, not something that reminds her of all the work there is still to do around the house because you are not pulling your weight!

Pencils and Pens

Pencils? Really — people actually give these as gifts to someone over the age of five? Unless it is a nice engraved professional looking pen or a set of art pencils most adults are not going to be thrilled with getting a gift that reminds them of their school days spent taking multiple choice tests and writing essays!

Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat

A glow in the dark toilet seat, who thought up this one? Sure, it’s practical in the sense you won’t have to turn on a light to go in the middle of the night, but do you really want to feel like aliens are about to abduct you when you walk into the bathroom at 3 a.m.? It’s best to skip the toilet gifts all together.


Coming in at number 1, socks are the worst Christmas gift ever — worse than ties because everyone seems to get them. Children have been getting socks as presents for hundreds of years and this has cause hundreds of years’ worth of tears.

So if you want to be the cool relative next year, consider you gift giving choices very carefully and go with something they will love like a Willow Tree Collection figurine from Coppins Gifts!


A Gift from the Heart: Bella Ryan Charm Bracelets

charm-bellaGift buying, while exhilarating and satisfying, can also be frustrating and challenging. Is there someone that is particularly hard to buy for, like your wife or mom? Typically, when you really care about someone and want to give something meaningful, the stakes are even higher. Luckily, we have an idea!

Personalized jewelry is very trendy now, and for good reason. You can take an easy route, like jewelry, then make it personal and put some thought into it. Take for instance, the Bella Ryan bracelets. Starting with simple gold bangles, you add coin shaped charm that feature phrases and words that are beautiful and inspirations. The Bella Ryan charm selection features verbiage like “Live Laugh Love” and “Faith.” You can also add charms that have images, such as a cross, a heart, wings, and more. Combine several and you have an inspirational charm bracelet that captures the recipient perfectly.

Because of the simple bangle design and coin shaped charms, your beloved will appreciate these charm bracelets over other varieties that have fitting issues or complicated charms that fall off or snag on sweaters. Plus, this opens the door for future gifting, as you can always add something new or commemorate a special occasion!


Turn up the heat on your next cookout with Spoontiques!

Cute and funny aprons have come a long way since “Kiss the Cook”. Now there is an entire collection of fun and hilarious aprons from



Spoontiques at Coppin’s Gifts. If you’re manning the grill this summer, you need something to protect your clothing against whatever food goes astray. These fun novelty aprons will not only make you a hit at your next cook out, but protect you from unexpected food follies.

Spoontiques aprons come in many fun styles with accompanying towels also available.

  • For the memorabilia collector, there are great Elvis, Betty Boop and Wizard of Oz Aprons.
  • If you or someone you know loves prints, we have you covered! There are cupcake, leopard and zebra prints available, even camo!
  • For the baker, there is a “Dip Me in Chocolate” apron and funny aprons like the “I Kiss Better than I Cook” apron for those who are grounded to reality.

We have aprons that will appeal to everyone, from the musician to the shopaholic. Spoontiques have taken the novelty aprons to the next level with these hilarious and unique aprons and towels. Anything can happen when you’re in the kitchen or cooling on the grill, cover your clothing in style with Spoontiques.


Why Jim Shore Collectibles are the Perfect Gift for Any Loved One

Jim Shore Collectibles are the perfect gift during the holidays for someone special in your life!

Jim Shore Collectibles are the perfect gift during the holidays for someone special in your life!

If there is one item that goes over great during the holidays, it’s any of our awesome water globes from Jim Shore Collectibles. With a variety of different styles, shapes, and figurines, you are sure to find the perfect gift for the snow globe-lover in your life! Coppin’s Gifts has some recommendations on which one of our Jim Shore collectibles to get that special person in your life.

Santa with Baby Jesus Water Globe: This collectible from the Heartwood Creek collection is brightly decorated with colors of this season. Made of Stone Resin and Glass, this beautiful keepsake is perfect for anyone who really enjoys what this season is all about.

Mason Jar with Snow: This small water globe is perfect for the craft-loving person in your life. Decorated with the scene of a snowman and Christmas tree, this collectible is ideal gift for your country-loving friend!

Precious Moments Holy Family Nativity Waterball: This precious water globe is a great gift for the child in your life. With the nativity scene within the globe shows Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. It’s a great reminder to why we celebrate this holiday!

Want to shop our complete selection of Jim Shore Collectibles today? Visit us at CoppinsGifts.com!


Elf on a Shelf and Other Fun Activities for Kids during Christmas

Get your kids excited for the Christmas season with Elf on a Shelf!

Get your kids excited for the Christmas season with Elf on a Shelf!

During the holiday season, it always the most fulfilling to watch your children enjoy the spirit of this delightful season. The activities that build the anticipation of the Christmas holiday are always the most fun part of the season! Coppin’s Gifts has some great ideas on how to get your kids excited for this joyous season!

Elf on a Shelf: Teaching your kids how to treat each other within your house can become frustrating and difficult at times. With Elf on a Shelf, you can teach your kids that Santa’s elves are always watching their behavior when you place this little doll in their room, in the kitchen, or anywhere else in your home. Perhaps they’ll become more excited with the approaching holiday and learn the golden rule in the process!

Gingerbread ornaments: This fun activity can involve the whole family! All you need is a great recipe for gingerbread dough, fishing line, and some cool sprinkles and cookies decorations to kick this season off right!

Stringing the popcorn garland: This tradition is something that has been around for a while, but it’s always a family favorite! All you will need is popped popcorn, a needle, and some fishing line to complete your string of garland. Decorating the tree is a great way to spread holiday cheer and get everyone excited for the upcoming holiday season.

Have more fun holiday activities to get the whole family excited for Christmas? Leave us a comment below!

Want to shop our complete selection of Elf on a Shelf products? Shop with us today at CoppinsGifts.com!


Snap It Up Purses: Ideal Christmas Gift for that Girl on the Go!

Snap It Up Purses are a great gift for that woman that’s constantly moving and shaking!

Snap It Up Purses are a great gift for that woman that’s constantly moving and shaking!

Whether we want to admit it or not, Christmas is right around the corner! Which means getting the perfect gift for all your loved ones is here, too. Have a woman in your life that is constantly living out of her purse and doesn’t stop for one minute to unload? We have the perfect gift for her: Snap It Up Purses! At Coppin’s Gifts, our selection of these versatile handbags is wide; meaning you most definitely will find the perfect bag for that girl on the run!

Not only are these purses spacious and affordable, but what makes them “Snap it up” is there interchangeability! No matter where this girl is headed, she can change the outside frame of her Snap It Up Purse just as easy as she changed her shoes. Perhaps she needs a bag that fits her casual style. There is a frame for that! Black, brown, or any kind of print: she can have a purse that matches the rest of her outfit. Is she headed to a job interview? No problem! There are frames that are more business like, or more dressed-up than others. No matter where this girl is going you can get a purse that changes with her!

Want to shop more of these innovative purses? Visit our Snap It Up selection today!