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Welcome the Spring with New DaVinci Beads

DaVinci charm necklaces and beads are carefully crafted for quality, style, and affordability. Whether you are finding the perfect first collection for a newborn or a young teen,DaVinci Beads Golden Cat in CZ Heart DaVinci beads and bracelets are versatile and customizable gifts that are sure to put a smile on any recipient’s face.

The Golden Cat in CZ Heart is the cat’s “meow!” A cute golden cat resting inside a gorgeous silver heart decorated with gemstones, this is a great charm for cat lovers celebrating a birthday or welcoming a new furry friend into their home.

We didn’t forget about the dog lovers! The silver Doghouse Charm is adorable on its own but don’t forget to add a small photo of your friend and their furry companion for a unique and customized gift.

The stork DaVinci beads are the perfect gift for your or a friend’s newborn. With the subtle pop of pink or blue, this is a great charm to get moms started on their first DaVinci bracelet.

In the past couple of years, rose gold has gained in popularity among all jewelry owners. This beautifully crafted Carousel Rose Gold Dangle is decorated with rose gold accents on a silver horse.

Wine lovers and connoisseurs love the finer things in life, so gift them with the Wine Corkscrew Dangle charm that is both delicate in style, but durable in quality.

Browse through Coppin’s Gifts collection of DaVinci beads and charms and don’t forget that your purchase of 4 DaVinci beads gets you the 5th one for free!


Ideas for Refreshing Your Home this Spring

Sometimes we wake up in our lovely homes and feel like it needs a refresh. There is no better time to change up your home than the start of spring! All it takes is a night orRefresh your home this Spring with Willow Tree Angels and other figurines weekend of a little hard work to make your home feel brand new for the new season. Check out these ideas for changing up your home:

Change the furniture layout – Feng shui is the art of balancing energies in space to maximize wellbeing. Here are some basic feng shui tips that every homeowner should know before planning their furniture layout:

  • Move the TV out of the bedroom.
  • A mirror facing the bed invites people to your bed.
  • Avoid sleeping under a window and pointing your feet toward the door.

Paint the walls – Repainting can completely transform the look and feel of an entire room. From cool greys to warm browns, make sure you pick a color scheme that works with your room’s overall atmosphere.

Buy new décor – A new centerpiece, rug, or figurine can be a subtle but powerful way to add more charm to your home. If you love flowers but don’t want to worry about the upkeep of them, try decorating with the emotional and sentimental Willow Tree angels figurines. Susan Lordi’s Floral collection is filled with charming figurines that add a vibrant pop of color to your home.

There are plenty of ways to spruce up your home for the springtime. Don’t forget to browse through the many figurines and home accents available at


The Best Gifts for Grown-Up Mickey Mouse Fans

From fairy Godmothers to talking frogs, most of us have experienced the magical impact of Disney characters and their stories. Mickey Mouse figurinesHowever, there is one character that fully embraces the magic and adventure of Disney: the “Steamboat Willie” star, Mickey Mouse. With such a lasting impression, it’s no surprise that there are so many grown-up Mickey Mouse fans. Besides, you’re never too old to be a Mousekateer! That’s why Coppin’s Gift has compiled a list of special gift ideas for the biggest “Mickey-holic” in your life.

  • Accessories – Gift them with an accessory that they can cherish and wear all the time! Check out a nearby department store or browse online for Disney/Mickey Mouse-related bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, and more.
  • Disney figurines – Surprise a Mousekateer with a figure that can last a lifetime. Browse through Coppin’s Gifts many Disney figurines from Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore and Precious Moments. From the Modern Day Mouse figurine by Jim Shore to the Mickey and Minnie Together figurine by Precious Moments, you are sure to find the perfect figurine for a Mickey Mouse fan.
  • Home or Office Décor – From desk sets to cookie jars, you can find an abundance of Disney or Mickey Mouse-themed décor items that are both functional and beautifully ornate for a home or office.

Hot dog, hot dog! With many birthdays, holidays, and special occasions coming up this year, make sure your favorite Mousekateer gets a gift that they are sure to appreciate. Browse through Coppin’s Gifts Disney-related Hallmark figurines and sculptures.


The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Friend or Close Family Member

Looking for the best time to remind your close friends and family how much you appreciate them? There is no better time than Valentine’s Day! Willow tree Two Alike figurineBesides, who says the holiday is just for couples? Whether you are happily settled or flying solo, we all need a little love in our life. Here are our Valentine’s Day gift ideas for friends and close family members:

Customized Gift From Their Favorite Brand – Browse through their favorite clothing or accessories brand’s website to find customization options for their favorite products. This can include shoe brands, jewelry or technology products.

A Token of an Everlasting Bond – Express your admiration for your friend or family with a simple and lovely reminder that lasts a lifetime. Coppin’s Gifts always has the latest Willow tree collection of sentimental figurines that are designed to embody friendship, family, love and other affectionate emotions.

A Memorable Experience – Surprise them with an experience that they are sure to remember for the rest of their life. Buy your friend or family admission to an upcoming concert or treat them to a weekend packed with fun adventures.

Make your friend or close family member feel special this February 14th with a special gift from Coppin’s Gifts. Our goal is to provide you the best gifts in the industry at exceptionally low prices. Browse through our many Valentine’s Day gifts.


Check Out Our New Bella Ryann Bracelets!

Bella Ryann Bracelets | Looking for something new to add to your wardrobe? Check out our Bella Ryann bracelets! Each bracelet is made from a brass base and can expand, making them durable for everyday wear. Ready to start your collection? These are a few ideas to get you started:

Birthstone Bracelets: Bella Ryan bracelets have a collection of beautiful birthstone bracelets. Start a collection honoring those closest to you! Wear the birthstones of your children, grandchildren, or anyone else you love.

Inspiring Bracelets: Sometimes you need something extra to get you through the day. These bracelets feature inspiring words such as “hope” and symbols like the peace symbol. These simple reminders can give your day the refresh it needs.

Life and Hobby Bracelets: Show off your fun personality and uniqueness with lifestyle and hobby charms! The classic teacher’s apple looks great and says thank you to your child’s teacher or to show your love for your job. There are plenty of these charms, so it’s easy to show off your individuality.

If you’re ready to spice up your jewelry collection, or if you think this will make the perfect gift, shop all Bella Ryann bracelets today at! The possibilities are endless, so have fun with this stylish collection!


Celebrate with Disney Birthday Figurines

Disney Birthday Figurines |

Do you have a tradition for your daughter or granddaughter’s birthday? Having a tradition makes their birthday extra special and gives them something a little extra to look forward to. If you’re looking for something fun to start that collection with, take a look at these Disney birthday figurines. But why these collectibles? Here’s why:

These figurines feature all of their favorite princesses. From the classics, like Snow White and Cinderella, to the newcomers like Merida and Mulan all of the princesses they know and love are in this collection. Plus, each princess has their sidekick along for the ride. Spot Pascal, Mushu, Flounder and more in this adorable set!

They are made with the same craftsmanship of Precious Moments. If you love Precious Moments collectibles, then you’ll definitely love this collection. Each figurine is made with the same careful and detailed craftsmanship as the original Precious Moments figurines.

This collection looks great from start to finish. Begin this set with Prince Charming announcing “Hail to the Princess” and end with brave and confident Merida. Every part of the train has gold hooks and chain to link it together, making an impressive set.

See every figurine in this collection and others by visiting us at! We have the Disney birthday figurines for your special girl’s birthday and milestone occasion. Shop today and celebrate!


Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Jim Shore

While you explore Coppin’s Gifts you may have noticed a familiar name featured in our Figurines collections. Jim Shore figurines are a hallmark for whimsical and timeless American folk art.

Heartwood Creek by Jim Shores | CoppinsGifts.comHere are three things you probably didn’t about the well-known artist:

1. Jim Shore was born in South Carolina.

His parents were both artists and inspired Shores to pursue a craft in American folk art. Shore was also inspired by his grandmother who was a master quilter. On his official website, his grandmother is credited for teaching him patience and the skill to give life to intricate designs

2. Figurines are not his only line of work.

If you have ever been to a Disney park, you may have found your favorite Disney characters in figurine-form in gift shops or galleries. While Shore is most known for his whimsical Disney Traditions figurines, he also has work in home and garden décor that he plans to expand in the future.2. Shore has figurine collections from other popular American movies and TV shows.

3. Shore has figurine collections from other popular American movies and TV shows.

From the wacky cast of Looney Tunes to the lovable characters from Wizard of Oz, you are sure to find your favorite characters from many American classics. He has also created Hanna Barbera collectible figurines featuring new interpretations from The Flintstones ™ and The Jetsons ™.

Check out our many Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore figurines available on!


Inspire Friends and Families to Continue Their New Year’s Resolution

Inspirational Willow Tree Angels |

With the New Year arriving, you may have heard a couple of New Year’s resolutions from friends and family. Despite the initial excitement and motivation, a majority of resolutions go amiss. According to, 80% of New Year’s resolutions tend to fail by February.  Inspire your friends and families to continue their goals for the New Year with these recommendations.

Show that you care about their resolution.

Whether it’s going to the gym with them or simply asking how their resolution is going, there are many ways to show your friend or family member how much you care. Show your loved ones that you care with kind words or generous actions.

Make your own goal for the New Year.

Plan out your own New Year’s resolution and support each other through the year! People are more likely to complete a goal if they have a partner to hold them accountable.

Gift them with a whimsical reminder to never quit.

Remind your friend or family that they have what it takes to triumph through any mission. Willow Tree Angels are sentimental figurines that can serve as an encouraging reminder to continue a New Year’s goal. We have a variety of angels that evoke feelings of courage, good health, and freedom.

Inspire someone important in your life! Browse through our many Willow Tree Angels at


Celebrate Achievements with CHARM IT! Charms

One Smart Cookie CHARM IT! charm | When report card time approaches, there may be a little tension in the air. Encouraging your children to excel in school and complete chores can be tough. Reward your daughter for her diligent work and show her how proud you are with a special bracelet, complete with your choice of unique CHARM It! charms.

Personalize the reward for completing homework and acing assignments with a set of charms picked out just for your child. The One Smart Cookie Charm has a cookie wearing glasses and a stack of books. Let you daughter know she deserves recognition for all her hard work. You can also choose from treat charms like a cookie, donut, cupcake, cinnamon roll, rainbow ice pop and ice cream cone charms. These colorful decorations are the cutest miniature versions of their favorite snacks. There’s even a hamburger and fries charms!

You can also choose from jeweled charms in an assortment of shapes, colors, and characters. Find animal, dance, Disney, Fashion, and music charms that match your daughter’s hobbies and passions.  Whether it’s completing housework, doing well in class, or reaching a milestone, the CHARM IT! Charms are a delightful surprise that you can be certain your daughter will show off to her friends. Take a look at all charms today by visiting us at! You’ll find the perfect charm for the occasion and some for the next couple as well!


Starting a Frozen Figurine Collection

Frozen Jim Shore Figurines | Although the movie came out in 2013, Frozen continues to be a fan favorite for adults and children alike. The story of sisters overcoming odds and facing fears is filled with fun music and lovable characters. Your family can celebrate their favorite silly sidekicks and pretty princesses with Disney Tradition collectibles from Coppin’s Gifts. You can give a gift of a Frozen themed Jim Shore figurines and start your collection with one of these beautiful figurines!

Do you have a daughter or granddaughter who dances around the living room screaming “Let it go, let it go!”? Her Frozen fandom is likely unmatched in your household.  If her loyalties lie with Elsa, she can choose between the figurine with the Ice Castle Dress or the Be Yourself Personality Pose.

If Anna is the family favorite, the Anna Be Daring Personality Pose will be the perfect Christmas gift to surprise someone with.  Or if you don’t want to have to pick a favorite princess, order one of the Sisters Forever figurines featuring Anna and Elsa. There’s also a musical option, which plays everyone’s favorite song, “Let it Go.”

For everyone else who wants to build a snowman and can’t get enough of the lovable, laughable Olaf, there is a Silly Snowman Figurine that is the perfect gift. Jolly Olaf will get everyone pumped for the holiday season.

Start shopping for your next Frozen figurine and browse other Disney Traditions characters when you at today!