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Hot New Davinci Beads

Do you or a loved one enjoy Davinci beads? Coppin’s Hallmark is proud to provide you with all of the hottest and newest beads for you! Whether you are searching for new selections to put together a special summer bracelet or are just looking for a great gift for someone special with a summer birthday, you can find some of the best selection of beads available. Furthermore, when you place an order for four beads with us, you’ll get a fifth bead for free! Have a look at some of the latest additions to the collection:

Davinci Beads Crab Dangle – Heading out to the beach? We have great sea creature selections for your Davinci bracelet, including conch shells, turtles, and mermaids.

Davinci Beads Green Dragonfly Dangle – Summer doesn’t just mean going out to the beach! Transform your bracelet with a fun and cute dragonfly dangle bead for your Davinci bracelet.

Davinci Beads Green CZ Decorative Cutout – Whether green is your favorite color or you are looking for great new beads that add a touch of class to your bracelet, these quality selections are fabulous for women who want to wear a unique bracelet in any formal occasion.

This is just some of the featured Davinci beads; we have plenty more options available for Davinci fans. You can create your own bracelet featuring great beads that reflect your personality or put together a themed bracelet for a special occasion when you wear these high-quality, nickel-free beads.


Show Someone You Care with Hallmark

Are you looking for a way to show someone you care, but aren’t sure what to get them? You are sure to find something special when you shop at Hallmark. Coppin’s is proud to provide you with a wide array of unique Hallmark collectibles that make perfect gifts for special occasions. Whether someone in your life is celebrating a birthday, you are seeking a gift for a graduation, or you just want to show someone that you are thinking about them, Hallmark has long been the source for great gift items.

Since 1910, Hallmark has been providing unique greeting cards and gift items to people all over the country. It’s humble beginnings start in Nebraska. Since then, Hallmark has been responsible for creating modern wrapping paper, as well as producing some of the best and enriching television with the Hallmark Hall of Fame, a series that started in 1951 and has now become it’s own television channel.

Children and adults alike are sure to enjoy all of the Hallmark collectibles we have to offer. Whether you do not live near a store or just prefer shopping online, Coppins’s Gifts is proud to provide you with the best items available. These selections include plush animals, Jim Shore figurines, and Davinci beads, as well as games and Disney items.


Make Father’s Day Special with Hallmark Collectibles

The love between a father and a daughter is very special and Coppin’s is proud to help you celebrate Father’s Day with special Hallmark collectibles that are sure to make even the strongest papas shed a tear of happiness. If you are a daughter that is looking for something special to give your father, we recommend picking a Willow Tree Father and Daughter figure.

This figurine features a father sitting on the ground, holding his daughter close, as if he is sharing his wisdom with his special little girl. Whether you are an older daughter who has since moved out of the home or are a mom helping your daughter pick out something sweet for this day, we know you’ll be pleased with this magnificent selection. This figurine is a simple and honest reminder of the family bond and he will always smile when he sees this figurine at home or on his desk at work.

You don’t have to stop there! Coppin’s offers a wide array of Hallmark collectibles and other great gift items that you won’t find anywhere else. Take a look at our gift items and we are confident that you’ll be able to find something special for your dad.


Charm It! Charms for Special Events

Does your little girl love Charm It! Charms? Coppin’s is proud to provide you with a huge variety of quality charms that you won’t find at other stores. From Disney selections to animal charms, we have everything a charm bracelet-wearing girl could want! This selection includes charms for special events. Whether there is a special day coming up or you are just looking for a unique gift for a friend, our business has got you covered. Take a look at our selections:

  • CHARM IT! A+ Charm – Has there been a great report card recently? This charm makes a magnificent reward when your little one makes straight As.
  • CHARM IT! Birthday Balloon – Looking for a unique little birthday gift? When picking out a variety of charms for a new bracelet, you can pick up this colorful little balloon charm.
  • CHARM IT! Gift Box Charm –If you are just looking for a cute little gift for any occasion or just to show you care, you can pick up this great little charm. It also works well with birthday-themed bracelets.

Starting a Charm It! charm bracelet is simple when you shop online with Coppin’s. Our business always offers the best charms available, making sure that you can build the perfect bracelet. In addition to these charms, you can also pick up many other unique gift and collectibles at Coppin’s that you won’t’ find elsewhere.


Hallmark Collectibles for Marvelous Mothers

This Mother’s Day will be the 101st celebration of the holiday since it was made official in 1914. Hallmark was founded only a few years prior in 1910. With the two events falling so close to each other on the timeline, it’s no surprise that Hallmark has played a large part of many Mother’s Days over the years.  Finding a memorable gift can be a difficult task, but Hallmark Collectibles have stood the test of time and continue to be popular gift ideas to date. features a wide variety of Mother’s Day gifts that reaches across Hallmark Collectibles’ fine selection. Those looking for something a little more sentimental should look at our assortment of figurine selection. Willow Tree figurines really capture a mother’s embrace, featuring various arrangements- a mother with her child, a mother holding flowers, and even some with grandmothers, too! Precious Moments figurines are adorable figurines that showcase a child’s love for his or her mother, with smiling faces and cute signs. Mothers that love to cook will love our kitchenware available in a multitude of fun options. We even have beads and purses for the fashion-forward moms out there! No matter how you choose to say “Thank You” to Mom this Mother’s Day, make sure you show her your love and appreciation!


Fuse Folk Art with Fairy Tale with Jim Shore Figurines

Jim Shore is a household name in the world of figurines. Couple his name with something even more popular- say, Disney, for instance, and you have unlimited potential for a timeless piece of art that tells its own story, rooted in history and fantasy.

Disney’s princesses are perhaps the company’s most familiar faces, next to Mickey Mouse. Their stories are instantly recognizable within mention of their names- Ariel, Belle and Sleeping Beauty being amongst the most well-known.  What may not be common knowledge are the origins of some of these princesses, whose tales’ source material date back centuries and can at times be surprisingly dark, in spite of their contemporary light-hearted reimaginings. Take for instance the Little Mermaid- whose true story is one of a mermaid who seeks love and an eternal soul, but goes through some serious physical and emotional pain in the hopes of attaining her goal and ultimately fails. In altering some of the darker material, Disney was able to find and present the beauty existing in these stories.

Jim Shore Figurines are equally rooted in old tradition and artistry. Drawing from quilt work, folk art and sculpture, Mr. Shore employs fine attention to detail to create figurines that represent fresh, yet classic takes on some of Disney’s most beloved characters. He follows Disney’s lead in maintaining the core of the character, while making his art relevant and appealing to generations new and old.  Pass the tradition along today with one of his figurines!


How to Make a Cute Easter Basket

basket-16015_1280Easter baskets usher in spring and help us make some of the best childhood memories. Special seasonal candies, brightly colored toys and other fun surprises make these holiday gifts a hit with kids of all ages. So, what makes an Easter basket stand out from the crowd?

A great Easter basket symbolizes all that we love about spring. Like blooming flowers and fresh green grass, a basket brimming with bright colors and pastels reminds us that winter is officially over. It’s time to play! Speaking of playtime, it’s impossible to go wrong when you stuff an Easter basket with your kids’ favorite toys. From stuffed plush toys to coloring books and puzzles, there’s no better way to welcome the season.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Easter gift without candy. Whether you opt for creme-filled bon bons in pretty pastels or their favorite candy bars and other chocolates, Easter sweets are a must. Classic jelly beans are the perfect addition because they taste great and add loads of springtime color.

From bouncy balls to foil-wrapped candies, everyone loves an Easter basket and its sweet, springy contents. Whatever your gift recipient’s favorite candies and toys, they’ll love the idea that you chose and assembled their Easter baskets just for them.


Stuffies Stuffed Animals Make Great Easter Gifts

Stuffed toys can make fine companions through life. Young children love having conversations with them, and kids often use their imaginations to send them on exciting adventures. Then, as we grow older, seeing our favorite stuffed animals from childhood can bring us consolation when we most need it: after a tough day at work, before surgery, and even during romantic breakups. Indeed, few objects are infused with such warmth and nostalgia.

Stuffies stuffed animals from are among the most charming and adorable toys that you’ll come across. They’re especially soft and squeezable. Their colors are bold and bright. They have large, beaming smiles, and their tender eyes will gaze into yours.

What’s more, these items come in a wide range of options. Sure, there are the conventional bears, cats, and bunnies. But among this happy family are eclectic choices such as dragons, iguanas, and bees. They all have creative names too. For example, the pig is Muddzie, and the giraffe is Sky.

Each of the Stuffies stuffed animals has a handy feature ― seven of them, to be precise. That is, every animal comes with seven pockets. Therefore, when you give one of these toys to a child, you can hide a piece of candy or another treat. Additionally, that boy or girl can use the animal to store coins and other trinkets over the years.


Celebrate Love & Friendship with Precious Moments

Precious Moments Figurines |

Since 1978, Precious Moments figurines have helped you celebrate the special moments of friendship and togetherness in life. Perfect for a romantic partner, a child, or a friend, the Love and Friendship figurines can show the people around you just how much you care about them. The figurines look great alone on a shelf but even better as part of a collection; encouraging a child in your family to start collecting these high-quality ornaments is a great way to give the two of you something fun to do together. The figurines’ heart-warming themes focus on the good all around us, so they’re wonderful gifts for kids and adults alike.

The “My Heart Races Only for You” figurine is a perfect example of how these classic figurines convey the excitement of having a “special someone” in your life, and the “Together is a Nice Place to Be” and “Girls Sharing a Plate of Cookies” pieces are great gift ideas for a friend. You can even commemorate a pet with the tender “Heaven Just Became a Fetchingly Better Place” statuette. Precious Moments Love and Friendship heirloom bisque figurines feature the tear-drop-eyed children familiar worldwide, and whether you’re a long-time collector or considering your first purchase, every Precious Moments figurine will bring a little more warmth into your life.


Give the Gift of Relief with a Handy Personal Massager

You’ve got a big family and many wonderful friends, and it seems as if there is always a birthday, holiday or other celebration that is just begging for you to come up with a great gift idea. You certainly aren’t the type to just grab a tie off the rack or select a random bottle of stinky perfume because you would much rather give a gift that will be useful and appreciated without making a huge dent in your bank account.

One gift that would probably be good for just about everyone is one of our handy personal massagers. These electric massagers are perfect for anyone on your list who suffers from aches and pains, needs some relief from that horrible tension that can turn into a throbbing headache if left untreated, suffers from any soreness from working out, has a difficult job that leads to a lot of stress or anxiety or just needs a great way to achieve better rest and relaxation.

Everyone enjoys a great massage, and our personal massagers are great for both men and women. They are extremely easy to use by applying gentle pressure, fold up small enough for easy storage or to take along with you wherever you go, are available in popular pink or sleek black, run on batteries and are available at the low price of only $14.99.